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Weird Formatting

I have a feeling the formatting after the move has something to do with an uninstalled extension or something. I miss the featured article and video boxes. Are we adding them back? My user page. My talk page.

Yes, they'll be added back as soon as we can figure out how to right-align the templates. However, it currently is still better than three lines of useless text, so it is an improvement.Sir Pikmin, Sir Pikmin avatar.jpg Your Bold Pikmin Knight! Contributions
style="float:right"? --Yoshord 21:42, 15 September 2010 (EDT)
I tried and it didn't work. I also tried some of the coding that MarioWiki uses on their mainpage for right-align and it didn't work either. I'm not really sure what the correct code is, but I hope we can find it out soon.Sir Pikmin, Sir Pikmin avatar.jpg Your Bold Pikmin Knight! Contributions
The left column being full width even when explicitly told to not be full width with margin-right:-310px; is annoying. Making the left column 74% wide and the right column floated right and 25% wide works, although I doubt it is correct. Too bad IE doesn't like CSS3 right now. -- 17:32, 16 September 2010 (EDT)

Join NIWA Forums for the launch!

Let's do this, NIWA! --Porplemontage 15:24, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

I'm already there, and under the exact same account name. When we are finally reveled on the NIWA homepage I assume that I and any of the other admins here will be given the "so-and-so Admin" rights like you and Axiomist have, provided they make an account. Also I'm curious, what's the third wiki? It can't be this one, as NIWA doesn't accept fanon wikis, and Lylat Wiki has already been unveiled to the few unknowing. The only other option that I see is Wikibound, but it doesn't meet the 200 article requirement. Then again, neither did Lylat Wiki.

Sir Pikmin, Sir Pikmin avatar.jpg Your Bold Pikmin Knight! Contributions

Yeah. And I'll PM you the other wiki. --Porplemontage 18:30, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

Wiki Name

Is the site officially "Pikmin Fanon" now? Do you want me to change the name of the wiki since right now it is Pikcanon-NOT? --Porplemontage 11:56, 10 November 2010 (EST)

Please do so. ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat
Yeah, that sounds good. My user page. My talk page.

Stupid and Ridiculous

I already knew that NIWA was full of no-lifes that were idiots, but a FANON WIKI in NIWA? That is just unbelievably ridiculous and stupid. – Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

Someone created a Fanon because they wanted something different other than a wiki related to a real game. Also note that your offending tons of people. Think about what you want to say next time, please. Also, Your on this wiki, too, right? So, doesn't that make you a no-life idiot? ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

I seperated the anon's message with yours, because It looked like you said it at first. ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat

Oh, thanks Peanut. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

I don't think that the anon is here anymore lol ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat

I haven't even noticed that much stuff going on around here anymore... Do people even use this?? I would like it if people paid more attention to this fanon wiki... – Preceding unsigned comment added by Augster999 (talkcontribs)

There are many reasons as to why activity is in decline, but I shall not list them as there are too many. Also, if you would like to talk about this particular subject, see here. ~PikFan23 (Admin)

What's Changed?

The wiki is looking... different. There is a different backround image and the sides tabs that are always present on the side are darker shades of green. Should I be seeing this, and if so, why? Peach Bulborb icon.png I'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub-dogs. (Sysop)

Well, it was an effort to make the skin more contemporary and less bright and tacky. If you don't like it, I'll gladly accept any comments you have on it. ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat

I like it, but the change shocked me the first time. Now it seems great! Peach Bulborb icon.png I'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub-dogs. (Sysop)

New NIWA Member

When someone gets a chance, please stop over in the NIWA forums to gather the information on the newest member. Tacopill 20:25, 19 January 2014 (EST)

Is this wiki dying?

Yes. If you didn't hear, I've returned after two years. Yippee. But now something bothers me here. Is it just me, or does there seem to be WAY less activity than there was before I left? ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

Well, the activity comes and goes. While the activity is probably lower, it does usually lower during the winter, when most users are busy with school. Peach Bulborb icon.png I'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub-dogs. (Sysop)

Activity naturally fluctuates. In 2012-2013, activity was lower, but there was a resurgence of it this year. It really depends on the time of year. ~PikFan23 (Admin)

Progress and a Request, my friends.

So I have noticed that the only people not making this website look like a ghost town are Dry Paratroopa and I. I've been basically flooding the 'recent changes' section by improving Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs, not complaining about that. I honestly and truly love this website. I really do. I get to release all my creativity on a public website for all to read. It's a thrill! But that's not the point. The point is that, well, I'm alone here for more than a majority of the time editing here, but my problem is that I would like to delete a few pages that are kind of clogging up the Fanon. I've already tagged them with the 'Delete' template, so I only need to find the category for pages pending deletion. Since there are no people here, and since I haven't been here in quite a long time, I forget how to perform certain tasks, like deleting pages. Plus, the pages I want to delete are clogging up the Breadbug category, and is an ever-so-slight pain. If anyone would like to tell me how to delete pages, I'd appreciate that. Thank you for reading this, and have a great day. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

Ah yes. I had noticed those pages, but forgot to delete them, my apologies. Will get to that now. :P
Unfortunately, only admins and above can delete, so you did the right thing by marking those pages for deletion. Another thing, when making a new section, remember to post the new section at the bottom, so that they are consistent. One more thing: when making these sorts of requests, please use the forums. I know you haven't been here in a couple years, and you're still relearning everything, and that's fine! Anyway, it's great that you've been making progress! :D ~PikFan23 (Admin)

More Activity

We need more help this wiki is losing people! P2 Bulbmin adult icon.png "I'm Bulbminlead101, and I lead all Bulbmin."

I agree! -User:Cyan piklord 64

We have semi active users such as myself, Neo, BallsAngus, Espyo, Scruffy, Pikminfan27, Pikfan23, and a few others that are good at coming on every so often. Pikifan4 17:00, 13 February 2016 (EST)

Pikifan4, you're responding to an old comment, but for anyone who's interested, there's always Special:ActiveUsers. [[Special:ContributionScores]] is also another useful page. And the wiki's activity has been analyzed over and over and over... I'd rather not analyze it again, we'll just come to the same conclusion. ~PikFan23 (Admin) 21:04, 13 February 2016 (EST)


I just noticed we had the Pikmin 3/Wii U poll for three years. And the current one should be changed soon... Pikifan4 13:35, 24 June 2016 (EDT)

Yeah it should be like what should replace the story serial! What do you think? — I am LoganPikmin and meet my friend Spike Pikmin by Scruffy.png Spiky the Spike Pikmin.

I dunno..... Pikifan4 (talk) 15:36, 14 October 2016 (EDT)

Does anyone even use this anymore?

Honestly... I don't see anyone edit this place anymore hardly...... Pikifan4 (talk) 15:36, 14 October 2016 (EDT)

The wiki's activity always plummets during the school year because everyone is so caught up with work and friends. Someone, like you or I, makes time for the Fanon, and that's pretty awesome. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

Hey guys sorry that I haven't been on for a while. I have been busy with school, I will be editing soon a lot more! How are you guys doing? — I am LoganPikmin and meet my friend Spike Pikmin by Scruffy.png Spiky the Spike Pikmin.

Fine. I don't really edit much, but I alteast come here still. Anyway, nice to know people here are still Alive. Pikifan4 (talk) 15:53, 29 October 2016 (EDT)

I'll try to be more active now. The reason for this is, well... We all have lives to live and things to do. Hopefully there's more activity this summer. Hopefully. — Diamond Long Legs icon.png This message was approved by Neocraftz1553

I edit! -CP64


there is now a category for easter eggs! just go to categories, then go to the E section. (some one, please put this on news template) – Preceding unsigned comment added by MintyMoron64 (talkcontribs)

Anyone still here?

Hello everyone, if there even is anyone left. Does anyone use this? I have been gone for 2 years and plan on coming back in the coming weeks with more edits and activity. Please tell me if anyone is still here. — I am LoganPikmin and meet my friend Spike Pikmin by Scruffy.png Spiky the Spike Pikmin.

Wiki closing

Hi everyone. I want to make sure people can be at peace with the next steps before anything is completely set in stone, but here's why I'm bringing this up. Pikmin Fanon and DK Wiki have been on separate hosting from my other wikis and they've always gotten considerably less traffic and activity than the rest, with Pikmin Fanon being the lowest. As a result of its low interest, DK Wiki decided to close and merge with MarioWiki. That leaves just Pikmin Fanon on this hosting, and the hosting provider is changing their pricing and would increase costs for us if we renew on September 1st. With the other low-activity wiki closed down, at this point I'd like to close this one as well so that I can focus my efforts on the "big six" wikis and further simplify hosting operations and upkeep. I think that given the relatively niche demand, a separate and independently-hosted wiki for Pikmin fan content doesn't necessarily make the most sense any longer. That being said, I'm still proud to have supported the site by providing hosting for these 10 years. I do not make this decision lightly, but I hope you can understand where I'm coming from.

So then the natural question is: where could people post their fanon content in the future? Of course the Discord channel will continue to be used to share some things. Because it would keep the community together without a separate website, separate accounts, etc, I'd like to ask Pikipedia if they would be willing to provide accommodations in some way. My suggestion would be to allow fan projects on user subpages (e.g. User:Espyo/Pikifen) and fan fiction in a new wiki forum, like this. That Fan Fiction forum on Destinypedia has surprised me with its popularity among a group of dedicated fans and is really the only thing keeping those forums active. As Discord has continued to become the discussion platform of choice among gaming communities, fan fiction articles like those are a perfect fit for providing continued relevance to wiki forums since they fully embrace the wiki format and therefore aren't easily replaced by something like a chat service. Of course as Pikipedia's host I approve of these things, but I want to make sure that the community would be ok with it, or hear if anyone has alternative ideas.

I will provide a full-history page and file backup so that nothing created here is lost. If you only need to save some content, there is also the option to export or simply save the page source (and files) for what you need. Thank you for reading, I'm sorry to be delivering this news, but I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. --Porplemontage (talk) 08:39, 20 January 2020 (EST)

I see. That's understandable... It's a shame that so much info will be lost (in practice), but it is quite nice that we get such a long warning, so kudos to your provider for that. This wiki has been disorganized for years now, and there have been some efforts to help clean it up, though they didn't go far. Perhaps a purge will be a good thing in the end.
I agree with the idea of hosting future content on Pikipedia, though we'd have to be more limiting, otherwise, if Pikipedia's fan-content front becomes as popular as Pikmin Fanon was in its heyday, we'd have a large percentage of Pikipedia's images be fan content. Nothing is stopping us from re-hosting on a wiki farm, and I might also be able to squeeze both Fanon and the Pikmin TKB in the server I bought recently (that'll take a bit of effort, though). I'll wait for others's opinions. — {EspyoT} 14:22, 20 January 2020 (EST)

This is a very saddening piece of news. I have used this platform to help me grow as a producer of new ideas, and fan ideas. How will i be able to ensure that all of my work is saved? Please tell me, so that I may keep ahold of it. — I am LoganPikmin and meet my friend Spike Pikmin by Scruffy.png Spiky the Spike Pikmin.

I'm sorry, but don't worry, nothing will be lost. As a test, I imported the current text revisions to Wikia. You can see your pages here. This file is a dump of the full-history page text and images. We are looking into creating a space on Pikipedia for fan content moving forward. I hope you can understand, thank you --Porplemontage (talk) 00:32, 25 January 2020 (EST)

I've been part of this website for a whopping nine years, and seeing it having to go in a couple months is actually quite saddening. I remember joining this fantastic site when I was only eleven years old. Moderators and regular users alike welcomed me, talked with me, helped me with my writing. Everyone was so friendly and thoughtful. The community then was not unlike an army of Pikmin, hard at work and busy busy busy with what they had to do. Through the years I made plenty of articles I am still so proud of and helped other (sadly inactive) users with their projects. Also through the years, I've seen users go inactive, projects go unfinished, other things changing for better or for worse. Back then I toiled away with articles and projects, ever-improving them and the wiki itself, working to enrichen its contents. I even worked hard to create articles for every enemy that appeared in Pikmin 3, and recently I was contemplating creating articles for the enemies that appeared in Hey Pikmin. I loved every minute of being on this wiki back then and I still do now, even if I just look over things. Even now since I'm older, I still find time to come visit to see what's new and remind myself of the stellar creations of the wonderful community the Pikmin Fanon holds. In fact, me visiting is exactly why I learned of the grave news. I'm very emotional whilst writing about this, knowing full well this website won't be around forever; that this is the Fanon's funeral and that currently this is the viewing and that it and its casket will be lowered into the ground within a few months. But alas, nothing lasts forever. I'll truly miss the Pikmin Fanon after it shuts down. I love all of you, active and inactive users alike, for all the advice and help you've given me in the past as well as the good times we've shared. I'll never forget the Fanon or any of you for as long as I live. I reluctantly bid you all a farewell and I hope you all live safe and happy lives. Peace out, dudes. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

Well, there is always the possibility of hosting the wiki elsewhere. We just have to explore and study these options. — {EspyoT} 11:25, 16 February 2020 (EST)

Also, I've been meaning to bring up an idea having to do with the site download. This idea is the "Pikmin Fanon Tool", or "PikFan Tool" for the sake of convenience, which is an application that allows a user to edit the information provided in the .xml file but in the form of the Pikmin Fanon. Basically it would be like editing the wiki, but the entire site is local and offline. What do you all think? ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

That would probably be insanely difficult... It'd be easier for people to create a MediaWiki installation on their own machine and import the wiki there, if we're talking of offline solutions. — {EspyoT} 14:57, 18 February 2020 (EST)
Boy, what a rabbit hole I've gotten into. I just downloaded MediaWiki and read a lot on its site, but haven't gotten any further than that because just setting it up is so complicated. lul ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

Based on some discussion in the Discord, here's an idea I'd like to submit: Using a Fanon namespace on Pikipedia as a fresh start, and if there's a surge in activity later then you could use Grifkuba to host a separate wiki and import the Pikipedia Fanon namespace content to that wiki. But if there isn't a major surge then the Pikipedia Fanon namespace keeps everything nicely on one active site and there's no worry of the Fanon site going inactive. --Porplemontage (talk) 12:01, 1 March 2020 (EST)

I'm very sad to see Pikmin Fanon go. Iv'e been an avid fan of wikis and Nintendo's Pikmin series since I was a child. I found Pikmin Fanon, a desolate Wikia wiki, and tried my best to breathe life into it, slowly learning how to improve the main page, and to foster a community. I can say, in the end, I had an amazing time editing and collaborating with everyone. I have fond memories of my hobby, and It brings sadness to know that its over. I hope someone can find a hosting solution - if no one else, I'd be more than willing to host it, but I don't know the first thing about hosting a website... If someone could direct me to a tutorial I can perhaps learn? Ah, my defiant nature is making it hard for me to let go. I don't have nearly as much time as I used to. Anyways. I really hope a hosting solution is found before September. Thanks everybody, it's been a real pleasure. ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat 13:29, 12 April 2020 (EDT)

I'm a bit late to this party, if you can even call it that. More like a funeral, I suppose. But I digress. Just as with the others I'm pretty sad to see Pikmin Fanon close down... makes me think of that old adage 'all good things come to an end.' It's been a pretty good run. Though I haven't been active in the past 3 or so years - having moved on to other things - I do fondly look back on my time I was active on here. Pikmin Fanon was the first online community I joined, all the way back in 2011... and even before that I remember discovering this wiki back in summer 2010. Now it's summer 2020, 10 years later. Just craziness how the time goes. But yeah, this wiki was the first online community I'd joined. I'd made my first online friends on here, talking about Pikmin stuff, just hanging out and having a good time. I remember becoming admin for having been so active and showing so much interest in the site, and how excited I was to become admin. I remember becoming pretty good at editing and helping out the new users, which was pretty fun. I remember working on my game back when I first joined, and then trying to revamp it a couple years later. And then I remember becoming a regular user on the IRC and just chilling out online. Like I said, I'd made my first online friends here, and being able to talk to them in real time not only was a really cool concept back then, but it helped immensely with my social skills. Looking back at some of my earliest comments, I chuckle to myself 'wow, I said that?' and just think on how far I've come now. But yeah. Needless to say I had a lot of firsts here. This place holds a lot of nostalgia for me, even if I hardly come here anymore. So in what will be one of my last edits ever - if not the last edit :( - on this site, I'd just like to say thanks everybody for everything over these past 10 years. If anyone wants to hit me up on Discord, my tag is Jake7#7237. It's been a blast, and I'm gonna miss this place. ~PikFan23 (Admin) 03:07, 23 July 2020 (EDT)


Hi everyone! For those out of the loop, please read the previous message. In short, Pikmin Fanon, until now hosted by Porplemontage, was in its own service, and its hosting costs were meant to increase tomorrow. He made the decision to stop servicing the wiki in favor of other, more important wikis, which would in turn lead to Pikmin Fanon's closure. That said, the possibility of the wiki being moved to some other host was brought up behind the scenes, and after some discussions, I am happy to say that Pikmin Fanon is now being hosted by Tacopill, under the Grifkuba network! This means the wiki will continue to flourish for the foreseeable future, and will indeed not close down.

Everything should be the same as usual from here on out, although you may need to update your bookmarks, since the page URLs have changed (all URLs now use /wiki/ in them). Other than that, you may find a couple of things to be broken, like styling. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, please let me know. You might have also noticed the wiki now serves ads. Due to Pikmin Fanon's relative lack of importance, this will be necessary in order to help hosting costs.

For the sake of safekeeping, here are the links Porplemontage had provided with mirrors of all sorts: Full page history and image archive (404 now that we're in a new host), mirror of the archive, Wayback Machine archive, partial Wikia archive (now deleted).

I'd like to thank Porple for the wonderful 10 years of service, and once again, for the very generous warning period before the closure day. Let's keep our wiki alive and healthy everyone, especially now that Pikmin 3 Deluxe is coming out! — {EspyoT} 17:45, 31 August 2020 (UTC)

Oh, thank goodness this site isn't down permanently; I've been itching to resume work on Pikmin: Wide World, which I am overjoyed to see my work on it and other things have stayed! Pikmin 3 Deluxe will only provide additional material for it. Glad to be back! ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

I am very late to the party it seems. I am elated that when I decided to randomly check on the ashes of this site, that it's still up and running!! I am so happy that the hobby of my childhood is alive and well. I have had such fond memories here, and now they can continue! Best wishes everyone! ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat 17:34, 22 June 2021 (UTC)


I was editing on here and had to step out for dinner. I decided to edit on my phone and realized it is not the most user-friendly experience. I'd like to change that but I haven't the foggiest idea on how to do so. Any ideas? ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat 22:32, 28 June 2021 (UTC)

My first go-to would be Espyo. He's extremely talented in that field. You may be able to get a hold of him if you leave a message on his talk page, which he'll see when he checks in in the middle of the night. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 

New Logo?

I was thinking it was time to update some of the site's aesthetics. I wanted to start with the logo. I made a mockup logo in Photoshop and wanted to see people's opinions on it. Please comment below any feedback or if you think it looks appropriate. ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat 16:02, 9 July 2021 (UTC)

Smaller Shadow Versions


  • Of the two, I think the smaller shadow one is better. But in general, that logo is a step in the right direction, but feels kinda...odd. I honestly can't put my finger on it. Maybe the colors of the flower are too saturated? — {EspyoT} 16:25, 9 July 2021 (UTC)
  • Okay, let me update it to see if its better. ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat 16:34, 9 July 2021 (UTC)

Less Saturation Version


  • Ok, that's pretty good. Better than my idea at the very least, which was to just update the logo with the 3DX graphics. I'm MintyMoron64 icon.pngMintyMoron64, and I like the Foundation Dweevil!
  • Thank you. I can't figure out which version I like the most. Less saturation feels... drab to me. But I want to have others' input before I make any changes... like I used to do on a whim lol. ZoadraZoadra icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat 16:52, 9 July 2021 (UTC)
  • I prefer the one with higher saturation, but maybe you could have it be somewhere in between? Oh, and the text on the current one definitely needs to be changed, it's hard to see against the grass. I'm MintyMoron64 icon.pngMintyMoron64, and I like the Foundation Dweevil!
  • I like the versions with the smaller shadows more. I support Piklord's suggestion that there should be a happy medium between the normal version and the less saturated version. I don't mind the positioning of the text on either logo, but I'm more biased towards v1.1's because it's most like the current Pikmin Fanon logo. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy 
  • I posted a poll on Pikcord to see which one is better. Let us see what the council decides! P.S. Go to the poll in #pikmin-fanon to vote I'm MintyMoron64 icon.pngMintyMoron64, and I like the Foundation Dweevil!


how do you change your account picture? – Preceding unsigned comment added by 5692Wraith (talkcontribs)

Unfortunately, there is no way to do so. You are more than welcome to upload a user file to use as a profile picture, however. Also, these sorts of questions don't exactly belong on this page; please make ask a user or make a forum post about it, and remember to sign your messages with ~~~~. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy  18:10, 20 June 2022 (UTC)


If it says the wiki had "5,961 in English" does that mean there will be like other languages for this wiki? I doubt but anyways... Blower Pot icon.pngBlower Pot Talk | Contributions | Fanon game

English will be the only language this wiki uses. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy  14:09, 15 January 2024 (UTC)

April Fools

Imagine if this wiki becomes Twitter for April Fools. ~PikminKart P18b11 Porquillion extinct.png SuperCircuit Contributions 16:51, 17 May 2024 (UTC)

Please no. The last thing this wiki needs is some rocket-launching idiot with kids named after mathematical equations changing everything about it to suit his unbridled ADHD-addled mind. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy  13:26, 18 May 2024 (UTC)
That's no way to talk about the Elongated Crushblat!! – P4 Bearded Amprat icon.png A Friendly Amprat (Talk | Contribs | Projects)
Yep, i very love ELONGATED CRUSHBLATS.... than the calcified ones. ~ P2 Hairy Bulborb icon.png Leonardo Contributions | Fanon game


This looks so different now!!! -Faith:D

Yeah, monobook looks a lot better now. ~ Cheepy-Cheepy icon.pngCheepy-Cheepy  13:02, 17 June 2024 (UTC)