Pikmin Vacation

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Pikmin Vacation
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Vacation, a fanon game created by Chillv.
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Pikmin Vacation is spin-off game in the series that takes place after Pikmin 2. It is the first game to not feature a day counter.


The president has made a more than money to pay off their debt from of the treasures they found and in return, the president invites Olimar and Louie's family and all of the Hocotations on a vacation on the Pikmin planet. When they arrive, they find that they are bored and have almost nothing to do and nothing to really eat. The captains (including the president) must find things on the planet that they and their families and the Hocotations can enjoy.

The Pikmin Resort

The Pikmin Resort is a resort that is run by the Beige Pikmin. It features many different buildings each having a different purpose.

  • Pikmin Hotel – a hotel occupied by many Hocotatians. The Pikmin Hotel has various different rooms, such as a mail room where the player can send mail to the various Hocotatians and also receive mail from them.

The Piklopidian Garden

The Piklopidian Garden is where all plantlife you may find above ground and in caves are showcased complete with notes on each one.

List of plantlife

See: Pikmin Vacation/Piklopedia

The Piklopidian Museum

Any treasure that you may find will go into this area

The Piklopidian Zoo

Any sort of creatures you catch will be brought to this zoo