Pikmin 2 Worldwide

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Pikmin 2 Worldwide
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Pikmin 2 Worldwide
Pikmin 2 Worldwide logo.png
Game logo.
Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Computer, Nintendo GameCube
Media Digital download
Prequel Pikmin 2: Power Cut, Pikmin 2: Power Cut Blackout
Creator NintendoClubber
Collaborators Dreamer
Sean Inc.

Pikmin 2 Worldwide is a Pikmin 2 ROM hack made by NintendoClubber, also known as KingCluber, together with a dedicated development team. It will be playable on computers and Nintendo GameCube. The hack was first revealed in a teaser trailer on August 9th, 2023. It provides a full-game experience with custom areas, caves, treasures, and more.

Below is the official trailer for Pikmin 2 Worldwide.


After the events of Pikmin 2: Power Cut Blackout, Bulbenard goes missing. However, his brother, Grubbert, with the help of Olimar, goes back to the Pikmin Planet to save him.





  • Fungi Fields: grass-themed area with some mushrooms, has 7 above-ground treasures and 4 caves.
  • Gleaming Highlands: a mix between Forest Navel and Wistful Wild, has 7 above-ground treasures and 4 caves.
  • Mystic Marsh: a swamp-themed area, has 7 above-ground treasures and 4 caves.
  • ???: a twist on a beach theme, has 8 above-ground treasures and 4 caves.
  • Royal Undergrowth
  • Inverted cliffs
  • Forlorn Hollow
  • Mimic Veldt
  • Venomous Grot
  • Metallic Gulf
  • ???
  • Sakura Swathe
  • Cave of the Deep Dark