Pikmin: A Pikmin's Life

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Pikmin: A Pikmin's Life
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms PC
Media Unknown
Creator Marioguy123

Pikmin: A Pikmin's Life is a non-canon fangame created by Marioguy123. It coincides with the events of Pikmin 1 and will be playable on Pikifen.


The player controls a Red Pikmin and must survive for thirty days, starting when Captain Olimar initially crashes on PNF-404 and ending when he collects the final ship part on day thirty. There are three options for survival: surviving independently, forming and leading a small group of Pikmin, or joining Olimar. Difficult training allows the player to increase their attack power no matter the approach, and having a group of Pikmin may be useful as each one can be dedicated to performing multiple tasks. Joining Olimar allows a glimpse into the point of view of a Pikmin under his command, and the safety he provides against dangers is important. If Olimar is not sided with, he may be fought with or against, although care must be taken to not be defeated in either process.