Subatomic Scaffolding

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Subatomic Scaffolding is the fourth area in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. It is a large, inside area with many electric and oil traps. The actual location of the area is inside of a giant ruined house, inside a wall. The material of the area is mainly wood and it easily catches on fire. If the player is not careful, he could be cornered by a Fiery Blowhog's fire. If fire isn't put out soon by Red Pikmin, the entire level could be engulfed by fire and exploded by the circuits. This level is scattered with deadly wires that kill all but Yellow Pikmin. This particular area is the first of three Distant Planet areas that are underground, which calls for dungeons instead of caves. The Purple Pikmin's Candypop Buds can be found in Vent Labyrinth, and the Purple Pikmin are used to weigh down platforms in that Dungeon.


Initial Visit

When the Captains and Pikmin land they are awe-struck by the massive size of the crumbling structures. Olimar even detects electric charges on his diocorder. He begins to feel the yearn of exploration and science again, and ventures out with his army of Pikmin once again.

The player gets to Analog Dimension by finding the Technomancer Gate activator switch in the last floor of Vent Labyrinth and activating the switch. It opens up the gateway into the Analog Dimension.