Pikmin 5 (Microsoftpaintadventures version)

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Pikmin 5 (Microsoftpaintadventures version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 5 (Microsoftpaintadventures version), a fanon game created by Microsoftpaintadventures.
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For other version of Pikmin 5, see Pikmin 5.
Pikmin 5
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Genre Unknown
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Creator Microsoftpaintadventures

Pikmin 5 is a fanmade Pikmin game concept made by Microsoftpaintadventures. Gameplay focuses on collecting both fruits and treasures aboveground as well as underground.


The planet of Renni recently suffered an energy crisis due to overusage of electricity. Three siblings named Denise, Edmond, and Finnegan are sent out aboard the N.X. Sapphire to the now well-known planet PNF-404 to collect treasure for energy to use at home. However, in the planet's atmosphere, the Sapphire mysteriously starts breaking down. The components of its radar, its engine, the Cyberspace Collider, Denise, and Finnegan are thrown off the ship, while Edmond lands in the Shrouded Swampland. Edmond must find fruit and treasure to sustain his crew and power the cities of his home planet before they starve.



  1. Denise
  2. Edmond
  3. Finnegan
  4. Olimar
  5. Louie
  6. The President


Pikmin are listed in the order they are discovered.

  1. Blue Pikmin
  2. Red Pikmin
  3. Green Pikmin
  4. White Pikmin
  5. Yellow Pikmin
  6. Orange Pikmin
  7. Purple Pikmin
  8. Rock Pikmin
  9. Cerulean Pikmin
  10. Winged Pikmin
  11. Glow Pikmin
  12. Bulbmin


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A comprehensive list of all creatures found in the game.


  1. Shrouded Swampland (boss: Pinching Blinnow)
  2. Windy Waterside (boss: Volatile Trunkler)
  3. Careening Canopy (boss: Greater Bladed Beeb)
  4. Frostbite Forest (boss: Luminous Snarrow)
  5. Warming Riverbed (boss: Large-Mouth Wollyhop)
  6. Subterranean Shipwreck (boss: Electric Long Legs)
  7. Deep Jungle (boss: Erupting Cannon Beetle)
  8. Miserable Mountain (boss: Metalwraith)

Extra modes

Mission Mode

Battle Mode

Onion Defender

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