Volatile Minefield

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Volatile Minefield
PUD Volatile Minefield.png
Location Midwest
Caves 1
Hazards Explosions, Water, Sand, Poison, Acid, Sticky, Electricity, Fire, Ice

Volatile Minefield is the fifth area on Duron in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. This is one of the smallest areas mainly because everything is packed together like a cave. It is full of explosive hazards, Volatile Dweevils, and many other explosive traps. Bomb Rock Pikmin are found here via Emerald Candypop Buds.


Initial Visit

When the captains land in this area, Thinker alerts them to active explosives everywhere. He suggests explosive-resistant Pikmin, aforementioned in Olimar's logs. Olimar and Louie eventually find a large statue with a cryptic message engraved on its base, a tale that tells of a moon warrior protecting the world and its moon, Krypton. There are parts missing from the statue, and because of the abundant metals around, he tasks everyone with finding ten disarmed mines, five pieces of glossy rubble, and find the Silver Mother-lode on the bottom floor of Abandoned Mine. Once they finish constructing the statue, Thinker alerts the captains of seismic activity in Snowy Highlands. He indicates that the drones sent there have reported back an arc of light to the planet's moon. They trek onward, unaware of the threats on its cold surface.