Valley of Toxins

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Pikoblitz 2
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According to the name, the Valley of Toxins is a foul series of plains which contains not water, but acid. It is the fifth and final area discovered in Pikoblitz 2. It is filled to the edge with tough enemies and bosses. There are a whopping 5 dungeons in this hazardous and overall frightening field.


Boss: Deranging Bloyster

Boss: Clambering Crawbster

Boss: Waterwraith

Boss: Titanic Bug

Boss: Colossus Lithopedian FINAL BOSS

Subarea 1

Contains where you land. Just as depressing as any and potentially dangerous as any other subarea. There is a single fire vent blocking the landing site to any other part of the subarea, or any subarea, for that matter. The landing site is behind a rock wall.

Items: 1

Hazards: Fire

Subarea 2

Again, another depressing and dangerous part of the area. What makes this subarea different is that a majority of it is a giant pool of acid, most likely an introduction to it if you constantly avoid dungeons. Of course, more tough enemies to fight.

Items: 2

  • Regal Worker (Bottle of Nail Polish) 40 pikmin points (10 pikmin)
  • Submersible (Fish Bait Hook) 15 pikmin points (8 pikmin)

Hazards: Acid, Fire

Subarea 3

Basically a gloomy field with many tough enemies. Nothing new to note here, but there are some Burgeoning Spiderworts here, for you are really going to need some Ultra-Spicy Spray,Ultra-Bitter Spray, and some Ultra-Sour Spray.

Items: 1

  • LavaWare (Pot Top) 140 pikmin points (35 pikmin)

Hazards: Fire, Bomb-Rocks

Subarea 4

A subarea that actually has water in it. The only main water source for creatures in the area.

Items: 2

  • Gaurd Satelite (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 60 pikmin points (10 pikmin)
  • Positron Generator (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 100 pikmin points (25 pikmin)

Hazards: Water, Fire, Bomb-Rocks, Acid

Subarea 5

The Most challenging Subarea. Contains some of the fiercest enemies in the game.

Items: 2

  • Bowsprit (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 90 Pikmin Points (25 pikmin)
  • UV Lamp (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 65 Pikmin Points (12 pikmin)

Hazards: Acid, Bomb-Rocks, Fire

Subarea 6

A large, arena-like area which is the lair of the Boss of this Area. One of the Most valuble items in the game is here. This subarea is the farthest subarea from the landing site, so carrying back the item may take a while, even without interruptions by enemies in the way.

Items: 1

  • Gluon Drive (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 600 pikmin Points (70 pikmin)

Hazards: None


Pikmin Points

Total Pikmin Points: 1,220