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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

This Pikmin Fanon policy regards article content in general. More specific policies can be found here. For general content guidelines, see here.


Neutral point of view

Information on Pikmin Fanon is meant to be written from a neutral point of view. This means no opinions.

Don't use "you"

Never refer to the reader as "you". Use "the player", "leaders", or a similar alternative, outside of guides.


Speculation is allowed but should be present only within fan-made information.

Article format


  • Articles must belong to as many categories as makes sense. The deepest category in a tree is preferred.
  • Games should only have a respective category if it would contain at least two pages, and subcategories of that category should only be made if they would contain at least ten subjects of that type.
  • For subjects whose name's capitalization is ambiguous, try to follow the guidelines. However, with very few exceptions, the word "Pikmin" must always start with an uppercase "P".
  • Do not insert emoticons or emojis within articles or their titles. Both are allowed on user pages and signatures, however, but not their titles.


In all headings, including page titles and sections, only proper nouns should be capitalized. Keep in mind that the first letter in a heading will always be capitalized automatically by MediaWiki. The only formatting allowed on headers is italics, which should be used like they would in body text. If a link to another page is needed, use {{main}}, {{see}}, or a relevant link at the start of the section.


Try to avoid creating trivia sections in articles, especially if they are shared between users. Instead, place trivia points somewhere in their related content, where it would be most appropriate. The most frequent place to mention trivia is at the end of its related information.


Pikmin Fanon encourages creativity, allowing its users to create and share their ideas pertaining strictly to the Pikmin franchise, and at the highest possible quality. Users are encouraged to publish their ideas for games, characters, enemies, and other related elements; alternate endings or versions of the canonical games; stories, views, and thoughts about Pikmin games, fan-made or otherwise; and much more. Information on existing fan art or other forms of media related to the Pikmin series should be kept in the user namespace. ROM hacks and popular fangames can be documented in detail on the main namespace, but please avoid directly linking to the sites they can be downloaded from.

Any original ideas that do not relate to Pikmin in any way do not belong here. Even on your userspace, please keep such creations to an absolute minimum, as they take away from the purpose of the wiki. Any original ideas relating to any other franchise must be documented at Fanon Wiki, our parent wiki.

In short, be creative, but please also keep it Pikmin-oriented.


See: Pikmin Fanon's general disclaimer

Most content pages on Pikmin Fanon, with few exceptions, are shared between its users. Users should not share articles covering games, fanfictions, fanon characters and ships, and locations, but can all other articles. Files can be used by any user, although asking their authors, if possible, for permission beforehand is recommended.

Users should not add to, change, remove, or replace a user's content without their express permission, although they can freely edit it to improve its spelling, flow, and grammar. Additionally, they should not overwrite or change the details of a user's files without the author's express permission. Users should also not sign their work as their contributions can be viewed from the "view history" tab.

In the wiki's context, users own the content they publish to Pikmin Fanon unless another author is responsible for its existence. Either way, they license the content under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, which allows other users to copy and modify content elsewhere without permission as long as the original author is attributed and the copy does not change the license. Users that do not want their content to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will should not submit it to Pikmin Fanon.

If a user decides they no longer like their fangame but wants someone else to develop it, they may allow other users to adopt it. Fangames that have been developed very little and were created by a since-inactive user may also be put up for adoption so that someone else may develop them.

Canon content

All information gathered directly from existing Pikmin games is considered canonical or official. Pages should include minimal detail about canonical or official aspects of the Pikmin games, as the objective of Pikmin Fanon is for fan-created content based on the Pikmin series. Content regarding that content should be at least a sentence long and at most a brief description. The home of canonical information is at Pikipedia.

When a new Pikmin game is released, information that is published on Pikipedia over time will be brought to Pikmin Fanon. None of the content from upcoming games will be documented on Pikmin Fanon until the game is released. It's much better to know what is in the game first than speculate and have to clean up afterward. That said, it is fine to prepare existing articles for an upcoming game, such as if an enemy's name is changed. Please do not publish any form of leaked content, which is content obtained by hackers, from an upcoming Pikmin game; doing so is highly disrespectful to Nintendo and can be punishable by law.

Use {{real}} and {{c}} when referring or linking to Pikipedia's articles, and {{real scrapped}} when linking to Pikipedia's coverage of unused content.