Pikmin: Evolution Unleashed

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Pikmin: Evolution Unleashed
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Creator Bulborb bro

Pikmin: Evolution Unleashed is a fan game by Bulborb bro.


It is 10 years into the future. Hocotate Freight has changed very efficiently. Olimar and Louie had gotten their dreams. They had also gotten bonus jobs. Olimar had became a famous scientist as he wanted. He also became a teacher, first class pilot and explorer. Louie had gotten to become a master chef and he has even hosted his own cooking show called " Louie's Love Food". Olimar and Louie were both happy as can be. But all that ended when Olimar had checked in his private lab that only he and Louie had known about. He had posted cameras on the Pikmin Planet to keep track of them. He had seen a weird colored Pikmin getting eaten by a young Red Bulborb. When it got eaten, the Bulborb had turned into a brass colored Bulborb which was weird since there was never any recording of any Bulborbs of that color. Olimar had knew something was wrong, so he called Louie and blasted off to the Pikmin Planet on their new ship, the S.S. Sea Snake. Louie never liked the name for some reason. Once they blasted off, a swarm of blue and red comets had sped their way through the space stream and towards the Pikmin Planet. While that was happening, Olimar and Louie had gotten hit by comet. They plunged their way towards the planet. This was the start of a new adventure that was waiting for them.


There are 8 vast regions to explore.


Pikmin: Evolution Unleashed has a vast number of enemies and many new species and unique looking creatures from another dimension looking and hunting for the heroes.


Instead of treasures, Pikmin: Evolution Unleashed has equipment. These pieces can help in amazing ways you never could have imagined. Such as a different vision on screen and how to throw Pikmin way quicker than before.

The blue and the red

In the opening cutscene, you saw red and blue comets. Those comets belong to 2 special tribes. You can read about the enemies in that tribe in the Piklopedia.