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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

A content list is an item that should be present in every location article.


Although the list contains mostly information about the content count, it may also have other key information about the location.

The entire list is in a bullet point format. The first indent level of the list is the header with the type of object. The second level is the list of content of that type. The header should be in bold, and follow this order, omitting irrelevant sections:


  • Pikmin is the number of Pikmin of each type, where applicable. Maturities should also be listed. For Challenge Mode and Mission Mode stages based in locations containing sublevels or floors, this information should exist only in the first sublevel's or floor's section. Hostile Pikmin should be listed as enemies.
  • Theme is the visual theme of the location.
  • Music is the track that plays in a particular location. It should be displayed in italics.
  • Time is for Challenge Mode and Mission Mode stages; the starting time or the addition to the timer when this sublevel or floor is entered. The number is in timer units, but in parenthesis, there should be the number in seconds, determined by multiplying the timer units by two.

The other sections list what they state. {{Icon}} should be used whenever possible. After the icon and name, place a disambiguation in parenthesis if two instances of the same item display radically different characteristics. For instance, whether a Gatling Groink is stationary or free-roaming, or whether a Shoot is small or large. Afterward, place the number of instances of that object, and any extra information about the amount.

For treasures and vehicle parts and other such objects, when it is implied that only one of each can exist, omit the number.

The "others" category should contain the number of nectar eggs, any Onions, and so on.

Use {{x}} to place a multiplication symbol. The items in each section should be sorted alphabetically. Sections that are retained by empty should contain a single bullet point with the word "None".


This is example text. Overcoming this location's dangers is an impossible task. The best way to take it on is to run away from it as quickly as possible and never attempt it again.