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"The beast is out there, I just know it!"
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Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid The icon used to represent this game.
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge
Publisher Nintendo EAD
Release dates N/A
Prequel Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers
Downloadable content Operation: Rubber Ducky Overboard
Creator CarrotStilts1

Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid is a fanon game created by CarrotStilts1. It is a sequel to Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers, where Olimar and Louie go to the planet of PNF-404 with a pair of cryptozoologists to track down, discover and monitor a massive, unknown creature. The game incorporates many elements from Pikmin 4 and adapts them into the original trilogy's timeline, primarily in terms of enemies and game mechanics. The main collectibles in this game are ship parts, with fruit as a secondary collectible.



It has been a year since the Hocotate ship had been rescued from the scaly clutches of the Terrorforming Geboa, Olimar has been spending most of his days making up for the amount of work he lost due to his time on the planet. His family is on a road trip across the Hocotate countryside, while he has to reluctantly stay back to keep his job. Eventually, Olimar pays his sum, but is still left with a while before his family comes back. Suddenly, he gets a knock on the door, and sees a pair of cryptozoologists from the planet Nijo named Bentley and Eloise, alongside their dog Roacher. The couple have heard of Olimar's chance encounters with wildlife on PNF-404, and have consulted him about the possibility of helping them on something. The two have ventured to PNF-404 many months earlier, and caught sights of a massive creature resembling a space dog. However, nobody would have a reason to believe them, as they only have a single, blurry image to go off of. They ask Olimar if he has any recollections of such a creature across his many trips to the planet. Although he has none whatsoever, he decides to go above and beyond and join them on a trip back to the planet in hopes of making a massive breakthrough in science. The couple are overjoyed by this news, and Olimar has mustered up many vacation days over the course of his career, so it is plausible.

Olimar consults The President about this, and he obliges, considering that Olimar had gotten all his overdue work done. He also agrees to watch over Bulbie while Olimar is gone. Louie hears of the agreement being made, and gets excited. He wishes to return to the planet in hopes of refining his culinary talent and making new recipes. With everything settled, and plenty of rations, Olimar boards Bentley and Eloise's ship, the S.S. Lacewing, with Louie stowing away as well. Takeoff is initially promising, only for the S.S. Lacewing to plow right through a field of space junk. Initially, Bentley brushes it off as nothing, despite the concerns of Olimar and Eloise. Unfortunately, the latter two's fears turn out to be justified, as the S.S. Lacewing begins to tear apart upon entering PNF-404's atmosphere. With the ship striped down to its bare essentials, both Louie and all their rations nd up being scattered, as are many of the ship's vital components. With complete loss of control, the ship crashes in a cool forest.

First Contact

Bentley wakes up to the site of the S.S. Lacewing's tattered remains and an unconscious Roacher. He panics at these circumstances, before trying to contact Eloise and Olimar. He gets nothing but radio silence, before he hears some rustling in a nearby bush. To his suprise, there's a colony of Red Pikmin hiding within it, and their Onion is behind a dirt gate. Bentley recognises the Pikmin from a previous exploration, and knows of their strength in numbers. With his whistle, he is able to command the Pikmin to tear this wall down. Right next to the Onion is the S.S. Lacewing's Fuel Transmitter, but it is too heavy to carry. Because of this, Bentley has to cultivate more Red Pikmin from Pellet Posies. After securing the Fuel Transmitter, Bentley discovers a Red Bulborb has gotten to his rations, but after it clears off, he finds a Sunseed Berry in an outcropping and salvages it as well.

Further down, Bentley discovers a massive pumpkin growing in the forest with a cave entrance in it. He decides to name it the Squash Stronghold, and ventures inside. From within, he finds the S.S. Lacewing's Central Engine, and is able to salvage it before leaving the cave. While not perfect, the S.S. Lacewing is, at the very least, capable of flight. As such, Bentley is able to leave before sunset hits. He vows to search for the others by the next day.


  • Red Pikmin – first encountered in Touchdown Crater, Red Pikmin are resistant to fire and have a slightly higher damage output.
  • Yellow Pikmin – found in Artisan Aqueduct, Yellow Pikmin can be thrown higher than other types and have immunities to electricity.
  • Pumpkin Pikmin – residing on Squash Stronghold's secret third sublevel, Pumpkin Pikmin are parasitic Pikmin living inside gourds. They're immune to all forms of panic.


There are six areas in Pikmin: Intersetellar Cryptid, most of which are based around locations in the real world with appropriately themed enemies. The first five areas also have their own associated night expedition.

Touchdown Crater

The first area in the game, Touchdown Crater has no explicit theme, simply being a forest in autumn that harkens back to The Impact Site. Red Pikmin are found here, and it is fairly large. However, most of it cannot be explored until much later in the game.

Sweltering Field

Sweltering Field takes place in the Outback in Australia, it's a sparsely populated landscape with red sand and little water. Some patches of the ground are coated in bulldust, which can send Pikmin into panic when disturbed by larger enemies. Eloise is found here, and Blue Pikmin are obtainable after discovering White Pikmin.

Artisan Aqueduct

The third area in the game, Artisan Aqueduct is located in and around a partially dried-out canal in Venice, Italy. Many nautical enemies inhabit this region. Louie is found in this region inside one of its caves, indulging himself on food.

Giant's Bald Spot

Located in the Andes, the remaints of the Incan civilization are scattered around the jungles doting these mountains. There are numerous points that allow for scenic views of the mountains. Olimar can be found in this region.

Plateau of Eternity

The final full area of the game, the Plateau of Eternity is located in very high up in the Himalayas and features some of the hardest enemies in the game. There are some sloped areas leading into sheer cliff faces where the squad must be careful and keep themselves from falling off the mountain.

Fortress of the Heavens

The true final area in the game is an abandoned expedition camp located even higher up in the Himalayas. Although it seems nothing lives here, there is a beastly predator hiding in this area that is slowly luring the Ancient Sirehound in for a massive meal.



See: Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid/Piklopedia

An encyclopedia of the flora and fauna encountered in the game.

Fruit File

See: Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid/Fruit File

Fruits collected during a playthrough are documented here.

Ship's Manual

See: Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid/Ship's Manual

The various parts of the S.S. Lacewing are documented here. Bentley and Eloise write the notes in this section, as it's their ship.

Sound Test

See: Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid/Soundtrack

This allows the player to listen to each and every song they've heard in the game. It can only be unlocked after a specific ship part is attained.

DLC Expansion

See: Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid/Operation: Rubber Ducky Overboard

A DLC expansion exists for Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid, called Operation: Rubber Ducky Overboard. It is centered around the heroes of Koppai returning to PNF-404 for an unexpected reason. The pack explains away a major plot hole in Pikmin 3 Deluxe by revealing that what was initially thought to be Louie falling from the S.S. Drake was actually Captain Charlie's beloved rubber ducky. The pack introduces new areas, Pikmin types, enemies, and even features Moss as a canine unit, marking her debut in the original timeline. The pack also adds new stages to the game's Mission Mode.