Pikmin 3: The Darkest Hour

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Pikmin 3: The Darkest Hour
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 3: The Darkest Hour, a fanon game created by Berryflower11.
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Three years have past since Captain Olimar has been to the Pikmin Planet. Olimar came back to the pikmin planet with his son. Olimar saw that the pikmin are in clans. But there is a evil guy called Mr. L who is going to destroy the pikmin planet. There is one girl named Berry that can help Captain Olimar and his son to defeat Mr. L.

There are new special features to The Darkest Hour:

  • You get to do 3 player battle
  • There are 4 new kinds of pikmin. Green, brown , Orange and Black.
  • There are nine clans. FireClan, RainClan, LightClan, Sapphireclan, PoisonClan, Skyclan, Tansyclan, Sunclan, and Moonclan.


  • The Pikmin Forest
  • FireClan's Volcano
  • Bulborb Lake
  • RainClan's River
  • LightClans Plateau
  • Creeeping Caves
  • SapphireClan's Caves
  • Plain Lake
  • PoisonClan's Acid Lake
  • Sky Plain
  • The Never Ending Flower Field of TansyClan
  • Sunclan & MoonClan's MoonPool