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Pikmin 4 (NepetaLast version)
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Pikmin 4 is an upcoming realtime strategy video game developed by Brock Productions and Nintendo, and published by Fantendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first portable game in the Pikmin series, and is based off the Pikmin DS demo released on Brockiosks during E3 2007. It was planned to be a launch title for the Pro Gamer but was delayed, then eventually cancelled on that platform.


Pikmin 4 takes place way after the events of Pikmin 3. The three captains from the third game have created a large company dedicated to investigating the planet; however, Charlie and Brittany soon leave, leaving the company to Alph. When the investigation of the planet falls through and ends up losing the SS Drake, he orders it closed.

They take a train to the first area, Moonlight Hollow, and find the Red Pikmin. With their help, they find a Microscopic Needleye. After Alph sends the report, he agrees to let them stay for a few more days. They must now find the parts for the Drake so he can head back to Koppai.

In another area, they stumble apon a house belonging to Brittany, who is surprisingly still alive. She reveals that she returned to the planet for fruit, but found it hard to collect them with no Pikmin. As such, she joins the team in hope of retrieving fruit. Although optional, collecting all 20 fruit for her will go towards getting the best ending.

There's several endings depending on how fast the player completed the game, and what they achieved:

  • Ending 1 (Beat the game in 20 days and collecting everything):
  • Ending 2 (Beat the game in 21 days and collecting all fruit, but not all objects):
  • Ending 3 (Beat the game in 25 days and collecting all fruit):
  • Ending 4 (Beat the game in 25 days and not collecting all fruit):
  • Ending 5 (Beat the game in 35 days or higher):


Days in this game are different than other Pikmin games; instead of leaving the planet at the end of each day, captains can choose to continue exploring into the night at the risk of additional enemies, although captians can also leave like before. Because Onions only merge when a captain, they can stay for any period of time until it is time to go.


  • Ultra-Spicy Spray: Pikmin effected are faster and do more damage.
  • Ultra-Sour Spray: Pikmin effected deal damage to enemies that eat them, White Pikmin-style.
  • Dream Juice: Turns Pikmin into Rainbow Pikmin temporarily.




Name/Attributes Information Piklopedia Entry Locations
Grub-dogs: These are by far the most common enemies. They are basically plain enemies.
Red Bulborb  are the second most common enemies in the game, only behind Dwark Bulborbs. They are usally seen sleeping on the ground. They are able to eat multiple Pikmin at once, and are extra valunerable from their backside. They are red and spotted, although the later trait also belongs to other species. They are also the most common Grub-dogs, although Bulbears and Orange Bulborbs become slightly more seen in later levels.
Hairy Bulborb
  • Found only in snowy locations.
  • Back covered with hair; more defense there than in the front.
  • Hair falls off after brief attacks.
Water Dumple
  • Found in water areas.
  • One-hit kill when Pikmin thrown on back.
Orange Bulborb
  • Stronger, can eat more Pikmin than Red Bulborb.
  • Can detect Pikmin from farther away.
Juvenile Bulblax
  • Similar to Dwarf Bulborbs, but eat 2 Pikmin at once.
  • Feature more HP, but can be one-hit killed in the same fashion as other Juvenile Grub-dogs.
  • Seen only around Bulblaxes, as it is destined to become one.
  • Seem to like certain fungi...
Whiptongue Bulborb
  • Feature a large, anteater-like tongue.
  • Pikmin stick to tongue; many cna be eaten at once.
Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb
  • Tongue can only grab up to 3 Pikmin at once.
  • Alerts mother when Pikmin come.
Spotty Bulbear
  • Can eat many Pikmin at once.
  • Has a set patrol route, follows it.
  • Can regen health; after death, this continues, and if the Bulbear regains all of its health, it will come back to life.
Dwarf Spotty Bulbear
  • Follow their mother's patrol route.
  • Alert mother when Pikmin come.
Bulborb Larvae
  • Are generated by the Empress Bulblax.
  • Can eat Pikmin extremely fast.
  • One-hit kill after any attack.
Fiery Bulblax
  • One of the three Bulblax; grows up from a Juvenile Bulblax.
  • His back has combusted, meaning that only Red Pikmin can attack from the back.
  • All Pikmin can attack from the face.
  • Appears only 2 times in the game.
Empress Bulblax
  • Very large, termite queen body.
  • Longer, no wide.
  • Head is vulernable.
  • Body can roll over, crush Pikmin and enemies.
Munchtreen: These enemies only appear at certain times and like Jam.
Giga Munchtreen  are enemies common in Darkview Peaks and other dark areas throughout the world. He will try to eat as many Pikmin as possible once it spots you. However, if the creatures are given Fruit Jam, they will fly the active captain somewhere helpful. "This humongus creature is a constant threat to both my squadran and me at night, and is able to unhinge his jaw to easily ingulf my Pikmin team. However, if suplied with Fruit Jam, he seems to take a liking to me. All specimens combust when touched, unfortuanatly."
Sunny Munchtreen

are immature versions of the Giga Munchtreen. They are found around Sunset Plateau, the other side of Darkview Peak. Thorned Sukoras are constantly seen glaring into the sun before flying in formation and diving into and eating the Pikmin.

"Apon close examination, I have detirmined that these creatures are the young offspring of the Giga Munchtreen. After they have purposly destroyed their eyes, they mature and head to Darkview Peaks."

Venomath Phosbat The  is a boss that reappears from Pikmin 3. The boss for Yellow Pikmin and Purple Pikmin, he can fly around at high speeds, turning invisible. Yellow Pikmin ust activate lights around the area to make it appear, then weigh it down with Purples and charge at it. It's attacks include shooting out spores which all Pikmin except the Purples run away from, and creating pods which Venosprees spawn from.
Thorned Sakura  are nocturnal enemies that appear mostly in Darkview Peaks. They are aptly named, featuring large spikes on their upper body, hurting Pikmin that land on them. However, Napalm and Winged Pikmin can bomb their spikes off, hurting them and allowing normal Pikmin to land.

"These strange creatures have been giving me nightmares! Many tests have led me to believe that they are territorial, attacking intruders. I have found that their spikes are shed daily. Luckily, I have found that Winged Pikmin can bomb them to disable their spikes."

Gulbulb: These enemies can fly and stun Pikmin.
Flying Gulbulb
Spotted Gulbulb
Airborne Needlewaver The  is is the boss enemy for Flying and White Pikmin that appears in Sweeping Crevice. He hovers over the current captian and attempt to poke him long nose into the captain's Pikmin, When hit, the Pikmin are transformed into Mushroom Pikmin. Purple Pikmin can easily way him down to attack.
Scarpanid: These enemies fly in and take characters/items.
The Swooping Snitchbug
The Bumbling Snitchbug is another common enemy similiar to but rarer then the Swooping Snitchbug. When they spot a captain, they swoop in and grab him, then throw him to the ground, scattering Potions/Jams and lowering his health.
The Stealing Snitchbug
Mandiblard: Insects with an affection for tearing apart bridges.
Male Sheargrub
Female Sheargrub
Male Shearwig
Swarming Sheargrub
Cloaking Burrow-bit
Flighty Joustmite
Screetles: Flying creatures that have an affinity towards collecting Nectar.
Nectarious Dandlefly
Dweevils: Enemies that tend to pick up items that don't belong to them.
Fiery Dweevil
  • Creates Crystal Balls used by Skutterchucks.
Amphituber: Frog-like baddies that feature a potato-ish body shape and slam into the enemy.
Pale Wollywog
Yellow Wollywog
Immature Wollywog
Calcified Crushblat
Crawmads: Crustation enenemies with a name for snatching up Pikmin.
Bug-Eyed Crawmad
Hermit Crawmad
Male Peckish Aristocrab
Female Peckish Aristocrab
Blowhog: Enemies intent on blowing your Pikmin away.
Fiery Blowhog
Watery Blowhog
Puffy Blowhog
Withering Blowhog
Folding Blowhog
Breadbugs: Enemies that use mimicry to their advantage..
Dwarf Bulborb
Drawf Orange Bulborb
Dwarf Hairy Bulborb
Other: These enemies are not classified into familes.
Ujadani  are secret enemies present in the Crystal Underground on days that are multiples of 16. When swarmed, they will either drop concentrated potions, necter or Honeydew. Because only 30 drops can be on the screen at one time, it is advised to drink them fast. Ujadani are not recorded in the Piklopedia.


Information Geiro's Notes First Location Found
P3 Red Pikmin.png

Red Pikmin are the first Pikmin variety that you will find in the game. They are resistant to fire, which can be quite useful against fire enemies. They also deal 1.5 damage, and in VS mode, are effective against Electricity.

"The first thing you will notice about these Pikmin is their spikey nose, which they do not waste; no, during the heat of battle, they use this body part to pierce the enemies flesh, assuring victory! Their supreme fighting skills increase when they are lit up with the blaze of fire, bringing the heat to their enemies! Exciting!" Pond of Beginings
P3 Yellow Pikmin.png
Yellow Pikminare a type of Pikmin that is resistant to eletricity, they are the lightest type of Pikmin and can be thrown higher than any another Pikmin, in addition to flying farther in wind. In VS mode, they are effective against Water. "Many a time have I been unable to throw a Pikmin the distance I need; luckily, these little ones are very effective at flying through the air. Their aerodynamic ears, I believe, help with this. Close study has detirmed that their insides are lined with copper, helping them conduct electricity. Neat!" Wooden Valley (1)
P3 Blue Pikmin.png
Blue Pikminare a type of Pikmin can survive underwater, and whenever a Pikmin is drowning on water, they will go to save them. They are the most balanced Pikmin. In VS mode, they are effective against Fire. "They have the unique ability that allows them too absorb water and extract the oxygen from it; I suspect that this comes from their odd mouth-like gills. It also appears that they are born with knowledge of many graceful, water based dance moves." Wooden Valley (2)
P3 Rock Pikmin.png
Rock Pikmin are immune to blunt force and wind force. Rock Pikmin also have very dense exteriors, which allow them to smash through crystals, ice, and the armor of larger animals, and are unable to sink it water. Unfortuanatly, their shells easily dissolve in saliva. "These odd Pikmin appear to be entirely composed of transperant skin. Their main ability seems to be creating armor out of different material; as of now, only rock armor has been observed. This armor is strong enough to break through crystal, ice, and other hard substance." Frosty Facade (1)
P3 Winged Pikmin.png
Winged Pikmin are capable of flight, and are always flying in the air. They can carry items above the ground. Due to their airborne status, they can follow captains even if they're walking in an area inaccessable to most Pikmin types, such as a small pond or other body of water. They can also survive the sunset, returning to the ship automatically. "Unique among other Pikmin, these small creatures are capable of flight. Their fast wings would not normally support them, but their hollow insect body somehow managed to defy gravity." Twilight Hollow (1)
P3 Purple Pikmin.png
Purple Pikmin are the strongest Pikmin in the game, being super heavy. In addition to attacking strength, they can carry objects as if they were 10 Pikmin. However, to offset this, they are extrmely slow and can only be found when transformed into from a normal Pikmin via Candypop Bud. Precarious Plains (1)
P3 White Pikmin.png
White Pikmin are tiny Pikmin that, like Purple Pikmin, are only aquirable via Candypop Buds. They are the fastest Pikmin in the game, can dig quickly, and poison enemies that eat them. However, they are the second weakest Pikmin, second only to Winged Pikmin. Frosty Facade (1)
Clawed Pikmin are another extra-strong Pikmin specimin which, obviously, have gigantic claws on their hands. They are colored brown and feature a slightly heavy posture. They are heavy enough to be uneaffected by wind, and are quite slow. They are amazing diggers and can climb up dirt walls. Also, they are the best at breaking down Dirt Barriers. Precarious Plains (1)
Radiant Pikmin are the last type of Pikmin found in the game. They have the ability to withstand both Honeynectar and Explosions. They also have the ability to use bows to shoot spikes at enemies/. Pond of Beginings (2)
Rainbow Pikmin are special Pikmin types that come from Pikmin drinking Dream Juice. The affected Pikmin with temporarily have the immunity to all hazardous effect, be as powerful as Purple Pikmin, be faster than White Pikmin, be thrown as high as Yellow Pikmin, and be able to stun enemies.
P3 Crimson Candypop Bud.png

There are 9 Candypop Buds, one for each type of Pikmin. When Pikmin are thrown into them, they are planted around them and turned into a specific color. Only 10 Pikmin can go into one Bud, and after they are used up, a drop a Bud that can be used to grow 10 new Pikmin when carried to the Onion

  • Ruby Candy Pop Bud: Creates Red Pikmin
  • Golden Candy Pop Bud: Creates Yellow Pikmin
  • Azure Candy Pop Bud: Creates Blue Pikmin
  • Slate Candy Pop Bud: Creates Rock Pikmin
  • Aliziran Candy Pop Bud: Creates Winged Pikmin
  • Limonite Candy Pop Bud: Creates Clawed Pikmin
  • Uranium Candy Pop Bud: Creates Nuclear Pikmin
  • Ivory Candy Pop Bud: Creates White Pikmin
  • Amethyst Candy Pop Bud: Creates Purple Pikmin
"Close examination by me has proven that these flowers, infact, stem all the way back to the Pikmin line itself, albeit being more closely related to the Onion rather than the bipedal helpers I have befriended. It appears that they have the ability to take the chemical energy of the Pikmin and rewire it into another type of Pikmin, as shown in the color of the Bud" Precarious Plains
Queen and King Candy Pop Buds are special types of Candypop Buds found rarely in specific areas. Unlike other types, they ony respawn after 5 days, not 1 day, and produce 10 Pikmin out of 1 Pikmin. The Queen cycles between Red, Yellow, Blue, Rock and Winged, while the King cycles between Purple, White, Clawed, and Nuclear. They do not drop buds afterwards, and any Pikmin that cannot be spouted are sent to the Onion. "These Candy Pop Buds are of spectacular appearance, quite unlike the standard ones we have seen before; in fact, they appear to cycle through the colors on their petals to signify which Pikmin they will produce. I have actually draced their heritage back to the Onion once again, but this time, this color of Onion does not appear to be one I have seen before...." Frosty Facade


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