Dark Wetland Cave

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Dark Wetland Cave
Location Ancient Wetland
Sublevels 10
Treasures 17
Collectibles Dark spore

During your search for the Dead Man's Trench in the Ancient Wetland, you might have even discovered the passageway into the fourth of the dark caves. Here's how you get there: not far from the pool area that houses the Aqua Labyrinth, hug the wall under the water and you'll slip through a watery passageway to a new area of the wetlands. Build the bridges here back to dry land and you'll be able to lead Pikmin from the landing site to this area as well. These bridges are HUGE! Split up your forces and have one pilot lead Blue Pikmin through the water passageway while the other takes the land forces and has them open barriers for the Blue Pikmin to walk past, all the while fighting off vicious enemy forces. Finally, your Blues will reach a pressure switch. 30 Blues must press it down to lower the water level around here and let your land forces in to individually take out the various hazards around the dank ruins as well as more difficult enemy groups until you make it to the top of the structure, where the dungeon entrance is! Good luck! This dungeon is really hard, and you should bring along as many different Pikmin and sprays as you can. The enemies and hazards are ruthless, and although the boss is an old Pikmin 2 enemy, he's been viciously redesigned. Once you have the dark spore, assuming you also got the one in the Dark Mountain Cave, the way to the fifth area, the Forest Depths, will be open for exploration.