PikminFanon:Poll policy

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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

This Pikmin Fanon policy regards polls: what the community needs to do to submit, approve, and use polls.


Every poll has to go through the following process.

  1. A user that has an idea for a poll writes a discussion section for it on the proposals page.
  2. Other users can then add support votes, opposition votes, or comments about the poll, including what parts they think should be changed.
    • For a month after the poll is created, it is forced to stay in this stage.
  3. After a month, its fate can be decided.
    • If it has at least one more supporter than opposers, it is accepted, and its discussion section is moved to the list of accepted proposals. The nominator's vote isn't counted for this.
    • If there are more opposers than supporters, the poll is rejected, and the discussion section is archived in the rejected proposal list. Again, the nominator's vote isn't counted for this.
    • If the community is still trying to craft it, or it hasn't received a single vote either way, then it will remain there, and will be re-checked at the end of every month.
  4. If a poll has been accepted and is sitting on the list of future polls, it will be eventually picked and added to the front page.
    • The picking process is done by the editor in charge of updating the front page, but it's normally on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  5. After staying on the front page, it is left open on Crowdsignal, formerly PollDaddy, but is archived under the wiki, in the poll archive.

What makes a good poll?

A poll doesn't need much to be suggested as an idea, but an ideal poll is one that:

  1. Fans of the series want to answer;
  2. Can provide some interesting statistics after the votes are tallied;
  3. Doesn't have any "maybe" or "depends" answers since those are almost always what people vote for;
  4. Only has a few available options.