PikminFanon:Family article guidelines

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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

The following guidelines apply to family articles. The following sections should exist, with the names and order provided. As per the general content guidelines, family names should be in lowercase.


The opening of the article lacks a respective heading and provides a short synopsis of what the family generally consists of, especially concerning shared physical and behavioral traits.

The final entry in the family page should be followed by {{clear}}, followed by a blank line, and then {{navboxes}}, which should contain {{families}}.


This is where the list of the actual members goes. It should be sorted alphabetically, and each enemy or plant should have its own subsection with a heading. Inside this subsection, {{main}} should be present to link to their main article, followed by a brief description of the enemy or plant, taken from the article's synopsis. Pictures should be excluded, as it would be unfair to showcase one user's work but not another's.