Pikmin: Destiny

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Pikmin: Destiny
This article or section is pertaining to Pikmin: Destiny, a fanon game created by Zoadra.
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Pikmin: Destiny
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Rating Everyone (E)
Genre 3D platformer, Action, Strategy
Platforms Xbox 360
Media Optical disk, digital download
Creator Zoadra

Pikmin: Destiny is a remake of Pikmin 1 by Zoadra. It has more realistic events and an expansion to the story, such as revealed events before Olimar's departure from Hocotate and his feelings. It is available on the Xbox 360 and only allows one player per game-sessions. The video game represents the Destiny Multimedia Project and follows the book.


The story begins when Olimar is at his house, preparing for the vacation of his lifetime. His wife was mixing ingredients for his favorite pikpik soup, and she asked him sweetly to gather some pikpik carrots from the greenhouse. Olimar ran out the wooden door to the windswept desert plains of Hocotate outdoors. He passed by his neighbors while they were likely walking to the river. Olimar rushed inside the Pikpik Carrot Inc. greenhouse and grabbed some fresh blue, red, and yellow carrots, paying a total of P2 Poko icon.png × 15. Olimar's wife was pleased by the ripeness of the carrots and made his soup well.

That night, the onions and carrots made miracles in his stomach as he tried to sleep. He smiled at the fact of vacation, some advantage that he only had twice. His kids were sleeping in their beds and his wife was slurping hot tea by the living room fire. Olimar's bed was very warm, he noticed this after he climbed out for a drink of water. He had been working hard the past month, and he took the last three days off to recuperate. This shortened his vacation to only one month, but Olimar still appreciated this.

When he woke up, he gave his family goodbye, then pet his pet Bulbie for a minute. He ran out the door, dashing with the dirty winds towards the President of Hocotate Freight's office. He barged in the door and found a new employee applying to work for the President. "Louie, you seem good for the job. I think you-" Olimar interrupted the application of Louie's. The President greeted Olimar and checked him to vacation status, letting him go. Olimar sprinted out of the office and cranked up his spaceship, the S.S. Dolphin. The engine roared and blasted to a fire, lifting the Dolphin off the sandy ground. He gave Hocotate a goodbye and waited until the ship blasted into orbit.

Olimar's luxury ship was working properly, and cruising away from his home. He was frightened by the deepness and darkness of outer space, but only for a while. He was a space captain working for a shipping company, and space was familiar. But this time something seemed wrong. He was speeding over a planet that appeared to be in its Terra-Zone at a whopping tier three level. Then a radar went off on the Dolphin's systems, indicating that a class B Meteor was approaching. Olimar was trying to take control of the pilot system, but the auto-pilot was not giving away. In his panic, he forgot about his Nova Blaster. He was about to send a distress signal when the flaming meteor hit the Dolphin, sending it into the atmosphere of the planet. He was so excited that he passed out...

He woke up much later, confused. He took a look around and realized that his ship was partially embedded in the ground with the engine missing. He was so mournful at the thought of never returning to Hocotate because the life-support systems fail in a month. The end of his vacation, the end of his life... "No", he thought, "this is not over". He began scouting the area. Finding many living vegetations and peculiar flowers, he was worried. Then he saw a red, onion-like object. It looked just like the ones in the soup he had last night. So he crept towards it, and it popped out of the ground, revealing legs and its color getting brighter, with a red beam under it. A single seed burst from the spinning flower atop and fell into the rich soil. It sprouted, then grew. Olimar noticed how it swayed in the wind, with a red stem and a green leaf. He plucked it out of the ground, revealing it had a face, body, and legs. It had a long nose, eyes, and a reddish color. Olimar began observing it, noticing it following. The new discovery was dubbed Pikmin.