Breadbug family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "breadbug family" article for more official information.

The breadbug family is a family comprised of creatures that have a range of lifestyles depending on the particular species, from scavenging remains to actively preying on smaller creatures. Notoriously, the smaller enemies in this family mimic the appearance of members of the grub-dog family.



Main article: Aardborb

The Aardborb feeds on Pikmin using its long tongue.

Albino Breadbug

Main article: Albino Breadbug

The Albino Breadbug produces its own light in dark spaces.

Anode Breadbug

Main article: Anode Breadbug

The Anode Breadbug produces electricity that shocks creatures that touch it.

Banana Breadbug

Main article: Banana Breadbug

The Banana Breadbug resembles a loaf of banana bread.

Blackberry Bunbug

Main article: Blackberry Bunbug

The Blackberry Bunbug leaves a trail of poisonous fluid wherever it moves.

Blast Pepperbug

Main article: Blast Pepperbug

The Blast Pepperbug will pursue Pikmin before exploding a short time after.


Main article: Breadbug

The Breadbug carries objects back to its den.


Main article: Breadmin

The Breadmin is a Breadbug infected by a parasitic Pikmin.


Main article: Breadstickbug

The Breadstickbug can anchor itself when trying to steal objects from Pikmin.


Main article: Cakebug

The Cakebug resembles a cake.

Cherry Bunbug

Main article: Cherry Bunbug

The Cherry Bunbug leaves a trail of fire wherever it walks.

Chocolate Breadbug

Main article: Chocolate Breadbug

The Chocolate Breadbug can revive any enemies that it drags into its den.

Cinnamon Breadbug

Main article: Cinnamon Breadbug

The Cinnamon Breadbug may drop great rewards upon its death.

Citrusy Breadbug

Main article: Citrusy Breadbug

The Citrusy Breadbug can generate hazardous electricity from its powdered coating.


Main article: Crumbug

The Crumbug is a smaller variant of the Breadbug.

Darkfreeze Breadbug

Main article: Darkfreeze Breadbug

The Darkfreeze Breadbug is a Breadbug infused by Darkfreeze energy.

Dwarf Blotched Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Blotched Bulborb

The Dwarf Blotched Bulborb is a breadbug mimic covered in messy spots.

Dwarf Blue Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Blue Bulborb

The Dwarf Blue Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with a blue-colored backside that may be semi-aquatic.

Dwarf Bomborb

Main article: Dwarf Bomborb

The Dwarf Bomborb is a breadbug mimic that may violently explode to take out attackers.

Dwarf Brown Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Brown Bulborb

The Dwarf Brown Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with a brown-colored backside and may be covered in mud.

Dwarf Dino Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Dino Bulborb

The Dwarf Dino Bulborb is a prehistoric breadbug mimic.

Dwarf Fiery Bulblax

Main article: Dwarf Fiery Bulblax

The Dwarf Fiery Bulblax is a breadbug mimic that resembles a Fiery Bulblax.

Dwarf Fiery Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Fiery Bulborb

The Dwarf Fiery Bulborb is a breadbug mimic covered in flames.

Dwarf Forest Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Forest Bulborb

The Dwarf Forest Bulborb is a breadbug mimic named after its habitat.

Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb

The Dwarf Ghostly Bulborb is a deceased breadbug mimic.

Dwarf Gray Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Gray Bulborb

The Dwarf Gray Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that has a silver backside, and may possess extra speed or strength.

Dwarf Green Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Green Bulborb

The Dwarf Green Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with a green-colored backside, and may be weaker than usual.

Dwarf Jungle Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Jungle Bulborb

The Dwarf Jungle Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that can drool out acid.

Dwarf Moldy Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Moldy Bulborb

The Dwarf Moldy Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that's been affected by mold.

Dwarf Mossy Bulbear

Main article: Dwarf Mossy Bulbear

The Dwarf Mossy Bulbear is a breadbug mimic of a Moss Bulbear.

Dwarf Mushroomy Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Mushroomy Bulborb

The Dwarf Mushroomy Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that's been affected by spores.

Dwarf Mutated Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Mutated Bulborb

The Dwarf Mutated Bulborb is a breadbug mimic exposed to large amounts of radiation.

Dwarf Orange Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Orange Bulborb

The Dwarf Orange Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with an orange-colored backside that is more agile than usual.

Dwarf Painted Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Painted Bulborb

The Dwarf Painted Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that can notice Pikmin from longer distances.

Dwarf Peach Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Peach Bulborb

The Dwarf Peach Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with a thick, flabby hide.

Dwarf Purple Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Purple Bulborb

The Dwarf Purple Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that jumps on Pikmin to crush them.

Dwarf Raging Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Raging Bulborb

The Dwarf Raging Bulborb is a Breadbug mimic. Their roars can send Pikmin into a frenzy.

Dwarf Red Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Bulborb

The Dwarf Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with a crimson-colored backside.

Dwarf Royal Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Royal Bulborb

The Royal Dwarf Bulborb is an exotic breadbug mimic.

Dwarf Sandy Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Sandy Bulborb

The Dwarf Sandy Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that resides in or is made of sand.

Dwarf Spiked Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Spiked Bulborb

The Dwarf Spiked Bulborb is a breadbug mimic covered in thorns.

Dwarf Starving Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Starving Bulborb

The Dwarf Starving Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that is particularly malnourished.

Dwarf Toothy Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Toothy Bulborb

The Dwarf Toothy Bulborb is the dwarf counterpart of the Toothy Bulborb and shares its highly-aggressive behavior.

Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb

The Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with an elongated tongue and white-colored backside.

Dwarf Yellow Bulborb

Main article: Dwarf Yellow Bulborb

The Dwarf Yellow Bulborb is a breadbug mimic with a yellow-colored backside, and may have electric properties.

Emperor Breadbug

Main article: Emperor Breadbug

The Emperor Breadbug is a breadbug patriarch

Empress Breadbug

Main article: Empress Breadbug

The Empress Breadbug is a breadbug matriarch.

Fireflap Bulborb

Main article: Fireflap Bulborb

The Fireflap Bulborb is an aerial breadbug mimic that can drop balls of flame.

Flatty Breadbug

Main article: Flatty Breadbug

The Flatty Breadbug is capable of flight.

Freezerburnt Breadbug

Main article: Freezerburnt Breadbug

The Freezerburnt Breadbug freezes any Pikmin that touches it.

Frost Bulborb

Main article: Frost Bulborb

The Frost Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that inhabits cold climates.

Frosted Breadbug

Main article: Frosted Breadbug

The Frosted Breadbug can walk much faster than most breadbugs.

Galactic Breadbug

Main article: Galactic Breadbug

The Galactic Breadbug has a galactic appearance, and may be of enormous proportions.

Giant Bread

Main article: Giant Bread

The Giant Bread has no face.

Giant Breadbug

Main article: Giant Breadbug

The Giant Breadbug is a larger breadbug that carries objects back to its den.

Giant Chocolate Breadbug

Main article: Giant Chocolate Breadbug

The Giant Chocolate Breadbugis a larger breadbug that revives enemies dragged back into its den.

Giant Cinnamon Breadbug

Main article: Giant Cinnamon Breadbug

The Giant Cinnamon Breadbug is a larger breadbug that drops great rewards when defeated.

Giant Citrusy Breadbug

Main article: Giant Citrusy Breadbug

The Giant Citrusy Breadbug is a larger breadbug that has electrical properties from the powder on top of it.

Giant Frosted Breadbug

Main article: Giant Frosted Breadbug

The Giant Frosted Breadbug is a larger breadbug that moves much faster than usual.

Giant Glazed Breadbug

Main article: Giant Glazed Breadbug

The Giant Glazed Breadbug is a larger breadbug that has a protective shell.

Giant Killer Breadbug

Main article: Giant Killer Breadbug

The Giant Killer Breadbug is a larger breadbug that eats Pikmin that get in its way.

Giant Raisin Breadbug

Main article: Giant Raisin Breadbug

The Giant Raisin Breadbug is a larger breadbug that resembles a loaf of raisin bread.

Giant Sourdough Breadbug

Main article: Giant Sourdough Breadbug

The Giant Breadbug is a larger breadbug that has an extremely tough hide.

Giant Taffy Breadbug

Main article: Giant Taffy Breadbug

This Giant Breadbug is a larger breadbug that carries treasure on its back.

Giant Toasty Breadbug

Main article: Giant Toasty Breadbug

The Giant Toasty Breadbug is a larger breadbug that can spew out lava and ash.

Glazed Breadbug

Main article: Glazed Breadbug

The Glazed Breadbug is much more vicious and territorial than a normal Breadbug.

Hawaiian Breadbug

Main article: Hawaiian Breadbug

The Hawaiian Breadbug attracts Pikmin with its sweet scent.

Hazel Breadbug

Main article: Hazel Breadbug

The Hazel Breadbug is a breadbug with a hazel hue.

Iceflap Bulborb

Main article: Iceflap Bulborb

The Iceflap Bulborb is an airborne breadbug that can freeze Pikmin.

Illuminant Breadbug

Main article: Illuminant Breadbug

The Illuminant Breadbug emits light in complete darkness.

Lemon Bunbug

Main article: Lemon Bunbug

The Lemon Bunbug leaves behind a trail of electricity wherever it moves.


Main article: Lipidon

The Lipidon is covered in fatty tissue that can be removed.

Moldy Breadbug

Main article: Moldy Breadbug

The Moldy Breadbug is a breadbug infected by mold.

Mud Breadbug

Main article: Mud Breadbug

The Mud Breadbug is a stronger, but slower version of most Breadbugs.


Main article: Muffinbug

The Muffinbug releases clouds of poison wherever it moves.


Main article: Nightborb

The Nightborb is a rare and mysterious breadbug mimic only found during nighttime.

Poison Breadbug

Main article: Poison Breadbug

The Poison Breadbug releases a poisonous powder when it moves.

Pulsar Flapbat

Main article: Pulsar Flapbat

The Pulsar Flapbat is an aerial breadbug.

Raisin Breadbug

Main article: Raisin Breadbug

The Raisin Breadbug resembles a loaf of raisin bread.

Snow Bulborb

Main article: Snow Bulborb

The Snow Bulborb is a breadbug mimic that lives in snowy environments.

Soggy Breadbug

Main article: Soggy Breadbug

The Soggy Breadbug has a watery hide that can trap Pikmin.

Sourdough Breadbug

Main article: Sourdough Breadbug

The Sourdough Breadbug can take objects and dig them underground with them.

Spiked Electrocution Breadbug

Main article: Spiked Electrocution Breadbug

The Spiked Electrocution Breadbug can walk on walls and jump down to surprise prey.

Stale Breadbug

Main article: Stale Breadbug

The Stale Breadbug is a mutated breadbug that can eat Pikmin.

Taffy Breadbug

Main article: Taffy Breadbug

The Taffy Breadbug carries treasure on its back.

Territorial Breadbug

Main article: Territorial Breadbug

The Territorial Breadbug eats Pikmin rather than steal objects.

Toasty Breadbug

Main article: Toasty Breadbug

The Toasty Breadbug leaves behind a trail of fire wherever it walks.

Vanilla Breadbug

Main article: Vanilla Breadbug

The Vanilla Breadbug has a cream coloration.

Vegemite Breadbug

Main article: Vegemite Breadbug

The Vegemite Breadbug has a sulfurous, unappetizing musk.