Pikmin Zero (Nintendoman1998 version)

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Pikmin Zero (Nintendoman1998 version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Zero (Nintendoman1998 version), a fanon game created by Nintendoman1998.
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In the Pikmin series, people think Olimar was the first on the planet, no. In fact, they were way off. Olimar came 700 years after the first visit. This shows the evolution of the planet, and how Pikmin were created, yes someone created the Pikmin. This is the story of the creation of the Pikmin. This is the story of the spaceman (Hint: You name him).


In the year 999999300, a spaceman is traveling the galaxies. He was a scientist. He soon came upon a strange planet with brown clouds. He scanned the ground and saw only 0.0001% of life. He went to fly away, but soon he was caught in the gravity field his ship was going down. He took his life support system out of the wall and braced for impact. He was knocked out. Soon he woke up and saw his ship was totaled. Only the life support system, the generator, and the spacesuit was spared. He had no way to leave.