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Pikmin 1 DS
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 1 DS, a fanon game created by SuperPikminFan.
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Pikmin 1 DS is a Pikmin fangame created by SuperPikminFan. It repeats the storyline of Pikmin 1, but is for the Nintendo DS, and also the 3DS, where it has a 3D option.


New Things

Now there is a new area The Snow Road. It's the Valley of Repose from Pikmin 2.

There are now 50 (!) Ship Parts. 40 are needed, 10 aren't needed.

Now you have 50 Days (for 50 Parts) to collect all Ship Parts. Now there is an Demo mode. You can have Demos from Pikmin 2 and the Pikmin E-Reader game.

You Unlock the Pikmin 2 Demo with the Future Part.

And the E-Reader game is Unlocked when you compleded the Challenge Mode.

2-Player Mode

You have 3 Modes to play with friends: Co-Op Story: You play the Story, only that Olimars Kid was on the ship.

So that means Player 1 is Olimar and Player 2 is Olimars Kid.

2-Player Battle

It's like the Pikmin 2 2-Player Mode, only with the Pikmin 1 Areas.

Wi-Fi Battle

Play with other Pikmin 1: DS player in a battle.

Challenge Mode

There are 2 Challenge Modes: Pikmin 1: DS Challenge Mode: It's like the Pikmin 1 Challenge Mode

Boss Run: Beat all Bosses with only 20 Pikmin of each colour.

Training Mode

You can learn all about the game: the controls, what Pikmin can do, and how do you get Ship Parts

Ship parts


This game contains all Enemys from Pikmin 1, and some from Pikmin 2.


  • There was a Mario Cap as a Beta Ship Part.
  • And there should be a 4 Player Story but the S.S. Dolphin can only hold Olimar (and his Kid) so it was only a 2 Player Story.
  • There should be a Video Mode to, but SuperPikminFan has seen that there are only the Start Cutcene and the 3 Ends of the game. So there isn't a Video Mode.