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Toadstool The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Aspergilla podronis blanca
Family Sporovid
Carry weight 10
Max. carriers 20
Seed worth 30
Attacks Possesses Pikmin

A Toadstool is a smaller relative of the Puffstool. Similar to the Puffstool, which can change Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin, the Toadstool can change Pikmin into White Mushroom Pikmin. It has a white mushroom cap. Should it release its spores in the presence of fire, they will combust into a cloud of fire.


Olimar's notes

These creatures are part of the sporovid family, known for their lifeform-altering spores. The contents of the toadstool's spores are fragile and also contain a special acid in them that causes them to ignite upon contact with fire. Strangely, the toadstool's underbody is the same color as the puffstool's underbody, but it has a white cap, potentially to scare off predators because of the toadstool's diminished size. The changing of the properties of the spores and the coloration of its cap is unknown, however.