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Family Unknown

The Darkfreeze is the name given to a powerful sentient entity and the black-and-blue gas or fluid it is made of. It has freezing and corruptive properties.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze, created by SilverPikmin.
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Darkfreeze The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas None
Caves Final Freeze

The Darkfreeze is the final boss in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. Throughout most of the story, the Darkfreeze appears as a bluish-black mist, as it did in Pikspore. However, in certain Darkfreeze-related boss battles, the Darkfreeze appears as a single entity: a small, dark blue eye with a red iris about the size of Olimar's head. As shown in the Speckled Catacombs and the Hazardous Waste, the Darkfreeze is able to construct animate objects out of its own energy. It is also able to corrupt other creatures with its essence to control them; notable examples are the Darkfreeze Ice Blowhog found in the Blowhog Cave, the Darkfreeze Jellyfloat of the Darkfreeze Chamber, and the Darkfreeze Titan Dweevil and Darkfreeze Auxillary Dweevil in the Frozen Land and Final Freeze, respectively.

The earliest indication of Darkfreeze activity is at the Forest of Peace, where numerous Dwarf Darkfreeze Bulblaxes exist, governed by the Darkfreeze Bulblax. Since then, numerous hints of Darkfreeze activity exist, mostly underground. If a Pikmin inhales the Darkfreeze mist, it will turn dark blue, its leaf, bud, or flower will turn into a mushroom, like those of Puffmin except blue, and become hostile to leaders and non-infected Pikmin. This effect wears off over time, but captains, Bronze Pikmin, Silver Pikmin, Gold Pikmin, Rock Pikmin, and Cyan Pikmin all are immune to it.

It has been shown that most Darkfreeze-tainted creatures are very vulnerable to fire, explosions, and acid, making Red Pikmin, Orange Pikmin, and Green Pikmin advantageous due to their respective immunity to each of those hazards. Of those, Yellow Pikmin and Orange Pikmin are very useful, with Yellow Pikmin being able to handle small bomb rocks and Orange Pikmin being handle larger bomb rocks.

In Pikspore

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikspore, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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Darkfreeze The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Atronon atronos
Family Unknown
Areas None
Caves Final Frost
Attacks Freezes, converts, corrodes, depetals, burns, drowns, electrocutes, poisons, and crushes Pikmin, summons enemies

The Darkfreeze is the main antagonist of Pikspore. It has no solid form, materializing as a dark-blue gas that infects any lifeform that inhales it. Though the creatures that have become infused with darkfreeze energy are encountered many times during Captain Olimar's journey, one core entity is fought at the end of Final Frost; the music that plays while fighting it is a dark reprise of the Pikmin theme.

Darkfreeze's first form is a glowing gaseous core. It slowly meanders about the arena, launching ice projectiles at leaders and Pikmin, and occasionally spreading spores that convert Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin. In order to damage this form, a leader must punch the ice projectiles back at the core. After a few hits, the core will change into its second form.

In its second form, the core drops to the ground and assumes a large, dome-shaped form with several long, shadowy tentacles and a large cyan eyeball. Affixing itself to the center of the arena, it will begin using powerful attacks:

  • Fire crush: the core's tentacles turn bright red and set ablaze. It lifts them up and slams them onto leaders and Pikmin, burning any inapt Pikmin that were too slow.
  • Water cannon: the ground becomes submerged by water so shallow it is harmless as the core turns itself into liquid. It will then emerge from the water in various positions to fire balls of water at leaders and Pikmin.
  • Electro wall: a rotating electric barrier forms around the core, shielding it from attacks. The shield will collapse if enough Pikmin are thrown at it.
  • Venom tentacle: the core's tentacles turn purple and burrow into the ground. The poisonous tentacles will erupt from the ground and can skewer Pikmin.
  • Ice barrage: it reuses its ice projectile attack from its first form. Reflect them with a leader's punch as before and the core will be stunned, providing an opportunity to attack.
  • Acid pools: it slams its tentacles into the ground, causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. The boulders leave large dents in the ground which the core fills with acid.
  • Summon: the core will summon creatures from its eye: Dwarf Blue Bulborbs commonly, Darkfreeze Wollywogs, Fiery Blowhogs, Watery Blowhogs, and Aulaggs semi-commonly, Withering Blowhogs uncommonly, and Darkfreeze Dirigibugs and Sticky Blowhogs rarely.
  • Darkfreeze infection: it releases spores around itself like a Puffstool, infecting any Pikmin that touch them.

In its third and final form, the core, stripped of most of its power, turns into something resembling the Titan Dweevil and tries to freeze leaders and Pikmin with a spray of cold water. It will also summon several Coldrones to assist it. Throw Pikmin at its eye when it lowers its body, and as it loses health, it will lose its long legs. When it has been reduced to only a head, it will act almost identically to the first form except it will also leave behind a trail of poison as it floats, and can use any of the previous attacks.