Spectral Garden

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Spectral Garden is the true final area in Pikspore. During normal Story Mode, it is inaccessible until you beat the game. It is a massive amalgam of environments on an island floating in the sky, with clouds and small planets floating in the background. Due to the enormous size of the area, the day length has been made much longer. The landing site is in the grassy Meadow portion of the area.

Don't let the area's pristine scenery fool you, as this is the hardest level in the game. There are also spots where your Pikmin can fall into a bottomless void. Beware!


Meadow Area Landing Site

There are flowers everywhere. On top of a ledge, Flashing Frenzy can be entered.

Mountain Area

The terrain is rather unstable and rocky. There are many Fire Jets.

Outer Beach Area

It's wide open and sandy with the occasional small beach grass, perfect for burrowing animals.

Inner Beach Area

This is the area by the ocean. Do not wander too far out into the water as there is a bottomless void there.

Forest Area

There are tall grass and rocks here. The Cannon of Chaos is located at the top of a rock.

Swamp Area

Similar to the forest area, but with fog and sticky mud.

Snowy Area

It's pretty cold and rocky in this area. The Distorted Palace is located here.

Desert Area

It's very hot, with many deep pits that can be escaped using geysers.

Volcano Area

Here is the volcano that destroyed the Wasteland Area.

Wasteland Area

A barren, scorched plain inhabited by terrifying foes. The Ultimate Arena is located here after completing all other caves.