PikminFanon:Disambiguation page guidelines

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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

The following guidelines apply to disambiguation pages. The following sections should exist, with the names and order provided.


Disambiguation page names should contain only the name of the ambiguous subject. Only append "(disambiguation)" to the title if a subject-only title already exists in the series, would be better suited as a redirect to elsewhere, or if other disambiguation pages also use parenthesis in their title. You can create a disambiguation page for any subject, whether it has two disambiguation links or multiple, but make sure that it wouldn't be better to use a {{redirects}}, {{for}}, or a similar template.

These pages should start with {{disambig}} and by introducing a list of disambiguations like so: "The term example could refer to any of the following:". The first mention of the subject in this list should be bolded.

The list of articles should be in a bullet point format. Each bullet point starts with the article's name, in bold. If there is an icon associated with it, include it, using {{icon}}. After the article's link, there should be a colon and a brief introduction to what the subject is about, and how it is different from the rest of the disambiguation links; this introduction should start in lowercase and end in a period. The list may have more than one level if it makes sense to organize it that way, and if it helps readers find the page they want more quickly. Splitting by level is especially useful for subjects unique in each game. Try to sort the list alphabetically, unless it's abundantly likely that the reader wants one article more than the others.

After the list, if needed, there should be a paragraph or more detailing further pages that could interest a reader that is searching for the ambiguous subject.

Throughout the page, add links like on a normal page, and only link to a keyword the first time it is mentioned on the page.