Mollusking family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "mollusking family" article for more official information.

The mollusking family consists of gastropod-like creatures.


Berry Bloyster

Main article: Berry Bloyster

The Berry Bloyster is often poisonous, but may also harness the powers provided by the spiderwort berries it feeds upon.

Bloomcap Bloyster

Main article: Bloomcap Bloyster

The Bloomcap Bloyster pursues Pikmin and has a shell on its back to protect it from harm.

Chrome Bloyster

Main article: Chrome Bloyster

The Chrome Bloyster uses a magnetic field to repel Pikmin.

Deranging Bloyster

Main article: Deranging Bloyster

The Deranging Bloyster has wildly unpredictable behaviors.

Electric Bloyster

Main article: Electric Bloyster

The Electric Bloyster can discharge electricity.

Fungal Bloyster

Main article: Fungal Bloyster

The Fungal Bloyster is covered in mold.

Golden Bloyster

Main article: Golden Bloyster

The Golden Bloyster has a brilliant yellow hue.

Humped Bloyster

Main article: Humped Bloyster

The Humped Bloyster resembles a real-world snail, although with a large hump on its back and lacking a shell.

Pearly Bloyster

Main article: Pearly Bloyster

The Pearly Bloyster is protected by its pearlescent shell.

Ranging Bloyster

Main article: Ranging Bloyster

The Ranging Bloyster will track the active leader's light beacon, making it impossible to approach unnoticed.

Ranging Volcanic Bloyster

Main article: Ranging Volcanic Bloyster

The Ranging Volcanic Bloyster resides within lava and has a keen fixation on shiny or glowing objects.

Shingleshell Turrusk

Main article: Shingleshell Turrusk

The Shingleshell Turrusk squirts water.

Slithering Shallock

Main article: Slithering Shallock

The Slithering Shallock is protected by a shell.

Spangled Bloyster

Main article: Spangled Bloyster

The Spangled Bloyster features sparkling, colorful patterns on its skin.

Toady Bloyster

Main article: Toady Bloyster

The Toady Bloyster creeps along the ground in search of food, and upon discovering Pikmin, emits a loud call reminiscent of that of a cow-calf before lashing out their pseudopodia-like tentacles.

Tropical Bloyster

Main article: Tropical Bloyster

The Tropical Bloyster is typically poisonous and resides near coastlines.


Main article: Vinegulpus

The Vinegulpus resides on vines and renders them unusable until killed.

Volcanic Bloyster

Main article: Volcanic Bloyster

The Volcanic Bloyster resides within lava.

Whirling Evaporazor

Main article: Whirling Evaporazor

The Whirling Evaporazor can produce scalding hot steam.