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PikQuest is A spinoff Pikmin game, created by Kaplop. It's an RPG, similar to Earthbound. The game will have graphics similar to Pikmin 3 but from a semi-Top Down view. There are different pieces of equipment your characters can wear, that boost their stats. By defeating enemies, your characters gain experience and can level up, boosting their stats and unlocking new spells. Scattered across the game, there are mini-games the player can play. Enemies can also drop equipment and Pokos, which are used to buy things from the shops. The battle system is turn-based. It takes place many years after Pikmin 3 when the Pikmin become civilized. It would be released for the Wii U and 3DS.


Note: You can name the characters at the start of the game.

Red Pikmin

Starting Stats:

  • HP:23
  • MP:9
  • ATK:4
  • DEF:5
  • SPD:1

The Red Pikmin is the first character you play as. He lives in Pikia and uses melee weapons. He has average attack, high defense, and low speed.

Yellow Pikmin

Starting Stats:

  • HP:15
  • MP:13
  • ATK:2
  • DEF:3
  • SPD:3

The Yellow Pikmin is the second character you play as. She lives in Wollywog Town and uses ranged weapons. She has low attack, average defense, and High speed.



  • Pikia
  • Pikia Plains
  • Bulborb Cave
  • Bulborb Forest
  • Wollywog Town
  • Wollywog Road


  • Bulborb Run
  • Wollywog Riding

Battle System

The way the battle system works is that upon touching a enemy in the field, A battle would start. Whoever has the highest speed goes first. Each Pikmin can either Attack, use A spell, use a item, or the whole party can run away. The enemies can attack and use spells, and some enemies can run away. Each sides keep taking turns attacking until the opposite side has been defeated.


On the field, you can swap between characters, each of which have a special ability that you need to solve puzzles. You can also move around and can jump. Having contact with a enemy will initiate combat. You can also interact with objects at well. In towns and occasionally in the wild, there are shops you can use Pokos to buy Items, Equipment and sometimes spells.