PikminFanon:Cave article guidelines

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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

These guidelines apply to cave, tower, and dungeon articles. The following sections should exist, with the names and order provided.

Opening paragraphs

The article starts with {{media}}, or a respective media banner, followed by {{infobox cave}}. The opening paragraphs should briefly explain what kind of sublocation it is, including, but not limited to:

  • The most common theme;
  • The types of dangers that can be encountered;
  • Any Pikmin discovered;
  • Its overall difficulty;
  • Its main boss.

How to reach

This section is not necessary, as its content can be present in the article's opening paragraphs. It explains how to reach the cave, tower, or dungeon, including what kind of obstacles and such need to be cleared. Because it is a guide, it should be instructive. Optionally, also list the recommended numbers of each Pikmin type to bring inside.

Sublevel or floor sections

These should be titled "Sublevel <number>" or "Floor <number>", depending on the sublocation's type, with "<number>" being replaced by the sublevel or floor number. Sections in a cave and tower article should be in descending order, but those in a dungeon article should list their main floor first, upper floors second, and lower floors last. The final sublevel or floor of a cave or tower should not have any extra subtitle, such as "Sublevel 15 (final floor)".

A sublevel or floor section should start with a list of information, following the content list guidelines.

After that comes a brief guide on how to effectively complete the sublevel or floor, and mention any special techniques that can be used to overcome it or its challenges.

These sections may start with an image, on the right side.

Bottom of the article

Unless there are no related navigation templates to populate it, {{navboxes}} should be present at the bottom of the page, above any specified categories.