Pikmin: Dual Worlds

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Duality: an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects, a dualism.
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Dual Worlds, a fangame created by MintyMoron64.
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Pikmin: Dual Worlds
Rating E 10+
Genre Strategy, puzzle
Platforms Switch, Pikirus
Media Switch Cartridge, Pikirus Disk, E Shop
Publisher None
Release dates N/EV/ER
Prequel Pikmin 3
Sequel None
Creator MintyMoron64
Collaborators Editing

Pikmin: Dual Worlds is a fanon Pikmin game created by MintyMoron64.


A decent chunk of the game, comprising about 50% of the content.


Olimar and the gang return to their respective home planets. The Koppaites become famous, having saved their home planet. Koppai and Hocotate Freight work together to create the Alliance PNF-404 Research Ships, or APRSs, designated Omega, Psi, and Chi. They are put into orbit around PNF-404 and their crews get to researching. Olimar and Alph, along with Louie, Brittany, Charlie, and The President, build a new ship, the S.S. Sea Dragon, to be used for any new adventures. All is well... but when it comes to PNF-404, its only a matter of time... before something goes horribly wrong. Contact with all three ARPSs is lost. Olimar and co. are sent to investigate, and as they say goodbye to their families they can't help but worry if they would ever return. As they enter orbit around PNF-404, they come across a horrifying sight: APRSs Psi and Chi are both missing, and Omega is severely damaged. The hydroponics, engines, and communications were completely destroyed. They dock in the hangar and that leads to the first tutorials and first time you have control of your characters: walking around, using A to access an Onion like menu, pulling open ventilation shafts, and throwing other leaders to reach high places. Upon reaching the main control room, Alph restores power to the ship. The APRS Omega's AI, known as Phi, assesses the damage and reveals that the ship can not and will not be able to repair the thrusters, as one of the main components was made of a rare element not found on this planet. However, the comms system can be repaired using materials found on-world. It also states that according to its readings, each of the three members of the other APRSs' crews, as well as the four members of the Omega's crew, are still alive. They're heading off to the Distant Planet, when a strange energy signature appears next to the S.S. Sea Dragon, and slams straight into it, disappearing shortly after. The Dragon's pod becomes detached and the Koppaites and Hocotatians fall out, plummeting to the planet below. The pod almost manages to take Olimar into it's hold, and it slows his fall a bit, but it ultimately fails, and the pod has to reattach itself to it's main body to avoid major damage. As Olimar's sight begins to fade, he can see the Dragon falling through the trees near him.


There will be, like Pikmin 3: Deluxe, different difficulty settings, those being:

  • Sprout, the "Easy" mode. There are fewer enemies, bosses have less health and weaker attacks, and you can bring out all 10 types of Pikmin at once from the start. Juice is slightly different from Leaf, where you get 1.25x as much per fruit. Day minimum specific fruits and other items appear 5 days early, like how some enemies only appear after certain days.
  • Leaf, the "Normal" mode. Everything is exactly as is stated on all files. Pikmin types are limited until a specific upgrade is obtained. All day minimum items appear at usual time.
  • Bud, the "Intermediate" mode. Not an absurdly large amount harder than Leaf. Enemies are more common, and bosses have more health and at low health can Turn Red.
  • Flower, the "Hard" mode. Basically just an slightly harder Hard Mode. Bosses gain extra powerful attacks. From Flower and onward areas and "dungeon" type dungeons begin to have major topological changes from their Bud- equivalents. New enemies exclusive to Flower+ modes begin to appear. Areas have different, more lively, and in the case of battles, intense, music.
  • Ultra-Spicy Mode, the equivalent of Steel Soul mode, Master Mode, or Superstar Mode. Both enemies and Pikmin are effected by all sprays. A certain forsaken blob becomes slightly faster. The amount of juice you get is halved. Minibosses can now also Turn Red.

Alternate game modes

Mission Mode

Collect Treasure!
Defeat Bosses!
Battle Enemies!

Battle Buddies!

Into the Rift

Comprises about 5% of content, becomes available after 100% everything else, making this the 105th percent. You must battle every enemy. Not just in this game, you have to battle EVERY* enemy. All enemies on this wiki appear. There are six stages: Back from the Brink, Over the Edge, Frightful Fall, Into the Abyss, Worlds Below, and At the Bottom. Each aside from At the Bottom corresponds to a type of enemy: small, large, miniboss, boss, and major boss. This mode acts similar to The Ultimate Choice from Kirby: Star Allies, in that you can choose the difficulty/stage. In At The Bottom, you play through each stage in order without stopping. Within each stage you have an arena based on the creature's habitat, the creature, the Pikmin type required to beat it, the Master Onion, and, under the Onion, a rift location. Depending on the difficulty, you can have 10,20,30,50,75, or 100 Pikmin. You can only proceed by bringing all enemy corpses to the Onion, at which point it uses the energy to open the rift. Every 10 "Floors", you come to a rest stop, where you can gather the Cooler Nectar, grow Pikmin up to the stage's limit, and collect the Rift Key when you want to continue. When you truly are At the Bottom, you get to encounter a New Boss, one that doesn't appear elsewhere... At the end of all stages, you get a rare Petal Badge as your reward. After obtaining the five petal badges by completing the other five stages, you finally unlock At the Bottom, Where you obtain the Stem Badge and the Petal Badges turn pink as if under the effects of Spicy Spray.

  • Not the enemies that are badly designed or explained. Therefore, Doom isn't coming. Like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I lied when I said "Everyone is here". Oh, and no bosses who's pages don't exist.

Piklopedia, Treasure Hoard, Fruit File, and Scrap Heap

Lists all enemies as well as the 3 main objective items.


After obtaining the One-sided Jukebox, which actually is just an I-Pod, you can play any song previously encountered in the main menu, with their titles and order of being encountered on the left side, as well as a small hint as to their location, or at least the area or cave, on the left side in the case of ones you haven't encountered yet.


Same as in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the badges represent certain achievements, such as beating the game with a certain amount of Pikmin, not having a single Pikmin die, or completing the Piklopedia and the three lists of objective items. A full list can be found here: Achievements



Primary locations
Shrouded locations


Returning mechanics

  • Onion Fusion
  • Yellow Pikmin being resistant to electricity and electricity stunning Pikmin
  • Caves
  • Specific items being required to access certain areas
  • Throwable captains
  • White Pikmin being faster than other types and having good eyesight
  • Purple Pikmin being nerfed
  • Go Here!
  • Upgrades such as anti-electrifier, scorch guard, metal suit z, and dodge whistle.

New mechanics

  • Electricity killing Pikmin after 5 seconds of being shocked
  • Only being able to exit caves during day
  • Sleeping causing time to pass much faster
  • Certain captains being better at some things than other captains
  • Red Pikmin will drop what they're carrying to defend themselves from enemies, picking the item back up again later
  • White Pikmin being slightly slower than in other games
  • Purple Pikmin not being useless and unfinished
  • Send Here, which can tell Pikmin to carry something to the Ship, the Onion, or to...
  • Follow Me
  • New Pikmin types
  • Said new Pikmin types not knowing where the ship is until you take them to it using Follow Me
  • It's in the title! there's an alternate "Dark World" to explore! but be careful, things can be quite dangerous there...
  • Upgrades such as: the sticky boots, the slick boots, the basic suit, the anti magnetizer, and the flame bulb
  • Perks, which are unique to each leader:
    • Alph can run faster and will be able to target things from farther away.
    • Brittany has stronger punches. Strong as a Red Pikmin's attack, actually. Someone must have made her mad..
    • Charlie has more health.
    • Louie is able to throw further than others.
    • Olimar can throw higher than others.
    • Sacho is able to sell items for more. As Sacho is unavailable in Story Mode, this cannot be used there.
    • Researchers and Captlasm don't have any Perks, though Captlasm obviously still have the advantage of being made out of Plasm. They won't use this in Bingo Battle, though they will use it elsewhere.