PikminKart: Offroad

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PikminKart: Offroad
This article or section pertains to PikminKart: Offroad, a fanon game created by RedPikmin95.
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PikminKart: Offroad
PikminKart Offroad box art.png
Box art for PikminKart: Offroad.
Rating E for everyone
Genre Racing
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge
Publisher Nintendo
Release dates Summer of 2025
Creator RedPikmin95
Collaborators Blower Pot

PikminKart: Offroad is a Pikmin racing game created by RedPikmin95.


Olimar and his friends have been invited to the Mushroom Kingdom to compete in a Mario Kart tournament. On the way there, the ship inexplicably hits an asteroid and plummets directly into PNF-404. After crashlanding, the group decides to do Mario Kart in their own way.


Cups and courses

Leaf Cup
  • Floral Circuit
  • Forest of Hope
  • Forest Navel
  • Valley of Repose
Bud Cup
  • Garden of Hope
  • Wii Mushroom Gorge / Mushroom Valley
  • DS Tick-Tock Clock / Clockwork Chasm
  • Over Wintry Mountains
Flower Cup
  • Tour Squeaky Clean Sprint / Shower Room
  • N64 Kalimari Desert / Railroad Room
  • Tour Sky-High Sundae / Kitchen Raceway
  • Hideaway Dash
Spicy Flower Cup
  • Giant's Hearth
  • GCN Daisy Cruiser / Perplexing Pool
  • GBA Sunset Wilds / Serene Shores
  • Formidable Speedway
Bomb Rock Cup
  • GCN Dry Dry Desert / Tropical Loop
  • GBA Lakeside Park / Crackling Cauldron
  • N64 Royal Raceway / Blossoming Arcadia
  • N64 Toad's Turnpike / Hocotate Streets
Poko Cup
  • N64 Yoshi Valley / Wistful Way
  • Wii U Bone-Dry Dunes / Reformed Highlands
  • DS Waluigi Pinball / Subterranean Complex
  • 3DS Music Park / Primordial Thicket
Key Cup
  • DS Mario Circuit / Brilliant Garden
  • Wii U Sunshine Airport / Distant Spring
  • Wii Maple Treeway / Twilight Run
  • Tour Piranha Plant Cove / Verdant Waterfront

Battle courses

  • Tilting Panel
  • Submerged Castle
  • Mud Pit
  • Base Camp
  • Wii Block Plaza / Glutton's Kitchen
  • SNES Battle Course 1 / Frontier Cavern
  • N64 Skyscraper / Hideaway's Chimney
  • GCN Cookie Land / Biscuit Plate



  • Bulborb Roller
  • Anode Accelerator
  • Zoomin' Soulmonger
  • S.S. Drift
  • Chrysanthemum Pipes
  • Poison Mushmellow
  • Inflated Getaway
  • Groink Grinder
  • Stone Rollers
  • Onion-Mobile
  • Extraordinary Bolt
  • Flutterbike
  • Stone Bike
  • Borb's Bike
  • Burrowing Speeder
  • S.S. Speed
  • Calcium Cruiser
  • Speedy Smoocher
  • Stone ATV
  • S.S. Boost