Pikmin: Shadows of the Future

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Pikmin: Shadows of the Future
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Shadows of the Future, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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Pikmin: Shadows of the Future
Rating Everyone (E)
Genre Unknown
Platforms Wii
Media Unknown
Prequel Pikspore
Creator Nieni

Pikmin: Shadows of the Future is a Pikmin fangame exclusive to the Wii.


Three years after the events of Pikspore, Captain Olimar returns to the Pikmin Planet and lands in a different region of the planet, a harsh place quite different from the region in Pikspore. As he ventures across the planet, he discovers the mysterious Z Syndicate and their villainous plot.


The gameplay modes in this game are similar to Pikspore's, however, there are a few changes.

Easy Mode

Enemies have less health and are slower. The Pluckaphone upgrade is available from the start, Pikmin seeds become flowers faster, but days are longer and captains are immune to damage.

Hard Mode

The gameplay is similar to Pikmin 1, only without the time limit. Days are shorter, and many upgrades do not exist. Pikmin take longer to respond to the whistle, and the enemies are faster and with more health. Nectar is much rarer as well and there are no sprays. Swarming is the most effective tactic, unlike in the easy and normal modes. A good ending is rewarded for completing this difficulty.

Classic Challenge

The goal is to grow as many Pikmin as possible in one day. Enemy sets are customizable, and any of the difficulty settings are selectable.

Key Challenge

The goal is to find the key and bring it back to the Research Pod within a set time limit and Pikmin amount. Selectable stages can be story mode caves or new caves. Completing a stage without losing Pikmin earns a pink flower badge.

Treasure Challenge

The goal is similar to Key Challenge, except every treasure in the cave has to be collected to progress, as the hole to the next sublevel will not open until every treasure is collected in that sublevel. Note that there is no time limit, unlike Key Challenge. Any difficulty level can be chosen, and the stages can be story mode caves or entirely new caves.

Boss Run

This simple mode is unlocked upon completing story mode. The goal is to overcome every boss in the game in sequence with up to fifteen of each Pikmin type, except for Purple Pikmin, of which there are ten, totaling one hundred and thirty Pikmin. No extra Pikmin beyond that are given, rendering minimizing Pikmin deaths the key to success.

Cave Creator

This mode is unlocked by collecting a certain treasure. Players get to build their own caves and share them with other players.



  • Windswept Dunes
    • Iron Tunnel
    • Dusty Depths
    • Concrete Labyrinth
    • Smog Chamber
  • Emerald Plains
  • Boulder Canyon
    • Gemstone Realm
    • Fuchsia Grotto
    • Maze of Angles
    • Basalt Works
  • Autumn Woods
    • Leafy Heights
    • Voltage Tower
    • Gusty Treeway
    • Wooden Barracks
  • Rainstorm Cove
    • Fertile Glade
    • Murky Abyss
    • Dark Sea
    • Sunken Citadel
  • Unforgiving Tundra
    • Icicle Outlook
    • Crystal Cavern
    • Muddy Dungeon
    • Ruler's Temple
  • Dumping Grounds
    • Scorched Garden
    • Metallic Lab
    • Toxic Lake
    • Construction Site
    • Aerial Portal
  • Ominous Dimension
    • Battle Cave
    • Starlight Tunnel



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