Telescoping Pumphog

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Telescoping Pumphog The icon used to represent this enemy.
PA Telescoping Pumphog.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Blowhog
Attacks Shoots projectiles
Telescoping Pumphog The icon used to represent this enemy.
PA Telescoping Pumphog stone.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Blowhog
Attacks Shoots projectiles

Telescoping Pumphogs are turret-like enemies that are completely stationary and are difficult to kill when they charge up an attack. Some remain at the same altitude, but others delve underground and pop back up to shoot projectiles. Telescoping Pumphogs are usually found guarding an important path or object. When stationary, they sit about, facing a set direction. When leaders or Pikmin come into range, they will rise, revealing their tube-like body which inflates. They then push down, which fires out a projectile from their snouts--this projectile is usually a spiked ball, but some variants can shoot objects like bomb rocks. The spiked balls roll in a straight line in the direction the Telescoping Pumphog that produced it was facing. Their weak spot is located directly on their head, making it hard to hit when they rise to charge their attack. This glass weak point can only be damaged and broken with bomb rocks, Rock Pikmin, or a similar type of Pikmin. When they are on the ground right after attacking, they are completely vulnerable. Some variants of this enemy do not have a weak point at all, making them completely invincible. When its weak point is shattered, a Telescoping Pumphog will simply shut down. It cannot be lifted up and retrieved for seeds or Pokos because it is bolted to the ground.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Spark

HP Sparklium seed.png Pikmin: Spark
This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Spark, created by Glubbfubb.
HP Sparklium seed.png
Telescoping Pumphog The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Sus tuberius
Family Blowhog
Sparklium value Sparklium × 5-15
Attacks Shoots small rocks

The Telescoping Pumphog appears in Pikmin: Spark as an enemy. They appear in this game as organic creatures as opposed to the usual mechanical appearance they usually take. They are worm-like members of the Blowhog family whose thick skin makes it more resistant to attacks on the body. Its face is softer and therefore weaker than the body and should be where Pikmin should attack. They usually stay in one area shooting smalls rocks as a projectile attack but some individuals can burrow into the ground and appear in other areas to shoot these small stones. There are usually set areas where a burrowing individual can appear and they usually take the appearance of a Breadbug mound. Due to being organic, all Pikmin types can defeat it. When defeated it sinks back into the ground without leaving behind a corpse, instead it drops small seeds of sparklium and a random amount of pellets.


Abel's medical journal

The muscles used in the creature's signature stretchy body are similar to my suit, so if I get my suit damaged I can simply replace it with muscles tissue from this interesting creature.

Lyn's sale review

The creature's tendency to shoot rocks at any intruder would work wonders as a guard dog sort of creature, or maybe a guard hog.

PIX's creature scan

Blowhogs that have adapted to life underground. They shoot rocks it has swallowed from burrowing to ward off attackers. It eats small insects and seeds due to its thin mouth.
  • Habitat: tunnels
  • Niche: omnivore
  • Maturity age: 5 years
  • Average lifespan: 11-14 years
  • Breeding season: summer