Analog Dimension

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Analog Dimension is the fifth area in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. It is also the second underground area in the game, featuring two dungeons. The overall concept of this level is the innards of a giant computer-like structure. This area has its own signature enemies, Bytes and Mega Bytes. These enemies are produced by small outlet-like machines that appear to still function, but not properly. There is also an excessive amount of electric hazards and metallic surfaces. The treasures in this area are themed on computer parts and phones. The White Pikmin's Candypop Buds are discovered in the second dungeon, Hard Drive Den.


Initial Visit

Having charted out the dangerous depths of Subatomic Scaffolding, Olimar and crew trek on to the latest area highlighted by way of the Technomancer Gate. Olimar is intrigued that the ancient civilization actually had dimensional storage for their computers, and wonders just how advanced they were. Any traces of remains from the civilization, such as pictures or fossils, are still not discovered. His scientific trance snaps when he is attacked by a pool of red energy! He summons his Red Pikmin on impulse and they bash it down to size. He realizes that the programs are adapting to the weaknesses of the Pikmin, and uses this to his advantage.

The player gets to Rust Factory by way of the Echo Portal in Analog Dimension, blocked off by a Firewall that needs two switches pulled in order to deactivate: one in Virus Paradise, and the other in Hard Drive Den. Beware, when the first switch is pulled, the enemy count doubles. When the second switch is pulled, the variety and spawn areas are changed. With both switches active, the firewall is open- but it allows powerful viruses to leak in. The enemy AI is much more radiant and adaptive in this time.