Pikmin: Living Destruction

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Pikmin: Living Destruction
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Living Destruction, a fanon game created by PikFlick987.
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Pikmin: Living destruction is a non canon pikmin game made by PikFlick987. It is a relativley easy game at first, but it definetley does get tougher.Quite a bit tougher actually. What Living Destruction more or less is is basically a less kid friendly entry in the series. Only 2 or 3 more new pikmin are discovered. It is also the one that is normally referred to as the "Entry kids won't wanna see" Because in a part or 2, it is somewhat very scary, so it has been rated E10+ by the ESRB.


So after pikmin 2 when olimar and louie and the president come back, they see something in the sky. It is a meteor shower!!! All the Hocotanians run for cover. When they come back out,the president is horrified. The shower caused 30,000 pokos worth of damage, so you know what this means. They must go back to the pikmin planet to get treasures and sell them to pay off the damage. When they get there, they realize the pikmin are not there. This is where the excitement begins. A banged-up, lone red pikmin comes up to them. It is rather in good shape, or buffed up from running, and says that a giant green scorpion/phantom like monster has caused the meteor shower, and is recking absoloute havoc. So now, THAT is now their 1st priority, to save the pikmin planet.