Pikmin: Louie's Adventure

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Louie's Adventure, created by 13Pikmar and Peach Bulborb.
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Not to be confused with Pikmin: Louie's Revenge or Pikmin 5: Louie's Revenge.
Pikmin: Louie's Adventure
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Gamecube, Wii U
Media Unknown
Creator Peach Bulborb, 13pikmar

Pikmin: Louie's Adventure is a game that is being co-created by Peach Bulborb and 13pikmar. Had the information been produced before the development of the game ceased, the following would have been available to read: a Piklopedia, a list of specific supercomputer parts, and logs of developer interviews.


Years have passed since the events of Pikmin 4, and Olimar has since retired from Hocotate Freight. Since then, Louie has become a star employee, and even owns his version of the S.S. Dolphin, the S.S. Porpoise.

Louie is traveling with a new employee, a young woman named Violet. They are bringing a valuable shipment of parts for a supercomputer. This supercomputer will supposedly be able to calculate the answer to any question, and the exact value of pi.

Louie is busy trying to keep Violet from hijacking the controls, as she is too enthusiastic and inexperienced to handle the job properly. Violet asks Louie to let her take the controls for, "just a second", and Louie reluctantly agrees. After all, she would eventually get to the controls anyway.

Violet excitedly takes the controls, and slowly steers the ship around an asteroid. Suddenly, the radiation counter starts beeping, and Violet is so startled she puts the ship in a nosedive to the nearest planet...

The next part of the story is featured here.


The controls are the same as on the Gamecube and Wii U, and the game itself was released for both consoles. For the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the controls are the same as those in New Play Control! Pikmin 2.

The goal is much like that of the first Pikmin game, except seventy ship parts must be collected within seventy days. Only sixty of the parts are mandatory and must be retrieved before the allotted time expires. Failure to do so results in a very angry company president yelling about how the computer doesn't know what pi is.

Louie has access to a map of the current area he and Violet are in, and she does not have access to it unless Louie is standing on the circular hologram projected by the S.S. Porpoise. If this is the case, Violet can also access it from that point.

Game modes

Story Mode
The story of Pikmin: Louie's Adventure. Alternate, unlockable game modes can be opened by collecting certain items, performing certain tasks, or progressing in the story.
2P Battle
Go head-to-head against a friend.
An unlockable game mode.
Challenge Mode
An unlockable game mode.
Night Mode
An unlockable game mode. To access Night Mode, enter Mecha World on or after day sixty. Mysteriously, the land will be devoid of life, and the Colossal Bulk Legs drops from above when its location is approached. Defeating the enemy causes it to drop the Black Pearl, which is used to unlock Night Mode. After all of an area's supercomputer parts have been collected, its Night Mode variant unlocks. The goal is simple: survive the night with as many Pikmin as possible to get within the top five high scores for that area! During gameplay, the sky is black and vision limited. Pikmin can not be deposited into their Onions, only withdrawn, and only twenty-five specimens of each species are available. Care must be taken to preserve their lives as no Pikmin are produced by bringing bodies to any Onion, despite each Onion accepting anything brought to them. Enemies that sleep during the day are active, are fiercer in battle, and pursue prey even to the landing site. Black Bulborbs exhibit unique behaviors that are witnessed only in Night Mode.
Ultimus Hole
An unlockable game mode.


  • Louie – primary leader. Louie has a portable map and database which he can access at any time instead of having to check the scanner at the rocket.
  • Violet – secondary leader. Violet has a sixth sense that warns her of imminent danger. Whenever a boss enemy is near her, a beep sounds, gameplay pauses for a moment, and the camera moves to show where the danger is. The warning shows only once for each instance of a boss enemy.
  • Olimar – unlockable leader. Olimar has no special ability and is playable only within the Ultimus Hole. No other leaders accompany him.

Pikmin types

A large number of Pikmin debut in Pikmin: Louie's Adventure. To compensate, the S.S. Porpoise and Louie each have a database to track them and store knowledge about them. In addition, and partly due to the superior capabilities of the Wii U, the maximum amount of on-field Pikmin has been increased to five hundred. Despite this, the general community has stated that such a number is "too much" to maneuver effectively. Most players state that anywhere between two hundred and three hundred is the best amount to use effectively.


One of the main sources of praise for Pikmin: Louie's Adventure is the size of the locations. Co-creator Peach Bulborb explained this when he said, "The maps are enormous. This is because maps the size of Pikmin or Pikmin 2 would be just too small to effectively hide all ten supercomputer pieces while still presenting a challenge."


The MPlayer is an extension that is present as a bonus in a promotional bundle containing a Wii U console and a physical copy of Pikmin: Louie's Adventure. Connecting the MPlayer to the Wii U GamePad during gameplay in Story Mode causes the S.S. Porpoise to bleep the following message: "MPlayer detected. Violet, please connect a Wii Remote with a Nunchuck."

After doing so, the ability to switch leaders is disabled, and Louie and Violet can be controlled simultaneously through their respective input devices. Although Story Mode requires the MPlayer for multiplayer functionality, 2P Battle and Challenge Mode do not.

Along with the ordinary MPlayer, a special, golden MPlayer was produced. Only one hundred were made. Upon connecting a golden MPlayer to the GamePad, the S.S. Porpoise presents its standard message and the option to choose between Violet and Opponent. Choosing the former causes gameplay to proceed as described above, and choosing the latter allows the second player to control a small wisp of mist that has no abilities on its own but can control enemies.

The wisp is rumored to be a reference to the Intelligence, a character from the Pikmin: Mysterious World story serial. However, this has not been proven, and when questioned publicly, co-creator Peach Bulborb provided no comments.