PikminFanon:Stage article guidelines

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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

These guidelines apply to multiplayer arena and some Challenge Mode stage articles. The following sections should exist, with the names and order provided.

Opening paragraphs

The article starts with {{media}}, or a respective media banner, followed by a thumbnail image of the stage, or preview if any are available. The opening text, which is not in its own section, should describe what the stage is like in the broadest terms possible. Miscellaneous geographical features should be mentioned in this section, as well as what Pikmin types are available.


This section explains the geographical properties of the stage, such as:

  • Its theme, whether it's a garden, desert, and so forth;
  • Its size;
  • Its structure, whether it's a maze, open-ended, and so on;
  • Type and distribution of the terrain;
  • Types of structures of interest, such as several tree stumps, or a lake;
  • Its linearity, whether it is mostly open with equal exploration on all points of the land, or if it's mostly linear, with clear start and end points;
  • How much vertical variation there is;
  • If it's surrounded by water, a pit, or something else.

Generalize any information that differs, to any degree, between variations of a stage, if distinct variations exist.


This section is necessary only if the stage has at least two distinct layouts, which should be titled "Layout A", "Layout B", and so forth. Each subsection explains the unique geographical properties of each of the stage's variations, akin to the overview section.


If the variations section exists, each variation subsection should contain a listing of the contents of a stage, without the "contents" heading. It should follow the content list guidelines. Unless impractical, have each list in two columns, using {{columns}}.


A section that describes various tactics players can use against each other to win the match, such as direct assaults on opponents or using nearby enemies to distract them or endanger their Pikmin.


The gallery should contain some images showing variations of the stage if any, and some points of interest and notable sections in the stage itself. Exclude this section if the image shown at the top of the article is the only one of the stage shown.

Bottom of the article

Unless there are no related navigation templates to populate it, {{navboxes}} should be present at the bottom of the page, above any specified categories. As well, place Category:Battle Mode stages at the very bottom of the article.