Pikmin 2: The Alternate Story

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Pikmin 2: The Alternate Story
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Pikmin 2: The Alternate Story is an alternate sequel to Pikmin. Instead of taking place after the good and normal ending of Pikmin, it takes place after the bad ending of Pikmin.


The President hasn't seen Olimar come back in a while and starts to worry about him so he sends Louie out to find him. When his radar senses him, he lands on the planet where the pikmin live. When he lands, he finds that Olimar has been turned into a Pikmin. He reports this to the president and he decides to come and help out by flying an escape pod to the planet. Next, Louie and the president attempts to pull Olimar out. When the pull him out, they ask him if he is okay. He tells them that he is okay, but he is afraid that he won't be able to come back to Hocotate unless he is turned back into a Hocotation again. As a result, Olimar, Louie and the President must go out on an adventure to find parts that will help to build a machine that will turn Olimar back to normal.


The gameplay with Louie and the president is the same as it is in Pikmin. However, since Olimar is a pikmin himself, he can help attack enemies and carry objects. He can even be controlled by second player. Unlike regular Pikmin, if he encounters a hazard he is vulnerable to, he will not die, his health meter will drain. Once his health meter is empty, he will be taken back to the ship similar to the captains. This adds a whole new type of strategy to the game.

New Features

This game introduces all new features that aren't even in Pikmin 2.

Hocomin Candypod Buds

These allow Olimar to transform into different Pikmin by being thrown or jumping into them. There are three kinds of Hocomin candy pop buds

  • Purple Hocomin
  • Red Hocomin
  • Blue Hocomin
  • Yellow Hocomin
  • White Hocomin
  • Hocobulbmin
  • Winged Hocomin

Machine Parts

These are the parts that must be obtained to build the machine.

  • Body Stabilizer