Snowy Highlands

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Snowy Highlands
PUD Snowy Highlands.png
Location Far North
Caves 1
Hazards Ice, Water, Fire, Electricity

Snowy Highlands is the fourth area on Duron in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. It is a huge mountain with many ice hazards, including ice bridges. Ice Pikmin are found here, via Chilly Candypop Buds above ground. This area is the second largest area in the game, with most areas being covered in snow. Also, blizzards occur at random times and can make non-ice and fire enemies freeze.


  1. Snowbound Den

Initial Visit

Olimar and Louie, bundling up, prepare for an intense experience, never having harshed a winter of this planet, now Olimar named Duron. They spot a partially buried temple in a low ditch part of the area, making note of its sheer size and possible significance in the quest for the rift in reality back home. They explore more to find three Cryptic Gemstones but in the temple only two spots for the stones. They then discover Snowbound Den nearby, giving them the chance to see the lower part of the temple. They also do not know that this dungeon is one of the longest, harshest experiences they'll go through...

When the third gemstone is placed in its site, a beam of light arcs to a new area. They begin to follow the light to the final area of Duron: Volatile Minefield.