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Shipwrecked Stargazers
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers, a fanon game created by CarrotStilts1.
Pikmin Shipwrecked Stargazers icon.png
Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers The icon used to represent this game.
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge
Publisher Nintendo EAD
Release dates N/A
Prequel Pikmin: 100 Days Without a Ship (non-canon predecessor)
Sequel Pikmin: Interstellar Cryptid
Creator CarrotStilts1

Pikmin: Shipwrecked Stargazers is a fanon game created by CarrotStilts1. It is a loose adaption of a Pikcanon-NOT game made by the same creator called Pikmin: 100 Days Without a Ship, but with drastic changes to lots of aspects to the point of merely being based off of it.



Olimar and Louie turn into their shifts at Hocotate Freight. At the job, Olimar begins unloading Hocotation onions into a box. Suddenly, he is interrupted by the President, who informs Olimar that his radars have picked up more treasure in another region of PNF-404. The President informs Olimar that this region might just have the most treasure yet, and he wishes for Olimar to investigate. Olimar looks down, upset, and recounts that he never sees his family thanks to the planet, but the President informs him that it's only one cave he wishes for Olimar to explore. Olimar complies and asks if he can use the Ship instead of the S.S. Dolphin since bad things always happen with the ships at some point. The President accepts his request, and Olimar gets Louie and informs him they are going back to PNF-404, to which Louie begins licking his lips.

Touchdown in the Quay

The Ship lands on an island somewhere in the ocean, where the crew is surrounded by numerous sea stacks they can use to get across the area. They soon find five Red Pikmin protecting their Onion from a Puffy Blowhog by using a bomb rock. When the Pikmin tosses the bomb rock at the Puffy Blowhog, however, it blows it into their Onion, the explosion slightly damaging it. Olimar and Louie help the five Red Pikmin bring the Blowhog onto the ground, at which point, it pushes the Pikmin off by inflating and flies away. After that situation, the crew needs to push down a paper bag for use as a ramp to the rest of the area. At this point, the Pellet Posy tutorial is put into play.

After pushing down the bag, Olimar and Louie find a small area blocked off by a dirt wall. After destroying it, they try to advance into the area, only to discover that sundown is approaching. Olimar and Louie depart for the day. The day after, they explore the new area and discover a cave they name Humpback Heights. Upon extracting the treasure from there, Olimar and Louie get ready to leave for Hocotate. While on the Ship, however, Louie shows Olimar a sample of a gelatinous purple substance he found in the cave. Suddenly, it begins to enlarge at an alarming rate, pushing Olimar, Louie, and most of The Ship's machinery, outside. The Ship detaches its Research Pod form and sucks up the blob to stop it... only for it to fester within before consuming the three and launching them at a nearby region. The mass then takes off with the Ship's body.

Detour to the Thicket

The following day, the three find themselves in the Thicket of Nourishment. They are worried about how they will make it out alive, but soon find a cave they name Fang Chute and, after defeating a monstrous Rootroosting Slapvipe, find a Violet Candypop Bud for Purple Pikmin. The Purple Pikmin are able to help construct a makeshift ship from a log section, nicknamed the Lumberlift. It gets carried by the Master Onion. After this, the first true day begins.

After making frivolous progress through this forested area, Olimar and Louie break down a barricade with their Purple Pikmin and gain access to a cavernous area. With a treasure in their sights, Olimar and Louie go to retrieve it, only for the ground to give way underneath them. Falling into the abyss, they find a pair of Slate Candypop Buds, which give them access to Rock Pikmin and allow them to work their way back up. Eventually, the squad crosses paths with a tribe of 20 Rock Pikmin trying to reach their Onion from behind a crystal wall. After tearing the wall down, they find themselves on the other side of the pit. The crew builds a bridge over it and snags the treasure, which subsequently improves the Research Pod's radar and allows the Lumberlift to land in a new location.

The next day, the crew decide to set their sights on this new area, the reason being that this new area has a tall, mountainous spire. Ever since the Hocotate Ship's body was stolen, the crew struggled significantly with establishing a connection with the President. A high enough vantage point could be just what they needed...

Exploring the Windswept Wonderland

In the blizzarding Windswept Wonderland, Olimar and Louie discover that the landing site is in a lowered piece of ground, a paper bag is just out of reach. If they could reach it, their expedition could run smoothly. They find a cave called Connoisseur's Cache, full of greedy creatures. After defeating the Sausageborb living in its deepest recess, they find a colony of Yellow Pikmin trying to activate an electrode to lower a gate. After ten more Yellow Pikmin are made with a Golden Candypop Bud, the electrode activates and the gate opens, revealing the inactive Yellow Onion that the Research Pod fosters. The crew then uses a geyser to reach the surface. They find themselves on higher ground and push the bag down. With all this dealt with, the squad advances to the spire, which is actually a Holland-style, brick-and-mortar windmill with a slightly caved-in roof.

Slowly advancing the tower, the squad fights legions of Phosbats with light sources like electrodes and Common Glowcaps, and reaches the summit of the windmill. Staring down the open roof onto the farmland below, Olimar briefly feels at ease, as if his journey is nearly over. Suddenly, a brumal Shaggy Long Legs descends behind them, much to Olimar and Louie's collective shock. After battling the hairy colossus, Olimar and Louie reign victorious. With the snowstorm clearing, Olimar manages to establish a secure connection with the President. As it turns out, the President was also quite flustered, being both worried and mildly annoyed that Olimar never responded to any of his e-mails. Olimar explains the situation, and the President is fuming, especially since Hocotate Freight can't meet their bottom line without his competency. Despite his personal desires, the President begrudgingly agrees to send an emergency escape pod. He chooses to send it to an arid mesa called the Nomadic Butte, as to avoid PNF-404's asteroid field.

The Nomadic Butte

Landing in the plateau goes without much of an issue, but something's blatantly amiss about this new region; the purple substance Louie found back at Humpback Heights has festered in the savannah. Olimar fears the possibility that they've accidentally introduced an invasive species into the ecosystem but soon realizes that he isn't picking up any life signals from the strange substance. A gob of the purple fluid drops from a bubble floating above, nearly striking Olimar before he steps out of the way. Analysis reveals that the fluid is highly toxic, presenting a unique hazard to the crew.

The squad explores the butte, possibly even pilfering two caves, the Safari Room and Desperado Ditch, in the process, when they come across a White Onion. A White Pikmin is seen trying to fight a Dwarf Orange Bulborb, which the squad assists it in. After the squat creature is defeated, the Research Pod gives a recap on the White Pikmin's natural poison immunity, advising that their numbers be built up to help deal with the prominent toxic hazards. Soon after, the White Pikmin prove themselves by breaking apart a massive puddle of venom, allowing for access to a mysterious ditch. Purple crystals are strung across the bunkered-down area, giving an eerie effect. Soon, the escape pod sent by The President is discovered, but in a state of imminent disrepair, with the same crystals bursting out from its cockpit and between the sheets of metal that make it up. Next to the decommissioned vessel is another cave entrance, surrounded by a purple glow. The Research Pod picks up a signal from within, indicating that its main body has been nestled inside the cave. Before jumping in, however, Olimar, Louie, and the Pikmin sense what seems to be a tremor. The Ship advises extreme caution in response.

Within the cave, which they named the Primordial Pit, the crew makes use of both Rock Pikmin and White Pikmin to clear the way forward. However, it isn't long until they make acquaintance with the pit's top predator; the Venowraith. The Venowraith possesses uncanny psychic abilities and uses them to control the venom it creates for hunting. As it turns out, this venom was the same substance that Louie found in Humpback Heights, laid out as a trap. Despite the immense dangers presented by the Venowraith, the squad turns the tables with bomb rocks, eventually causing the beast to be trapped within its own rapidly crystalizing venom.

With the threat neutralized, the squad finally locates the body of the Hocotate Ship. It is within a ball of crystalized venom on an altar-shaped stone formation. Joyous that they'll finally be escaping from PNF-404, Olimar uses the Rock Pikmin to break through the venom. However, before any meaningful progress is made on breaking the ball open, another tremor is felt. The tremor grows stronger and stronger until a pair of talons burst through the wall and tear a hole open. A frightful, draconic monster called the Terrorforming Geboa appears before the squad and begins rampaging through the chamber. Before it leaves, however, it puts its sights on the orb and takes it for itself. The squad is unable to follow the Terrorforming Geboa due to them not being able to access the hole it bore through, causing immense frustration between Olimar and the Research Pod. Defeated, everyone leaves the cave and sulks on the surface.

At this point, an option will appear asking if the player wants to continue the day or end it there. Regardless of what option is chosen, the day's end will play out as usual, with both captains and the Research Pod returning to the Lumberlift to escape to the skies of PNF-404.

New Breakthroughs

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  • Red Pikmin – found defending their Onion in Creature's Quay, Red Pikmin are resistant to fire and have a slightly above-average damage output.
  • Purple Pikmin – now being stored in the Master Onion, Purple Pikmin can collect sources of nourishment much easier than other Pikmin due to their strength of 10 and can stun enemies, but they yield severely fewer seeds than others. Essentially, it would take at least 3 Red Bulborbs for 1 Purple Pikmin seed.
  • Rock Pikmin – they are immune to blunt force, provided they aren't caught between the force in question and a hard material like metal. They are first found in the caves of the Thicket of Nourishment.


  • Creature's Quay – a bunch of islands and sea rocks in the ocean. On certain days, the water level will change, though Blue Pikmin will be able to control the water.
  • Thicket of Nourishment – a large, expansive forest bustling with enemies and featuring a river. It is on a cliffside overlooking a dilapidated city.
  • Windswept Wonderland – a snowy outcropping inspired by the Distant Tundra primarily. It appears to be located in the countryside of the Netherlands, near a farmland. A massive, partially broken windmill looms over the fields of dormant tulips.
  • Nomadic Butte – a desert plateau high above ground level. Cacti and savannah vegetation are common, and Pikmin can be accidentally thrown off of the cliffside into the pit below. The Venowraith's presence is imminent, as purple crystals and floating blobs of venom are everywhere before its defeat.
  • Gloomy Mire – a swampland in the southern United States of America, it is split into two parts: a sunny outcropping, and a shaded, dark bogmire. Each one has unique enemies to behold.
  • Misty Badlands – a fjord bordering a taiga forest named so for the permanent veil of blue mist. Because of this, it seems as if it is always sunrise in this mysterious land.
  • Everscathed Peaks – the final main area, a desolate island holding a scorched redwood forest. A massive volcano looms over the land and is bound to go off at any minute.
  • Island of Statues – an extra area unlocked after Everscathed Peaks becomes available. It's a peaceful, sunny island near Misty Badlands where it is always morning. Through scanning amiibo, extra caves could be unlocked and explored to collect those amiibos as treasure. For every cave completed, the overworld music gets more lively, and some Pellet Posies even begin growing.



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Treasure Hoard

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