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Pikmin 2: New Year
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 2: New Year, a Pikmin 2 ROM hack created by AmigaOwl.
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Pikmin 2: New Year
P2NY Title screen.png
The game's title screen.
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Computer, Nintendo Gamecube
Media Digital download
Publisher AmigaOwl
Release dates July 25th, 2021
Prequel Pikmin 1
Creator AmigaOwl
Collaborators Sharker Da Shark
A Friendly Amprat

Pikmin 2: New Year is a Pikmin 2 ROM hack that was created by AmigaOwl, with the help of a development team, and was released on July 25th, 2021 to commemorate the twenty-year anniversary of Pikmin 1's release. It is available to play on computers, and can also be played on the Nintendo GameCube. The game has much of the same content as Pikmin 2, but features new music, areas, caves, cave themes, Challenge Mode stages, new or reskinned enemies, and one reskinned plant. Additionally, every treasure from Pikmin 2 appears in Pikmin 2: New Year, although the Time Capsule and the Talisman of Life differ in appearance.

Below is the official trailer for Pikmin 2: New Year.

In addition to a gameplay trailer, Pikmin 2: New Year has a soundtrack available to listen to on YouTube. It can be found here in the form of a playlist.


Pikmin 2: New Year's overall plot is identical to that of Pikmin 2's. Captain Olimar, in his prized ship, the S.S. Dolphin, returns to Hocotate to find that the company he works for, Hocotate Freight, has been placed under a mountainous debt of P2 Poko icon.png × 10,100. The President sends Olimar and Louie back to PNF-404, in the Hocotate ship, to scavenge for treasures and any other valuables they come across. The two venture through various locations with their Pikmin, collecting what they can, and when the debt has been repaid, Louie wanders off and finds himself at the bottom of a treacherous cave's depths, on top of a Titan Dweevil, and the President takes Louie's place.


Likewise, the game also has both endings that Pikmin 2 has, both of which are possible to get in the same playthrough.


Areas and caves

The area selection screen after having unlocked all areas.

Four areas each representing a different season may be visited, and each one has a number of custom caves.

The new cave themes consist of the following:

  • Clouds
  • Commodore
  • Desert
  • Digital
  • Flower grotto
  • Sewer
  • Space
  • Volcano
  • Wood

2-Player Battle Mode stages

Same as in the original game.

Challenge Mode stages

  1. Carrot Garden
  2. Mamuta Town
  3. Attic Maze
  4. Elemental Crossroads
  5. Antenna Beetle's Bakery
  6. Evaporated Castle
  7. Bomb Facility
  8. Closed Pool
  9. Tranquility Garden
  10. Subterranean Seasons
  11. Timeless Void
  12. Battlefield
  13. Windy Radio Station
  14. Bulbmin House
  15. Bug Garden
  16. Glutton's Treehouse
  17. Sector PNF
  18. Cacti Highway
  19. Pikmin Ninety - Five
  20. Flooded Memories
  21. Castle Navel
  22. Volcanic Depths
  23. Glistening Sanctuary
  24. Steam Pipe Castle
  25. Galaxy Gazer
  26. Blue Zone
  27. Hocotate Airlines
  28. Timeless Realm
  29. Midway Arcade
  30. Boss All Stars


Every Pikmin species in Pikmin 2 returns in Pikmin 2: New Year. No new Pikmin species are encountered, although Pikpik Carrots are used in some Challenge Mode stages. They have no immunity to any hazard or any special abilities.


The following is a complete list of every enemy and plant appearing in Pikmin 2: New Year, listed in the order defined by the Piklopedia.

  1. P2NY Blue Bulborb icon.png Lapis Bulborb
  2. P2 Hairy Bulborb icon.png Hairy Bulborb
  3. P2NY Forest Bulborb icon.png Forest Bulborb
  4. P2NY Dwarf Blue Bulborb icon.png Dwarf Lapis Bulborb
  5. P2 Snow Bulborb icon.png Snow Bulborb
  6. P2NY Dwarf Forest Bulborb icon.png Dwarf Forest Bulborb
  7. P2 Spotty Bulbear icon.png Spotty Bulbear
  8. P2 Dwarf Bulbear icon.png Dwarf Bulbear
  9. P2 Bulborb Larva icon.png Bulborb Larva
  10. P2NY Fiery Bulblax icon.png Fiery Bulblax
  11. P2NY Gilded Water Dumple icon.png Gilded Water Dumple
  12. P2 Bulbmin adult icon.png Bulbmin
  13. P2NY Fiery Blowhog icon.png Fiery Blowhog
  14. P2 Watery Blowhog icon.png Watery Blowhog
  15. P2NY Garish Cannon Larva icon.png Garish Cannon Beetle Larva
  16. P2NY Orange Cannon Larva icon.png Orange Decorated Cannon Beetle Larva
  17. P2NY Indigo Blowhog icon.png Indigo Blowhog
  18. P2NY Flora Blowhog icon.png Flora Blowhog
  19. P2NY Two-Tone Trigger Groink icon.png Two-Tone Trigger Groink
  20. P2 Iridescent Flint Beetle icon.png Iridescent Flint Beetle
  21. P2 Iridescent Glint Beetle icon.png Iridescent Glint Beetle
  22. P2NY Doodlebug icon.png Doodlebug
  23. P2NY Female Sheargrub icon.png Female Sheargrub
  24. P2 Male Sheargrub icon.png Male Sheargrub
  25. P2NY Shearwig icon.png Shearwig
  26. P2NY Cloaking Burrow-nit icon.png Cloaking Burrow-nit
  27. P2 Ravenous Whiskerpillar icon.png Ravenous Whiskerpillar
  28. P2NY Royal Anode Beetle icon.png Royal Anode Beetle
  29. P2NY Mitite icon.png Mitite
  30. P2NY Velvet Crawmad icon.png Velvet Crawmad
  31. P2NY Hallow Snitchbug icon.png Hallow Snitchbug
  32. P2NY Insomniac Snitchbug icon.png Insomniac Snitchbug
  33. P2NY Violet Dirigibug icon.png Violet Dirigibug
  34. P2 Antenna Beetle icon.png Antenna Beetle
  35. P2 Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat icon.png Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat
  36. P2 Greater Spotted Jellyfloat icon.png Greater Spotted Jellyfloat
  37. P2NY Fiery Dweevil icon.png Napalm Dweevil
  38. P2NY Anode Dweevil icon.png Alkaline Dweevil
  39. P2NY Hydro Dweevil icon.png Hydro Dweevil
  40. P2NY Toxic Dweevil icon.png Toxic Dweevil
  41. P2 Volatile Dweevil icon.png Volatile Dweevil
  42. P2 Toady Bloyster icon.png Toady Bloyster
  43. P2NY Green Wollyhop icon.png Lily Wollywog
  44. P2NY Bioluminescent Wollyhop icon.png Bioluminescent Wollywog
  45. P2NY Wolpole icon.png Wogpole
  46. P2 Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud icon.png Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud
  47. P2 Crimson Candypop Bud icon.png Crimson Candypop Bud
  48. P2 Golden Candypop Bud icon.png Golden Candypop Bud
  49. P2 Violet Candypop Bud icon.png Violet Candypop Bud
  50. P2 Ivory Candypop Bud icon.png Ivory Candypop Bud
  51. P2 Queen Candypop Bud icon.png Queen Candypop Bud
  52. P2NY Easter Chrysanthemum icon.png Easter Chrysanthemum
  53. P2NY Skitter Leaf icon.png Skitter Leaf
  54. P2 Unmarked Spectralid icon.png Unmarked Spectralid
  55. P2 Honeywisp icon.png Honeywisp
  56. P2 Mamuta icon.png Mamuta
  57. P2NY Hazel Breadbug icon.png Hazel Breadbug
  58. P2 Pellet Posy icon.png Pellet Posy
  59. P2 Common Glowcap icon.png Common Glowcap
  60. P2 Clover icon.png Clover
  61. P2NY Figwort icon.png Figwort
  62. P2 Dandelion icon.png Dandelion
  63. P2 Seeding Dandelion icon.png Seeding Dandelion
  64. P2 Horsetail icon.png Horsetail
  65. P2 Foxtail icon.png Foxtail
  66. P2 Glowstem icon.png Glowstem
  67. P2 Margaret icon.png Margaret
  68. P2 Fiddlehead icon.png Fiddlehead
  69. P2 Shoot icon.png Shoot
  70. P2 Empress Bulblax icon.png Empress Bulblax
  71. P2NY Brass Snagret icon.png Brass Snagret
  72. P2NY Prismal Long Legs icon.png Prismal Long Legs
  73. P2NY Rubynite Emperor Bulblax icon.png Rubynite Emperor Bulblax
  74. P2 Giant Breadbug icon.png Giant Breadbug
  75. P2NY Pileated Snagret icon.png Pileated Snagret
  76. P2NY Man-at-Legs Alpha icon.png Man-at-Legs Alpha
  77. P2 Ranging Bloyster icon.png Ranging Bloyster
  78. P2 Waterwraith icon.png Waterwraith
  79. P2NY Subterrestrial Crawbster icon.png Subterrestrial Crawbster
  80. P2NY Crimson Long Legs icon.png Crimson Long Legs
  81. P2NY Titan Dweevil icon.png Titan Dweevil


One new obstacle is introduced.


To do: Move this section to its own page, Pikmin 2: New Year/Soundtrack. Might also be worth reordering this, improving descriptions, and putting the number of each track.

The soundtrack of Pikmin 2: New Year is a varied one comprised mainly of music tracks from various other video games, in MIDI format. The following tracks and their original counterparts, along with where they appear, are listed as follows:

Track Time played Source
World Map World map LittleBigPlanet - Pod Theme
Piklopedia Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard Pinball Dreams - Menu
High Score High scores menu Shining Force II - Epilogue
Challenge Mode Challenge Mode menu Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Sticker Gallery
Key Get After collecting The Key in Challenge Mode Super Mario Land 2 - Star Maze
Jungle of Repose Jungle Repose Crash Bandicoot 2 - Turtle Woods
Awakening Arctic Awakening Arctic Sonic 3D - Diamond Dust Zone Act 1
Perplexing Storm Perplexing Storm Plok! - Beach
Wistful Lake Wistful Lake Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Bramble Blast
Space Space-themed sublevels Phantasy Star Online - Image of a Hero
Rest Area Rest sublevel Echochrome Prime 5
Underground Maze Labyrinthinian sublevels Chu Chu Rocket - Puzzle Editor
Treehouse Treehouse-themed sublevels Yoshi's Story - On the Beach
Bamboo Garden Bamboo-themed sublevels Columns - Atropos
Dark Cave Dark sublevels Medievil - The Crystal Caves
Windows 95 Maze Windows 95-themed sublevels Passport.mid
Tranquility Autumn-themed caves Ecco the Dolphin - Title
Yard Outside-themed caves Shining Force II - Town
Boss During a boss battle Super Smash Bros. 64 - Master Hand
Game Room Arcade-themed sublevels Led Storm - Title
Ancient Ruins Sublevels with many grub-dogs Shining Force II - Castle
Forecast Cloud-themed sublevels Super Mario Sunshine - Sky & Sea
Disco Disco/metal-themed sublevels Pokemon XD: Gales of Darkness - Miror B
Desert Desert-themed sublevels Pikmin 1 - Forest Navel
Dry Platforms Metal/desert-themed sublevels Turrican 2 - Desert Rocks
Ruins Metal-themed sublevels Columns - Clotho
Wireframe Wireframe-themed sublevels Super Smash Bros. Melee - Flat Zone
Sewer Sewer-themed sublevels Crash Bandicoot 2 - The Eel Deal
Underground Garden Flower-themed sublevels Rayman - Band Land
Mystical Cave Flower-themed sublevels Terraria - Hallow
Danger Approaches When the Waterwraith appears Bram Stoker's Dracula (NES) - Night Stage 2
End Cave Volcano-themed sublevels F-Zero GX - Sand Ocean
Breadbugs While fighting the Giant Breadbug Marble Madness - Stage 2
Arcade Corridors Arcade-themed sublevels Paperboy - Main Theme
Water Pools Sewer-themed sublevels LittleBigPlanet 2 - Factory of a Better Tomorrow
Void Waterwraith's Lair Unknown
The Final Battle While fighting the Titan Dweevil Super Smash Bros. Melee - Final Destination


Version history

Version history
Version Changes Date
  • Initial release.
July 25th, 2021