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Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge
Publisher Nintendo EAD
Release dates N/A
Creator CarrotStilts1

Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers is a fanon game created by CarrotStilts1. It is a loose adaption of a Pikcanon-NOT game he made long ago called Pikmin: 100 Days Without A Ship but with drastic changes to lots of things, to the point that it's basically just based off of it.


Olimar and Louie turn into their shifts at Hocotate Freight. At the job, Olimar begins unloading Hocotation Onions into a box. Suddenly, he is interrupted by The President who informs Olimar that his radars have picked up more treasure on another region of PNF-404. The President informs Olimar that this region might just have the most treasure yet, and he wishes for Olimar to investigate. Olimar looks down, upset, and recounts that he never sees his family thanks to the planet, but The President informs him that it's only one cave he wishes for Olimar to explore. Olimar complies, and asks if he can use The Ship instead of the S.S. Dolphin since stuff bad always happens with the ships at some point. The President accepts his request, and Olimar gets Louie and informs him they are going back to PNF-404, to which Louie begins licking his lips.

The Ship lands on an island somewhere in the ocean, where they crew get surrounded by numerous sea stacks they can use to get across the area. They soon find five Red Pikmin protecting their Onion from a Puffy Blowhog by using a Bomb rock. When the Pikmin tosses the Bomb rock at the Puffy Blowhog, however, it blows it into their Onion, the explosion slighty damaging it. Olimar and Louie help the 9 Red Pikmin bring the Blowhog onto the ground, at which point, it pushes the Pikmin off by inflating and flies away. After that situation, the crew need to push down a Paper bag for use as a ramp to the rest of the area. At which the Pellet Posy tutorial is put into play.

After pushing down the bag, Olimar and Louie find a small area blocked off by a Dirt Wall, after destroying it, they try to advance into area, only to discover that sundown is coming up. Olimar and Louie depart for the day. The day afterwards they enter the new area, and discover a cave they name Humpback Heights. Upon extracting the treasure from that cave, Olimar and Louie get ready to leave for Hocotate. When in The Ship, however, Louie shows Olimar a sample of a gelatinous purple substance he found in the cave. Suddenly, it begins to enlarge at an alarming rate, pushing Olimar, Louie, and most of The Ship's machinery, outside. The Ship assumes it's Research Pod form and sucks up the blob to stop it... it then festers inside the Research Pod, before consuming the three and launching them at a nearby region. This creature then takes off with The Ship's body.

The day following, our three pals find themselves in the Thicket of Nourishment. The three are worried about how they will make it out alive, but soon find a cave they name Fang Chute and, after defeating a monstrous Rootroosting Slapvipe, find a Violet Candypop Bud for Purple Pikmin. The Purple Pikmin are able to help construct a makeshift ship from a log section. It gets carried by the Master Onion. After this, the first true day begins.

...To be continued


  • Red Pikmin - Found defending their Onion in Creature's Quay, Red Pikmin are resistant to fire and have slightly higher damage.
  • Purple Pikmin - Now being stored in the Master Onion, Purple Pikmin can collect things for nourishment, but they give severly less Purple Pikmin than others, with it taking numerous creatures that add up to 30 Pikmin seeds for one Purple. (Meaning it would take at least 3 Red Bulborbs for 1 Purple Pikmin seed.) Purple Pikmin can carry things easier than most Pikmin, as they have the strength of 10 and are able to briefly stun enemies.

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See Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers/Piklopedia

Similar to in Pikmin 3, the creatures are not numbered, and appear in order of when they were killed.

Treasure Hoard

See Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers/Treasure Hoard

Unlike the enemies, Treasures are categorized by number and series.


  • Creature's Quay - The first area is a bunch of islands and sea rocks in the ocean. On certain days the water level will change, though Blue Pikmin will be able to control the water when collected.
  • Thicket of Nourishment - A large, expansive forest bustling with enemies and a river. It is on a cliffside overlooking a dilapidated city.

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