Pikoblitz/Challenge Mode/Murky Spring

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This is an altered version of the Murky Spring, the third area of Pikoblitz. This area is only accessible once you discover the original area. It is still covered in water, however, you don't really need Blue Pikmin unless you want the best possible score. You have 8 days to find the baby Overlady Bulblax.


Total Pikmin: 85

Subarea 1: Landing Site

A basic landing site. Not much information is really needed. No to little water is found here. There is a Black Bramble gate to be broken down and a bridge to be built so you can acess subarea 6, or bring back treasure.

Treasures: 1

Hazards: None

Subarea 2: Fountain Spring

Ahh... a nice relaxing dip in this subarea's hot springs(No, they aren't dangerous to blue pikmin). This place has actual working fountains! This place will be a great place to relax, well, maybe not for your pikmin. These hot springs are crawling with enemies, so watch your back, and don't be fooled by its beauty.

Treasures: 3

Hazards: Water

Subarea 3: Open Field of Terror

You enjoy the hot springs, you are all relaxed. Then, you turn the corner to see the next subarea and what do you see? A huge, open valley with TONS of treasure. You crack a grin, and suddenly you are being attacked by almost every Pikmin Game Enemy EVER! Go for the gold! Show no fear

Treasures: 6

Hazards: This Field full of enemies IS a hazard!

Subarea 4: Hidden Pond

This subarea is a small, submerged plot of land which you discover after breaking down a Black Bramble Gate and a Poison Gate.

Treasures: 3

Hazards: Water

Subarea 5

Sweet Tranquility...you discover this area after fighting off or somehow evading the enemies in subarea 3. It is a normal-sized, somewhat peaceful plot of land separated from subarea 1 by...whatever those things are from the Pikmin series in the Perplexing Pool and Distant Spring.

Treasures: 2

Hazards: Water

Subarea 6

This area is the smallest subarea in this version of the Murky Spring. It has few enemies, and this is where the Overlady Bulblax is found. In order to reach it, you have to break down gates and build bridges. Carry the creature back and get going!

Treasures: None

Hazards: Water