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This means War!
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This is a list of bosses in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet, in the order they are first fought.

Giant Breadbug

Same as in Pikmin 2, but with more health.


A giant Shearwig that can knock down logs, summon Male Sheargrubs, and eat Pikmin.

Burrowing Snagret

Exactly the same as the first two games.


In this game, it can increase its size. It goes after the Captains.

Beady Long Legs

Many veteran players will remember this guy. Use the same strategy.

Armored Cannon Beetle

Its boulders are noticably larger in this game.

King Smoky Bulblax

An Emperor Bulblax that has been corrupted by black smoke. He's actually not as powerful as a regular Bulblax, but he still is a force to be reckoned with.

Lava Goliark

A large, lava spitting bug, with mandibles that it uses to attack.

Empress Bulblax

Almost the same as Pikmin 2, but it sleeps at first, and when it wakes up it produces Bulborb Larva.

Raging Long Legs

A large arachnorb. Although it has bigger feet, it is also a big target.

Formidable Toxicrab

A huge Toxicrab that spits fire and poison, crushes Pikmin, and tries to inhale them.

Emperor Bulblax

A staple boss of the series. He has the same size and attacks as in Pikmin 2.


A corrupted snagret that eats, suffocates, and headbutts Pikmin.

Pileated Snagret

This battle is hard if you aren't quick to react. Wait until it gets stuck in the ground, then attack.

Mechanized Monster

A giant, monstrous robot that wants nothing more than to take you out with its drill. See the Maroon Maze page for more info on the battle.

Ranging Bloyster

The key to this battle is teamwork. Make sure to constantly switch between Olimar and his son to pummel the Bloyster.

Segmented Crawbster

Always keep moving, and try to preempt its attacks. One thing that is different from the Pikmin 2 version is that rocks do not fall upon the crawbster smashing into the wall.


A formidable foe that becomes your ally after the duel.


Never stop running, and keep throwing Purple Pikmin at it.