Pikmin: The Krowing

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The Krowing
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Krowing, a fanon game created by Jonesle.
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Pikmin: The Krowing
Rating Unknown
Genre Action strategy
Platforms Wii
Media Optical disc
Creator Jonesle
Collaborators Zoadra

Pikmin: the Krowing is an action strategy Pikmin game made by Jonesle for the Wii.


Olimar was researching the Pikmin Planet. He observed a strange substance coming from a bulborb, and immediately boarded his ship and blasted toward the planet. Before the ship reached the atmosphere, a strange, black figure swooped up to the ship and viciously battered it. The ship gave away and plummeted toward the planet. Olimar's life support systems crashed, rendering him unconscious, but he later woke up, with Louie and the President at his side. The President started screaming at Olimar about sleeping on the job. Olimar saluted the President and flew back to Hocotate, all systems repaired by Louie.

Olimar and Louie returned to the Pikmin Planet to try to find out what those mysterious creatures were. But when they got into the atmosphere, they got attacked yet again. And both of them sprang out of the rocket and landed in the same place, Pantano Swamp. Olimar decided that the creatures were very territorial. Then they came across the Red Onion and used it to gain Red Pikmin and venture to the ship.





  • Pantano Swamp – a very dark and swampy area with many Green Bulborbs, but is the easiest area. This is the area where Olimar crashes and crashes again. He finds it very gloomy and humid. It shares many traits with the Florida swamp, the Everglades. It has four caves and five artifacts. The Pantano Swamp features many vegetable artifacts.
  • Prickly Pines – a forest full of evergreen trees. These trees are the ways of transportation for the Pikmin. The Pikmin use leaves to glide to others' Onions. There is a fairly large civilization inhabited by Yellow Pikmin. This civilization was created with the power of teamwork. Many Yellow Pikmin gathered together and started to chop down Pellet Posies. Eventually, they cleared most of the middle of this large plateau. Eventually, they created an area for their Onion to land.
  • White Sparkly Wonderland
  • Bonechill Desert
  • Aquatic Plateau
  • Mt. Magma Gorge