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The breadbug family is a family comprised of creatures that have a range of lifestyles depending on the particular species, from scavenging remains to actively preying on smaller creatures. Notoriously, the smaller enemies in this family mimic the appearance of members of the grub-dog family.



Main article: Aardborb

Aardborbs hold a strong resemblance to the Whiptongue Bulborb, but are smaller and lack a long tongue. They are often found near Whiptongue Bulborbs. Aardborbs are active hunters and will pursue nearby Pikmin or sheargrubs, feeding on them if they get too close.

Albino Breadbug

Main article: Albino Breadbug

The Albino Breadbug is easily noticeable due to both its croissant-shaped body and the fact that it produces its own light to help it navigate through dark caverns. Like any other breadbug, this creature largely ignores the presence of Pikmin and is perfectly content searching the area for carcasses to drag back to its burrow.

Anode Breadbug

Main article: Anode Breadbug

The Anode Breadbug is a relative of the humble Breadbug that utilizes the static electricity it generates to deter its attackers. Its appearance and behavior are similar to those of most of its relatives, but is fuzzy, yellow, and has white eyes. As it wanders around, the Anode Breadbug generates static electricity that shocks most creatures that touch it, meaning only Yellow Pikmin can attack it safely, and any creature that utilizes electricity cannot be harmed by it.

Blast Pepperbug

Blast Pepperbug.jpg
Main article: Blast Pepperbug

Blast Pepperbugs are a species of breadbug that have been fitted with internal explosives. They wander the area, and when leaders or their Pikmin approach, a Blast Pepperbug will begin its countdown timer. After the timer expires, it takes out itself and anything nearby in a fiery explosion. It cannot move once it begins its countdown timer. Unlike most other breadbugs, the Blast Pepperbug does not have a nest nor does it drag objects.


P2 Breadbug.png
Main article: Breadbug

Breadbugs are the beasts after which the breadbug family is named. They are unable to cause harm to Pikmin directly, though one can do so by pulling objects away into its dwelling. If any Pikmin are carrying an object while it is sucked underground in this manner, they will die. The beast is heavy with thick blubber, making it immune to most attacks.


Main article: Breadmin

A Breadbug infected by a parasitic Pikmin.


Main article: Breadstickbug

Breadstickbugs are a dramatically elongated species of Breadbug. They have two pairs of feet, the back pair being larger than the front pair. When a Breadstickbug is dragging an object and Pikmin attempt to overpower it, the Breadstickbug will anchor itself into the ground using its back feet, causing the creature to become increasingly more stretched as the Pikmin try to take the object away. Eventually, the Breadstickbug will quickly and completely retract, pulling the object and anything holding onto that object at a high velocity.

Brown Sugar Breadbug

Main article: Brown Sugar Breadbug

Brown Sugar Breadbugs are a species of Breadbug that are ferocious and territorial. They appear similar to normal Breadbugs, but their backs glitter brightly. Brown Sugar Breadbugs move slightly faster than a normal Breadbug, so they are a bit more difficult to attack. It eats Pikmin instead of ignoring them, and once it has spotted its prey, a Brown Sugar Breadbug will rush over to attack.


Main article: Bulbrella

The Bulbrella is a visually distinct member of the breadbug family. It has an appearance resembling a Dwarf Red Bulborb but with slanted pupils, a gleeful grin, and a large, umbrella-like membrane suspended above its body, giving the creature its name. The membrane is supported by an orange stalk, the same color as its otherwise featureless back. Bulbrellas appear from the sky, gracefully floating down to the ground before attempting to eat nearby Pikmin.

Chocolate Breadbug

Chocolate Breadbug.jpg
Main article: Chocolate Breadbug

The Chocolate Breadbug is a breadbug that can revive enemies by dragging corpses into their nests. They have black blubber and glowing green eyes. Their giant counterpart is the Giant Chocolate Breadbug.

Cinnamon Breadbug

Cinnamon Breadbug.jpg
Main article: Cinnamon Breadbug

Cinnamon Breadbugs are an extremely rare, pink relative of the common Breadbug. They drop many great rewards upon defeat, which vary with each game. They have a giant counterpart, the Giant Cinnamon Breadbug.


HP Crumbug.png
Main article: Crumbug

The Crumbug resembles the Breadbug, but it is fairly smaller. It doesn't actively pursue Pikmin, but can kill them effectively if it gets near.

Darkfreeze Breadbug

Main article: Darkfreeze Breadbug

A Darkfreeze Breadbug is a Breadbug that has been infused with Darkfreeze energy. It has dark blue skin and bright glowing eyes. It drags objects faster than a normal Breadbug and more Pikmin are required to overpower it. A Darkfreeze Breadbug will freeze any Pikmin that touch it except Cyan Pikmin and will eat Pikmin when there are no more objects for it to take to its nest. Corpses a Darkfreeze Breadbug takes to its nest will be revived and emerge before the Darkfreeze Breadbug does.

Decaying Breadbug

Decaying Breadbug.jpg
Main article: Decaying Breadbug

The Decaying Breadbug is a member of the breadbug family that is covered in mold, caused by exposure to humidity. Attacking it causes it to release a cloud of mold spores that infect Pikmin and turn them into hostile Decaying Pikmin.

Dwarf Azure Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Azure Bulborb

The Dwarf Azure Bulborb is a species of Breadbug that mimics the aggressive Azure Bulborb. It cannot, however, mimic its signature growling, so it tries by making high-pitched squeals.

Dwarf Blue Bulborb

P2 Dwarf Blue Bulborb.png
Main article: Dwarf Blue Bulborb

The Dwarf Blue Bulborb is a breadbug that is often found in or near water, sometimes in the company of Blue Bulborbs. They can have either blue skin or tan skin, but they all have blue backs.

Dwarf Bomborb

Main article: Dwarf Bomborb

The Dwarf Bomborb is a dwarf bulborb that has been mutated by a volatile mind-controlling parasite controlling it. Dwarf Bomborbs are black in color and have green eyes, but the most notable difference other than size is the presence of a large black lump on the back of the creature.

Dwarf Brown Bulborb

Pikspore Dwarf Brown Bulborb.png
Main article: Dwarf Brown Bulborb

Dwarf Brown Bulborbs act similarly to Dwarf Red Bulborbs and have no special characteristics besides having a different coloration. They have brown rumps with white spots, a tan face, and a pair of green eyes. They mimic the Brown Bulborb and are often found in their presence.

Dwarf Dino Bulborb

Dwarf Dino Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Dwarf Dino Bulborb

The Dwarf Dino Bulborb is a prehistoric dwarf bulborb. They display no outstanding behavioral characteristics but are interesting physically: they have yellow rumps and faces, green spots, and red eyes. Their fangs are also located on their bottom jaws, pointed upwards. It is the dwarf counterpart of the Dino Bulborb

Dwarf Fiery Bulblax

HP Dwarf Fiery Bulblax.png
Main article: Dwarf Fiery Bulblax

The Dwarf Fiery Bulblax is a subspecies of dwarf bulborb. They are similar to the Fiery Bulblax in appearance, with some minor differences; its eyes are both the same size, though its pupils are not, and its melted appearance is much less severe. Like the Fiery Bulblax, the Dwarf Fiery Bulblax's back is constantly burning, meaning it can only be attacked effectively by Red Pikmin. Besides eating Pikmin, it can spit fireballs to attack. These fireballs, as well as its body, can cause the ground to light on fire, requiring the use of Red Pikmin to extinguish it.

Dwarf Fiery Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Fiery Bulborb

The Dwarf Fiery Bulborb is a basic enemy. It is like the Dwarf Red Bulborb but engulfed in flame, making it only possible for Red Pikmin to take it out.

Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb

Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb

The Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb is a deceased dwarf bulborb. It is transparent and gray, with a short tail, purple spots and fangs, and white eyes with yellow pupils. They eat Pikmin, but can also travel through obstacles in the way. They cannot be killed by conventional means until they are lured into shafts of light, where they become opaque and vulnerable to Pikmin attacks. Upon death, a Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb will melt into a pile of dark matter. They are the dwarf counterpart of the Ghostly Bulborb.

Dwarf Gray Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Gray Bulborb

The Dwarf Gray Bulborb is a breadbug that mimics the Gray Bulborb. It is much faster than the other bulborb mimics, being able to outrun any stragglers.

Dwarf Green Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Green Bulborb

The Dwarf Green Bulborb is the dwarf counterpart of the Green Bulborb and doesn't behave or appear much differently than a Dwarf Red Bulborb other than having a green back.

Dwarf Jungle Bulborb

Dwarf Jungle Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Dwarf Jungle Bulborb

Dwarf Jungle Bulborbs are the dwarf counterpart of the Jungle Bulborb. They cannot drool acid, making them safe for any color of Pikmin to attack. Dwarf Jungle Bulborbs behave similarly to Dwarf Orange Bulborbs in that they can detect leaders or their Pikmin from a larger distance away.

Dwarf Mossy Bulbear

Main article: Dwarf Mossy Bulbear

The Dwarf Mossy Bulbear is a smaller version of a moss bulbear. Pikmin can't get stuck to it because there is no moss on it's back.

Dwarf Mushroomy Bulborb

Dwarf Mushroomy Bulborb.png
Main article: Dwarf Mushroomy Bulborb

The Dwarf Mushroomy Bulborb is a dwarf bulborb that has been affected by Puffstool spores and is the dwarf counterpart of the Mushroomy Bulborb. They can infect Pikmin, but not enemies, with their spores.

Dwarf Mutated Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Mutated Bulborb

Dwarf Mutated Bulborbs are dwarf bulborbs that have been severely mutated due to radiation exposure, much like with the Mutated Bulborb. Its skin is splotchy and colored brown and green. Upon death, it spews acid from its mouth.

Dwarf Orange Bulborb

P3 Dwarf Orange Bulborb.png
Main article: Dwarf Orange Bulborb

The Dwarf Orange Bulborb mimics the Orange Bulborb, but, like all other breadbug family members, it is diurnal, unlike the nocturnal Orange Bulborb. Being as easily agitated as the bulborb it mimics, it will notice Pikmin at a greater distance than other dwarf bulborbs do. It can be very easily defeated by swarming them or by aiming a single Pikmin throw to land on its back.

Dwarf Painted Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Painted Bulborb

The Dwarf Painted Bulborb is a breadbug mimic. It is the dwarf counterpart of the Painted Bulborb and behaves much like a Dwarf Orange Bulborb, noticing Pikmin from a farther distance than other dwarfs do.

Dwarf Purple Bulborb

Dwarf Purple Bulborb.png
Main article: Dwarf Purple Bulborb

It looks like a Dwarf Red Bulborb in shades of purple, but is also the size of a parent Bulbmin. Therefore, it's slightly heavier and contributes to its jumping attack. Its usual attack is eating, but it can eat 3 Pikmin at a time. When half of its life remains, it has a new attack: jumping. When it lands, it will kill any Pikmin underneath them.

Dwarf Red Bulborb

P3 Dwarf Red Bulborb.png
Main article: Dwarf Bulborb

Dwarf Bulborbs are small, common enemies that resemble Red Bulborbs in appearance, but with greatly diminished size. These enemies are easily defeated by swarming them, but throwing a Pikmin directly on top of one will lead to an immediate kill. Agitating one may make it scream, possibly awakening the nearest bulborb.

Dwarf Royal Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Royal Bulborb

The Royal Dwarf Bulborb looks like a Dwarf Red Bulborb, except with a royal purple back and with a crown on top of it.

Dwarf Sandy Bulborb

Dwarf Sandy Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Dwarf Sandy Bulborb

The Dwarf Sandy Bulborb is a creature made entirely of sand and leaves no remains behind other than a pile of sand. Unlike their grub-dog counterpart, the Sandy Bulborb, they cannot produce clouds of sand with which to suffocate Pikmin. They can still eat Pikmin, however.

Dwarf Silver Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Silver Bulborb

It is the dwarf counterpart of the Silver Bulborb. The Dwarf Silver Bulborb is unique from other dwarf bulborbs in that it can only be killed by throwing a Pikmin onto its back, as swarming is entirely ineffective yet still possible. Otherwise, they behave exactly like most other dwarfs.

Dwarf Starving Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Starving Bulborb

As its name would suggest, it is the dwarf counterpart of the Starving Bulborb. However, unlike the Starving Bulborb, the Dwarf Starving Bulborb does not copy its behaviors and is ironically one of the laxest of the breadbug mimics. It fails to immediately notice the presence of Pikmin near it, only realizing they are there after a few seconds, making it easy to attack or sneak past.

Dwarf Toothy Bulborb

Dwarf Toothy Bulborb.png
Main article: Dwarf Toothy Bulborb

The Dwarf Toothy Bulborb is the dwarf counterpart of the Toothy Bulborb and shares its highly-aggressive behavior.

Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb

The Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb has a body shape like most other dwarf bulborbs, with a brownish-black nose, a white body, and brown spots. It can be confused with a Snow Bulborb.

Dwarf Yellow Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Yellow Bulborb
P2 Dwarf Yellow Bulborb.png

The Dwarf Yellow Bulborb is a dwarf bulborb that has a tan face, blue eyes, and a yellow rump with black spots. Behaviorally, the Dwarf Yellow Bulborb is no different from a Dwarf Red Bulborb. Some Dwarf Yellow Bulborbs have yellow-brown skin, glossy yellow backs with black spots, and gray eyes with orange pupils. Their grub-dog counterpart is the Yellow Bulborb.

Emperor Breadbug

Main article: Emperor Breadbug

It is a Breadbug mimic of an Emperor Bulblax. It also fights alongside the Empress Breadbug. The Emperor Breadbug attacks very much like an Emperor Bulblax, but looks far from the same. Instead of having a mossy back, the Emperor Breadbug is shaped similar to a large Giant Breadbug, but its head is between two hamburger buns.

Empress Breadbug

Main article: Empress Breadbug

The Empress Breadbug appears similar to a baguette, a type of bread used to make sandwiches. It attacks the same way that an Empress Bulblax attacks, but looks far from the same from one. The attack pattern is identical for the Empress Breadbug and Empress Bulblax for the first half of the fight: they both roll back and forth after taking enough punishment.

Fireflap Bulborb

HP Fireflap Bulborb.png
Main article: Fireflap Bulborb

Fireflap Bulborbs are winged creatures that are closely related to the Dwarf Fiery Bulblax. They are legless, with thin eye-stalks and red beady eyes. Its back and wings are orange with red and black stripes and are constantly ablaze, similar to the Fiery Bulblax and its dwarf counterpart. Fireflap Bulborbs fly high in the sky, and attack by dropping flaming projectiles from above. These projectiles are actually discarded skin.

Freezerburnt Breadbug

Freezerburnt Breadbug.jpg
Main article: Freezerburnt Breadbug

It is a light blue Breadbug with black eyes and white pupils. If any Pikmin touches the Freezerburnt Breadbug, they will become chilled and move half their regular speed.

Frost Bulborb

Main article: Frost Bulborb

Frost Bulborbs resemble typical dwarf bulborbs and have light skin, a light blue rump with white spots, white fangs and claws, a red mouth with a pink tongue, and vibrant blue eyes on a pair of eyestalks.

Frosted Breadbug

Main article: Frosted Breadbug

The Frosted Breadbug is a relative of the Breadbug. It is the smaller counterpart of the Giant Frosted Breadbug. They step at an extremely fast pace but move only slightly faster than an ordinary Breadbug.

Galactic Breadbug

Main article: Galactic Breadbug

The Galactic Breadbug looks similar to a Giant Breadbug, but triple the size of one. The Galactic Breadbug can be attacked by throwing Pikmin anywhere onto its body with the exception of its legs. It cannot be weighted down by any amount of Pikmin. While trudging about, the Galactic Breadbug may crush Pikmin with its feet.

Giant Breadbug

P2 Giant Breadbug.jpg
Main article: Giant Breadbug

The Giant Breadbug, unlike most other breadbugs, is large and has a more cubical shape, looking like a whole loaf of bread. It is one of the largest species in the breadbug family.

Giant Chocolate Breadbug

Giant Chocolate Breadbug.jpg
Main article: Giant Chocolate Breadbug

The Giant Chocolate Breadbug is a large, rectangle-shaped counterpart of the Chocolate Breadbug. Like the Chocolate Breadbug, it can revive enemies by dragging their corpses into its nest.

Giant Cinnamon Breadbug

Giant Cinnamon Breadbug.jpg
Main article: Giant Cinnamon Breadbug

Like with the Cinnamon Breadbug, the Giant Cinnamon Breadbug is an extremely rare relative of the Giant Breadbug. It drops many great rewards upon death, but they vary with each game.

Giant Frosted Breadbug

Main article: Giant Frosted Breadbug

It is the larger counterpart of the Frosted Breadbug, and like it, it steps at a dramatically increased pace but only moves slightly faster than an ordinary Giant Breadbug.

Giant Killer Breadbug

Main article: Giant Killer Breadbug

The Giant Killer Breadbug is a giant breadbug that has four legs and red eyes. It eats Pikmin that get in its way or try to take an object it is dragging.

Giant Toasty Breadbug

Main article: Giant Toasty Breadbug

Its spiked feet and flaming, charred, smoking body makes it extra dangerous. It leaves behind an ash trail and spits up lava.

Golden Taffy Breadbug

Main article: Golden Taffy Breadbug

The Golden Taffy Breadbug is a golden-colored Breadbug that carries treasures on its back. In their pouches they can store up to 50 pounds of ore.

Greater Red Bulborb

Main article: Greater Red Bulborb

They greatly resemble Red Bulborbs, but are twice the size of them. The Greater Red Bulborb is a type of breadbug mimic that is larger than its original, rather than smaller, and are more closely related to the Giant Breadbug, explaining its large size.

Green Bulbear Larva

Main article: Green Bulbear Larva

Green Bulbear Larvae are breadbugs that resemble horrifically-deformed Bulbear Larvae. They lurch along the ground and eat any Pikmin they find in the same manner as a Water Dumple.

Hawaiian Breadbug

Main article: Hawaiian Breadbug

They are slightly faster than a typical Breadbug, but do not perform actions that intentionally harm Pikmin. Hawaiian Breadbugs highly resemble Hawaiian bread rolls. As Red Pikmin have noses and are able to smell the sweet scent it emits, they walk towards the Hawaiian Breadbug.

Illuminant Breadbug

Main article: Illuminant Breadbug

Illuminant Breadbugs are a species of Breadbug that exhibit the unnatural ability to glow even in complete darkness. Illuminant Breadbugs are completely harmless, but do provide a good source of Pikmin seeds.

Moldy Breadbug

Main article: Moldy Breadbug

The Moldy Breadbug is a Giant Breadbug with green mold spots on it and red eyes. They move around the arena, eating Pikmin. When you kill one of the Breadbugs, the Moldy Breadbug will eat the corpse, which heals 1/4 of its HP.


Main article: Muffinbug

Muffinbugs are mutated Breadbugs that have been affected by Puffstool spores in such a way that the creatures appear bloated, giving the creature a muffin-like appearance as well as its name. As a Muffinbug walks, it releases clouds of poison, similar to a Doodlebug. Muffinbugs are rare creatures, and if approached, they waddle away on two stubby legs for some time before finally burrowing into the ground, never to be seen again.

Oversized Golden Taffy Breadbug

Main article: Oversized Golden Taffy Breadbug

This Giant Breadbug is about the size of a huge Emperor Bulblax. It's worth 5000 pokos, and can carry 200 times its own weight.

Poison Breadbug

Main article: Poison Breadbug

It looks similar to a normal Breadbug, but its body is pale purple with white eyes and pupils. As it wanders around, it leaves a trail of white poison powder. At a quarter of its health, the Poison Breadbug will intentionally scatter poison powder on any Pikmin it finds, excluding White Pikmin, which it attempts to stay far from.

Snow Bulborb

P2 Snow Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Snow Bulborb

The Snow Bulborb is another subspecies of dwarf bulborb, this particular one resembling a hairless, miniature Hairy Bulborb. They are as similar to the beast they endeavor to copy as any other dwarf bulborb, and defeated in much the same way. Their most common location is in the vicinity of one or more Hairy Bulborbs, or in cave terrain of snow or ice.

Soggy Breadbug

Main article: Soggy Breadbug

Soggy Breadbugs are made completely of the thicker water that also make up Goolixes, causing them to keep their form when exiting a pool of water, which they will do frequently. Any Pikmin unintentionally trapped inside of the Soggy Breadbug may called out if they are whistled to before they drown. The only way to defeat a Soggy Breadbug is to fill it completely with Pikmin.

Spiked Electrocution Breadbug

Main article: Spiked Electrocution Breadbug

It resembles a regular Giant Breadbug, but has claws on its feet and back. Due to this and its ability to conduct electricity, the Spiked Electrocution Breadbug can walk up walls and onto ceilings to land on unsuspecting prey.

Stale Breadbug

Main article: Stale Breadbug

The Stale Breadbug is a mutated, aggressive Breadbug. Its body is pale and shriveled and from the creature's back grows mushrooms. It has a large mouth full of sharp teeth. A Stale Breadbug will eat any corpses it comes across and any Pikmin that get in its way.

Territorial Breadbug

P2 Breadbug.png
Main article: Territorial Breadbug

The Territorial Breadbug appears identical to the Breadbug, but behaves much differently. Instead of searching for objects to bring to its nest, which it lacks, a Territorial Breadbug eats Pikmin it happens across. It can be defeated by repeatedly throwing Pikmin on top of it.

Toasty Breadbug

Main article: Toasty Breadbug

The Toasty Breadbug is a rather dangerous enemy that should only be fought with Red Pikmin. It looks like a normal Breadbug but is yellow in color with red eyes. As it wanders around it leaves behind a trail of fire.

Vanilla Breadbug

Main article: Vanilla Breadbug

The Vanilla Breadbug is a cream-colored and flavorful relative of the Breadbug.