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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

The deletion policy covers the process of deleting pages and files, when to delete them, and why to delete them. To tag an item for deletion, add the {{delete}} template to it, preferably with reasoning, and to see the list of pages and files currently up for deletion, see here.

Reasons for deletion

A page or file may be marked for deletion or outright deleted for any one of the following reasons. User pages are generally exempt from these standards.

  • The page or file is vandalism or patent nonsense or yields little to no important information. They may be deleted immediately.
  • It is a duplicate of another page or file due to a slight variation in the title. In this case, the content of the two is to be merged and one deleted.
  • All information is represented on other pages. There are certain exceptions where repetition of content may be useful.
  • The item is not about Pikmin or Pikmin Fanon. User images are exempt from this unless they go unused.
  • The item is no longer needed; this applies particularly to depreciated templates and categories.
  • Unused files have special rules regarding deletion. See below for more information.

When flagging an item for deletion, please provide a reason more than that it is unused, when possible.

Alternatives to deletion


Articles that are stubs or are of low quality can have {{todo}} placed on them. Provided in the template should be a descriptive way in which the article or section can be expanded and prevent the page from becoming eligible for deletion.


Redirects leading to broken links are called broken redirects. They should be deleted unless the target page was previously moved elsewhere. If this is the case, find the moved page and edit the redirect to match the page's current title. Broken redirects are listed here.

Unused files

All files uploaded by editors must be used within twenty-four hours, lest they become eligible for deletion. Files that are not displayed on any pages, even if linked to, are automatically listed in a gallery of unused files. However, user files aside, being unused in and of itself is not reason enough for a file to be deleted: the image could indeed be useful somewhere, so it is always good to check before deleting unused files. Files often go unused because they were replaced: in which case, the replacement file should be linked to, not just mentioned, in the deletion proposal and at least named in the deletion log.