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This page contains information relating to Pikmin Fanon's policies and guidelines.

A talk page, or discussion page, is a page that can be reached using the "discussion" button at the top of any page on Pikmin Fanon. The purpose of a talk page is to discuss the article or its subject matter; in the case of user talk pages, they are used to directly communicate with a user. General discussion of the wiki or otherwise should go on the wiki forums rather than one particular user's talk page.


  • Topicality is relaxed but still relatively important. Try to stay on the topic at hand. For conversations that would flood the recent changes page, use the Discord server.
  • Each discussion topic should have a respective header, to separate them. Clicking the "add topic" button at the top of the page automates the process.
    • The header should preferably be level two, done using ==<topic>==.
  • All posts should be signed with the user's signature and, optionally, the time and date of posting.
    • This is done using ~~~, or ~~~~ to include a timestamp.
  • Although not enforced, replies to other users' comments should be indented one step further than theirs by starting each paragraph with the right number of colons (:). Reduce the indent back to zero if it becomes too large.
  • Don't edit or remove comments made by other users. Doing so is punishable.
  • Discussions should be made for relatively important subjects. Discussions made to discuss irrelevant and unimportant subjects, harass, troll, spam, or solicitate will not be tolerated and will be removed. This also applies to adding a comment on another discussion created by somebody else.

Users that fail to sign their message and don't sign it later should have their message appended with {{unsigned}} by another user. Those that repeatedly fail to sign their messages are to be given a {{reminder}} about it on their talk page.

Custom signatures

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Users may create a custom signature to personalize the way their messages are signed. To make one, first create a subpage of your user page called User:<Username>/sig. Then, on that page, edit your username as you want it to appear in your signature, maybe by adding color or an image. After you are done, save your work, and enjoy your new signature by signing your message with {{User:<Username>/sig}}! Alternatively, users may choose to make their own {{word bubble}} instead.

Signatures should:

  • Be small and on the same line as the comment.
  • Contain links to at least the user page and talk page.
  • Be short when viewed while editing.
  • Not contain many images, if any; two is the maximum, and they should be twenty or thirty pixels at most in height.

Signatures may also contain emoticons and emojis, as per the general content policy, although their titles should not contain either.

Users may have no more than two signatures, and both must differ significantly from one another. A prime example would be a user having a casual signature and also a signature they use while carrying out tasks for the Guild of Bulborbs. Users may only have one word bubble.

Users that want their signature template to replace the standard signature in their preferences page should use {{nosubst}} and also check the box next to the text "treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link)".

Note that staff members hold the right to change or delete any signature they believe violates the above rules, within reason. Users that persist in breaking them will be dealt with.