Deathbone Desert

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Deathbone Desert
PUD Deathbone Desert.png
Hazards Sand, Acid, Sticky, Fire, Electricity, Explosions

Deathbone Desert is the third area on Duron in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom, and the largest by far. It is a barren field of dirt, sand and tiny patches of grass. Tan Pikmin are found here via Umber Candypop Buds above ground. The area is littered with many fire and sand enemies, has two minibosses, and one boss, a Thermal Shroomtoise.


Initial Visit

Every third of a day, Olimar and Louie both consume a water packet. If they run out of water, they risk death in the desert. So they need to be sure to stock up on more water from the Lake.

In the search for more ancient tablets, they find that they can be arranged in an order, with the original tablet fitting in the middle. When they find all nineteen, they flip it around to notice the coordinates to Snowy Highlands. Olimar relentlessly follows the path, hoping for a way back home.