Arctic Cannon Larva

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Arctic Cannon Larva The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Appearance in Pikmin 4.
Scientific name Granitus frostitum
Family Lithopod

Arctic Cannon Larvae are lithopods accustomed to cold conditions. They spit snowballs, which are similar to boulders but are incapable of killing Pikmin, as they instead simply pick them and leaders up and carry them along until they crash into something.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Antarctic Survival

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“Welcome to ze Revolution, mon ami!”
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Antarctic Survival, a fanon game created by A Friendly Amprat.
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Yuki The icon used to represent this creature.
Species Arctic Cannon Larva
Gender Female
Initial location Chilly Valley
Elements Ice
Housing size 1
Blood type Icy-blooded
Carrying capacity 4
Hit points 8
Clothing types Standard Coat, 2× Dwarf Leg Covering
Starting skills Search 1, Build 0, Quarry 1
Potential skills Crafter (Reinforced Snow Bricks) 0, Crafter (Sight Ice) 0

Yuki is the Arctic Cannon Larva that appears in Pikmin: Antarctic Survival. She is one of the initial characters that start Awakened and usable from the beginning of the story.

Yuki was Awakened early on before the events of the game, after Rush and a few other creatures. She was native to the Chilly Valley even before the Diamond Settlement was founded there, being the daughter of Crystal, the Chilly Valley's tyrant. Prior to being Awakened, Yuki was a wild Arctic Cannon Larva who was raised and cared for by her mother. At one point when frolicking in the snow of the valley a short distance from her mother's territory, Yuki noticed Tatoursin and his crew trekking through the snow. As Yuki is a naturally curious creature, she came closer to the group to investigate, approaching underground and suddenly bursting from the snowy surface to surprise the Awakened creatures. Tatoursin and the others took this sudden appearance as an act of aggression, and thinking that Yuki was attacking them and wanting to Awaken her anyway, they began to attack her. Yuki was scared and immediately tried to escape, but she was overwhelmed by the sudden attack and quickly passed out from the effects of the Awakening Essence. Once Yuki woke up again, Tatoursin and the others calmed her down and explained to her that they weren't intending to kill her, only wanting to Awaken her to join them. Yuki listened to their explanation of what Awakening was and their offer for her to join their group, but she initially turned down the request, telling Tatoursin and his team that she couldn't run off and had to get back to her mother, who would worry about her if she was gone for too long. At this, Tatoursin warned Yuki as a reminder that because of the effects of the Awakening, her mother would no longer recognize her, and would see her as a hostile threat and attack. Yuki told him that idea was silly, and that her mother knew her better than anyone and would never attack her no matter what. Yuki proceeded to burrow back into the snow and away from the group, despite Tatoursin's warnings and protests.

When Yuki returned to her mother, she quickly found that despite what she thought, Tatoursin's warnings were very true, as Crystal no longer recognized the newly-Awakened Yuki and began to attack her, firing off several massive snowballs and even bringing down massive ice crystals in an attempt to crush Yuki. Yuki didn't fight back, and tried to make her mother recognize her, but no matter what she did, nothing could get through to Crystal, who continued to attack Yuki in a frenzy. After this battle continued for some time and Yuki was nearly crushed several times, Yuki was forced to retreat, realizing that nothing she did had any effect on her mother, who indeed could not recognize Yuki as her offspring at all due to the Awakening. After fleeing from Crystal into the Antarctic, Yuki tracked down Tatoursin and the others once again, confronting them in tears and demanding that they "change her back," crying to them that her mother had suddenly become hostile and tried to kill her. Rush was annoyed and frustrated by this, seeing as they had warned Yuki about this exact thing happening, but Yuki had ignored their words and run off anyway. Tatoursin was more sympathetic, comforting Yuki and telling her that although they couldn't reverse the Awakening, they could definitely go Awaken Crystal so that she would recognize her daughter again. Yuki was upset at the fact that she couldn't be reverted to "normal", as she hadn't wanted to be Awakened at all and just wanted to go back and be with her mother. However, the others were able to convince Yuki that everything would work out, and that they'd go Awaken her mother soon. At this, Rush vehemently opposed the idea, stating that picking a fight with a tyrant was practically a death sentence, with how powerful those creatures are. This set off a lot of conflict and arguing between the Awakened creatures, especially Rush and Yuki. While tensions did eventually settle down, it would be months before the group was able to engage and successfully defeat and Awaken the Arctic Cannon Beetle in a climactic battle.

Once Yuki's mother had been Awakened, she finally recognized her daughter again, and Yuki became much less stressed and eventually regained her cheerful nature. Crystal resumed taking care of and raising her daughter, though she was much more protective of her than she had been before, since she had lost her daughter for months and had not understood why, being unable to recognize her even when she did see her. As Yuki was finally safe with her mother again, she went back to her old self, becoming playful and optimistic again, and now also having formed an attachment to her new friends and wanting to help them survive and thrive in the Antarctic.

Yuki is cheerful, playful, and always looking for new friends and fun. She is quite innocent and naive due to being a child, as she has only gone through her first molt. As Awakened creatures mature much more slowly compared to non-Awakened creatures, it will take many years before Yuki becomes a fully mature Arctic Cannon Beetle. She refuses to let her small size and youth get in the way of her work in the Diamond Settlement, though, and she pitches in wherever she can to help around the settlement, finding assisting to be helpful and fun. When Yuki isn't helping around the Diamond Settlement, she loves to play games with the other residents, as well as burrow around in the snow. "Snow-swimming" is one of Yuki's favorite activities, and she's an expert at it, able to glide through the snow as quickly and gracefully as aquatic creatures travel through water. This allows her to move around much faster than most creatures, find buried objects, and get the jump on enemies in battle.

When Yuki was first Awakened and traveling with Tatoursin and his group, before Crystal was Awakened, Yuki's personality was very different from her usual nature due to her stress and upset at being separated from her mother. She was anxious and jumpy, very emotional and prone to outbursts, and often cried from the stress she was under. The group of Awakened creatures did their best to help Yuki feel better and remain hopeful despite this, and Yuki still never gave up hope that her mother would be Awakened soon, even after months had passed and the group was still not ready to challenge the Chilly Valley's tyrant. This emotional state began to fade quickly after Crystal was Awakened, but it still took months before Yuki was fully back to normal.

Most residents of the Diamond Settlement have a positive view of Yuki, as her cheerful and upbeat personality and her young age are seen as endearing and adorable. Some residents find her constant cheerfulness to be exhausting and a bit annoying at times, especially during stressful moments. Furthermore, many of the Diamond Settlement's residents do not take Yuki seriously due to her age, seeing her as a silly child who should not get in the way of the "adults in the room". This sometimes gets to Yuki, who can be frustrated by the fact that she is working as hard as everyone else but still gets treated as "the tagalong little kid" by many of the residents. Yuki tries not to let her annoyance and frustration at this show, always trying to remain cheerful and positive no matter what, hoping her optimism will keep spirits high around the settlement. Ultimately, this is quite effective, as Yuki's efforts definitely make the settlement a happier place. Even Rush is grateful for all Yuki does for the settlement and its morale, as shown by his respect for her as an integral member of the team.

Yuki has her own names for each of the nine main areas, which Crystal insists on using professionally and interchangeably with the areas' actual names when discussing them, much to Rush's annoyance. These names are used almost as frequently as the area names that Tatoursin came up with, due to Crystal's influence.

Yuki's name draws from the Japanese ユキ?, lit.: "yuki", meaning "snow". This name matches the internal name yuki of the Arctic Cannon Larva in the main Pikmin games, as well as the first part of the Arctic Cannon Larva's Japanese name. Furthermore, the word "Yuki" as a name is typically translated to mean "happiness" in addition to "snow", fittingly for Yuki's cheerful and excitable personality.