Puffmin Quest

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Puffmin Quest
This article or section presents information pertaining to Puffmin Quest, a Pikmin 2 ROM hack created by Captain Salty.
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Puffmin Quest, also known as Puffmin Mod is a Pikmin 2 hack for the Nintendo GameCube. It was announced on January 25, 2021, and is currently in development by Captain Salty. The hack focuses primarily on Puffmin, like the name implies, and they are the substitute for Pikmin in this adventure.


Captain Salty, a salt shaker-like creature, is desperately trying to pay back a gang of thugs some money after losing a bet. He comes across a missing person report for someone who went missing in an uncharted region of space that had a large reward if found. Seeing this as a way to clear his debt from the thugs, Salty and his pal Pepper take off in his ship to the rough location where the person disappeared in search of clues.

Upon arriving, they spot an uncharted planet that wasn't on any maps. A blue and green planet full of alien life, they had found PNF-404.

Upon entering the atmosphere of the planet, the main GPS system on the ship malfunctioned. Causing the ship to fly off course from its original landing spot and instead over a massive cold ocean with no end in sight. Salty managed to take manual control over the ship before it crashed into the cold watery depths, but in doing so he smacked into the side of an iceberg causing the ship to crash land in the area known as Frosty Flatlands.


  • Captain Salty
  • Pepper
  • C4R1
  • Barry

New gameplay features

New modes:

World map

Puffmin Quest has a world map filled with five main areas all with there own unique theme.

  • Frosty Flatlands
  • Unnerving Underground
  • Noxious Nest
  • Golden Gultch
  • Industrial Wilds

Puffmin Quest Types

  • Fiery Puffmin
  • Toxic Puffmin
  • Volt Puffmin
  • Aquatic Puffmin
  • Botborb
  • Botmin
  • Captain Puffmin