Pikmin: The Arachnorbs Strike Back

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"Wait, there are more arachnorbs?!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Arachnorbs Strike Back, a fanon game created by SwordsmachineGaming352.
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Pikmin: The Arachnorbs Strike Back
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Pikmin 4's box art, vandalized by arachnorbs.
Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms PC, Nintendo Switch
Media Digital download, cartridge
Publisher Nintendo and Pikmin Fanon
Prequel Pikmin: Wide World 2 and Pikmin: The Wide World Heist
Sequel Pikmin: A Dweevil's Chance
Creator SwordsmachineGaming352

Pikmin: The Arachnorbs Strike Back is a fanon Pikmin game made by SwordsmachineGaming352. It has a soundtrack. Glow Pikmin can't be taken underground, and Bulbmin return. There are no Purple and White Onions due to a Beady Long Legs destroying them.


Olimar watches a Stamping Long Legs crush his S.S. Dolphin, and dies afterward. Louie wishes to avenge his death, and with the Rescue Corps, tries to fend off the endless armies of arachnorbs that usually stay in arachnorb safeplaces, which are caves infested by the creatures. At the end of each sublevel is a Beady Long Legs that is now a cyborg version of itself.


On Hocotate...

Chacho: "Louie!! I need you to go to that planet and try to find Olimar! Our business is losing money like a sinking ship!"

Louie: "..."

Back on the Pikmin Planet...

Beady: "Okay, men... We better get the weapons and defenses ready... Because I think another person is going to crash land on the planet..."

Louie crashlands.

Hocotate ship: "LOUIE! Are you OK? I can't believe that you survived that crash landing!"



  • Rock Pikmin – first of two Pikmin found in the Forest Navel. Can stab enemies with their leaf, but not bud or flower, to attach themselves to enemies and hit them with their bodies. Can clump together and form a ball if they are charged and there are at least 5 Rock Pikmin in the squad.
  • Blue Pikmin – second Pikmin found in the Forest Navel. Can use water as a ranged attack and for defense.
  • Yellow Pikmin – found in Perplexing Pool. Fastest at digging.
  • Purple Pikmin – found in Tropical Wilds. Have the power they did in Pikmin 2 and can throw boulders at enemies.
  • Ice Pikmin – found in Giant's Hearth. Unable to freeze enemies while the Ice Pikmin population is under 100.
  • Red Pikmin – first of two Pikmin found in the Final Trial. Can set enemies on fire.
  • White Pikmin – second Pikmin found in the Final Trial. Are faster than ever.
  • Winged Pikmin – found in a cave. Unable to pick up even partially submerged objects, and can not be swarmed or charged at enemies that are off the ground.
  • Glow Pikmin – found at night. Can not be taken underground.
  • Bulbmin – found in caves. Can bite enemies' ankles to prevent them from moving around.
  • 300-PIK – found in War Without Reason.
  • Puffmin – Pikmin that are exposed to a Groovy Long Legs' gas. They are immune to all hazards, and can not be returned to normal until the enemy responsible for its state dies.
  • Killstreak Pikmin – a Pikmin that becomes more powerful as it kills.


  • Forest Navel – first area.
  • Perplexing Pool
  • Tropical Wilds
  • Distant Tundra
  • Giant's Hearth
  • Primordial Thicket
  • Final Trial
  • Blossoming Arcadia
  • Hero's Hideaway
  • Arachnorb's Hideaway – main base of the arachnorbs.
  • War Without Reason – the 500-WEB is this location.
  • Citadel of Spiders
  • Subterranean Complex
  • Hole of Heroes
  • Below-Grade Discotheque
  • Ultimate Testing Range
  • Cavern for a King
  • Man-at-Legs' Enclosure – arachnorbs that appear here can't be harmed, and most of its 10 sublevels are rest sublevels. The 10th sublevel is a large rest floor with no enemies or anything else.


Arachnorbs have become apex predators after the Emperor Bulblax of Pikmin 1 was defeated, and the Pikmin can't fend them off since they attack in groups. Each arachnorb has notes regarding non-arachnorb enemies.