Pikmin Civilization

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Pikmin Civilization
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Civilization, a fanon game created by Bluesarethebest.
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Pikmin Civilization is a PC game similar to Spore.


5000 years after Olimar passed away, A bud Yellow Pikmin announced that they should be smarter. The other Pikmin all celebrated for a while. Then the game starts.


First, you choose your immunity and weakness. Then, you make your Pikmin. Last you make a house for the first existing of your species. So then you begin your town with a dirt wall. Over time, your town gets bigger and bigger. Red Bulborbs And Hairy Bulborbs depending which area your town is in. But before other Pikmin types will want to live at your village you need to have a sign that advertises your town in some way. After you have a population of eight or more, you choose one of your Pikmin to be mayor and then Pikmin other then mayors and the president (That Yellow bud Pikmin) can exit the town and visit others and live there if you want them to or go hunt for nutrients which you take to your onion to make a bigger population. Then after you get a population of ten the town can now have hobos and the dirt wall is updated to a white bramble wall. Then after you have 13 citizens White Pikmin declare war. So... you can make battleships, tanks, walkers and military planes. But you can also attack other towns and after you kill 2 White Pikmin the White mayor surrenders. And you can choose to leave them alone for peace or tell them to scram for war.