Mollusking family

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The mollusking family consists of gastropod-like creatures.


Berry Bloyster

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The Berry Bloyster is a smaller subspecies of mollusking that lives exclusively aboveground. Its body is bright green with red and blue splotches, and its drooping gill bulb is cyan, giving this creature a rather colorful appearance. The Berry Bloyster feeds on the berries of Burgeoning Spiderwort plants, using its long feeding tentacles to pluck the berries off of the plant. Its many tentacles are laden with toxins that poison Pikmin making contact with them. While it cannot eat Pikmin, it can cause many of them to suffocate. If attacked, the Berry Bloyster will shake Pikmin off and flee to the nearest body of water, where it can rest. When killed, it drops two to four berries of random color and its gill bulb.

Burgeoning Bloyster

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Burgeoning Bloysters feed on ultra-bitter and -spicy berries.

Deranging Bloyster

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It is similar in appearance to the Ranging Bloyster but is cross-eyed, green in color, and has a purple tail. It moves at the same speed as the Ranging Bloyster. Since it is cross-eyed, it will go to whichever leader it pleases. Its eyes will turn blue if going after Olimar or pink if it's going after his wife. This attack is unpredictable, however, as it may go after the inactive leader rather than the active one.

Electric Bloyster

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It is a pale bloyster with a glowing cyan bulb. It has the same behaviors as the Toady Bloyster, but it can discharge electricity through its bulb when attacked. If this creature is out of water, use Yellow Pikmin. If Blue Pikmin must be used, call them back when the creature's bulb lights up.

Fungal Bloyster

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Fungal Bloysters are a species of molluskings that are noted for their pale orange colored skin and brown almost wilted looking gill protrusion, it relases a cloud of orange colored vapor signifying this creatures carries toxic matter.

Golden Bloyster

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The Golden Bloyster is a mollusking that appears alongside the Strong Aristocrab as a boss fight. It greatly resembles the Toady Bloyster, but is golden yellow in color, has teal eyes, a jade-colored tail, and a dull-colored tail-bulb.

Humped Bloyster

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It resembles a real-world snail, although with a large hump on its back and lacking a shell. Its hump features either holes or spots, both of which being green. It is cream in color and has either a pair of antenna that each have an orange tip or a pair of eyestalks that support featureless, orange eyes.

Ranging Bloyster

Main article: Ranging Bloyster

The Ranging Bloyster is a large form of the Toady Bloyster, named for its longer tentacle mouthparts and bigger size. This creature is difficult to defeat because it tracks the active leader. Whatever color the leader's antenna beacon is, the eyes and tail of the bloyster will change to that color; it also emits a different sound depending on the leader's color.

Ranging Volcanic Bloyster

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The Ranging Volcanic Bloyster is the ranging relative of the Volcanic Bloyster. It can spout lava and eat Pikmin, though it primarily targets leaders. It can be most easily killed by rapidly switching leaders and throwing Red Pikmin onto its small tail.

Shingleshell Turrusk

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The Shingleshell Turrusk is a mollusking donning a ribbed shell with numerous holes in it. These holes expose orifices that spew balls of water, drowning Pikmin it splashes over.

Slithering Shallock

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Slithering Shallocks are molluskings resembling sea snails that hide in their shells to disguise themselves as rocks and wait for Pikmin to unwittingly pass by. Slithering Shallocks attack by shooting out a sticky tongue and grabbing Pikmin. Occasionally, idle shallocks will peek their eyestalks out from under their shells or may even relocate and hide again. Once defeated, the shallock will withdraw into its shell to recover. The easiest way to defeat a Slithering Shallock is to trick it into consuming a bomb rock. If attacking head-on, lure the shallock into peeking out of its shell with a single Pikmin, then bombard the face with a large fleet of either Blue Pikmin or Red Pikmin, depending on which is available.

Toady Bloyster

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Toady Bloysters are slug-like creatures that creep along the ground in search of food, and upon discovering Pikmin, they lash out their adhesive pseudopodia-like tentacles. Any Pikmin hit by the tentacles stick, and are ingested if the bloyster is not killed before it can finish chewing.

Tropical Bloyster

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Tropical Bloysters, close relatives of Toady Bloysters, spend most of their time basking in shallows or meandering about in search of their next meal. They are highly fond of Pikmin and are found most often in shallow, warm-watered tide pools or beaches near Onions, where unusually large concentrations of Pikmin are, though they have been known to feed on Blue Bulborbs. Tropical Bloysters are social creatures and are found usually in groups ranging from three to five individuals, and have been known to feed on local plant life when small prey fails to present itself.


Main article: Vinegulpus

The Vinegulpus is a large blob-shaped enemy that, true to its name, parasitically feeds on zipline vines by attaching itself to the plant's base. Pikmin and leaders cannot climb the vine and use it for transport when a Vinegulpus is in the way, so it must be defeated to revive the plant and allow it to be used.

Volcanic Bloyster

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Volcanic Bloysters are molluskings that are found in volcanic environments as opposed to aquatic ones. Volcanic Bloysters are very difficult to defeat as they spout lava and can eat Pikmin.

Whirling Evaporazor

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The Whirling Evaporazor is the miniboss found at the end of the Basalt Tunnels and is a slow mover on its own because of its heavy shell weighing it down. However, this snail-like creature has a trick up its sleeve and is able to balance on either tip of its lateral horns while spinning rapidly, allowing it to move around the arena at a fast pace.